Nepal Telecom is a best place to work. Nepal Telecom vacancy has been published. Nepal Telecom jobs list has been updated. NT jobs are available online on jobs.

It has more than 5 million GSM cellular phones and more than a million CDMA phone line. It is serving about 10 million users including all those of fixed landline, GSM mobile, CDMA and internet service. If we look into the history of Nepal Telecom, it was Known as Telecommunication Department. Now, its name is changed to Telecommunications Development Board in 1969.

As per the latest Annual Report of Financial Year 2072-73, currently 4148 employees are employed at various level and over the country in the organization. The various categories of employees needed in the company are Engineers (mainly Civil and Electric), Chartered Accountants, Technicians, Managers and Officers at various Administration level and other general staffs and sub-staffs. Every year Nepal Telecom calls for vacancy for various post in the organization. It recruits its employees by Open Competition as well as by Internal Exam for existing employees for promotion. Anyone who wants to flourish their career in Nepal Telecom can check the vacancy through the official website of Nepal Telecom. Here in this article I will discuss about how you can check the vacancy in Nepal Telecom through the official website i.e, telecom vacancy nepal telecom jobs

Nepal Telecom Vacancy, Nepal Telecom Jobs

  •  Open your browser and type in the address bar. You will be directed to the Homepage of Nepal Telecom.
  • In the top right corner of the webpage you can see “Notices” tab. When you drag your mouse pointer to the tab you can see further 3 options : Tender Announcement, Job Vacancy and E-procurement.
  • Click on Job Vacancy tab.
  • You will be directed to a Page named Vacancy. Here you can access about the Vacancy announcement of the company. Further it provide notice about the Internal Promotion , Examination Schedules and other various notices regarding the vacancy.
  • Below vacancy, you can also see about the Syllabus of various Post and Examination which is to be covered by the candidates to prepare for the examination. You can refer the same according the Post you are going to apply.

Wish you a good Luck for your career.