Nepali Pop Songs are popular. They are melodious to hear with soothing music. They aren’t loud with their music. The words are powerful and the sentiments, emotions, love, affection, compassion presented are pure. Nepali pop songs are evergreen and shall always remain heritage for Nepal and Nepali music.

Hundreds of artists have already contributed Nepali music with their masterpiece and amazing pop songs. By name, Pop refers to popular and they have indeed been popular to all age groups. They sound very genuine. It all started from Om Bikram Bista who steered Nepali music towards Pop Songs and presented this genre as one of the strong component and important genre of Nepali music too.

Nepali Pop Songs

Following his path, large numbers of artists have been born helping Nepali music industry to grow. Some songs have even kissed international fame. With growing market, Nepali Pop artists are also dedicated in producing more melodious numbers in full compassion. With time, Pop music is also being modernized with latest music equipments, some modifications and different fusions.

Unlike other genres, all sort of people love this genre and artists of other genres also love composing pop songs. Similar practice has been found in Nepali Pop Songs too. Folk music artists as well as R&B artists are also seen singing Pop songs. Nepali Pop songs have been important part of our daily life. We love hearing them and get free from all sorts of stress and feel relaxed. They indeed make our mood and help us regain energy.

Nepali Pop Songs singers

Prashna Shakya, Kamal Khatri, Janma Rai, Subani Moktan, Shreya Shotang are some names trending these days when it comes to Nepali Pop Songs and following bands like 1974 AD, Albatross, Edge, new bands like COD, GXSOUL, B-8EIGHT have also been giving numbers of hits and have already gained privilege to perform in various parts of world.

So, future appears bring for Nepali Pop Songs and their artists. The market is turning huge and artists have started earning good money in this profession. This assures that Nepali Pop Songs are going to attain higher level success and Nepali music is going to achieve more heritages.