New Nepali Movies are released every week. Hundreds of new Nepali movie are made every year. Movies are great way of entertainment. They are good ways to pass leisure time, spend time with family and friends. Meanwhile, movies are also medium of social awareness. They work as motion pictures with message for social transformation.

Best Nepali movie Actors and Actresses

With this website, you can also stay updated with upcoming Nepali movies. All you will need to do is stay subscribed. Nepali movies have struggled in terms of business for past some years but with direction of movies like Loot, Hostel, Kabbadi, Nepali movies have also come to hype and they are establishing good market. Anmol KC, Rekha Thapa, Aryan Sigdel are some names popular on screen. Nepali movies are also made in different genres. Most of them generally consists visualization of Nepalese society. Nepali viewers prefer romantic comedy too. With recent political instability, lots of movies have been started to be directed pointing out socio-political issues too.

new nepali movies

Why Nepali movie and Kollywood?

New Nepali Movies have indeed been successful in entertaining huge crowd with modern cinema scope, soothing music, and different story perspective and fresh and talent cast. Nepali film industry, Kollywood is still taking baby steps but things have progressed a lot recently. Nepalese viewers have felt need of modification in screenplay and scripts too and directors are inheriting the suggestions helping them present polished product.

Nepali movie Halls

Nepal has large number of movie halls providing movie shows at affordable costs. They provide sound environment for their customers. Different movie chains have also been operated lately bringing advanced movie experience. Some halls like Qfx Cinemas, Big Movies, Fcube even offer 3D shows. New Nepali Movies are also living up to expectation after some years of ignorance as they weren’t able to bring quality presentation. However, things are different. So, Nepali movie fans always expect something different and more from Upcoming Nepali movies. Large crowd eagerly way for new movies. There are still lots of things for Nepali movie to look after though as something still feels lagging. But things are progressing steadily and some short movies have even been nominated for prestigious awards in the international stage. So, this is something to be proud about.

From Satya Harischandra to Himmatwali and New Nepali Movies, things have progressed a lot. Nepali Movies have indeed created huge market but it is still not enough as regular movie watchers in Nepal still don’t prefer Nepali movies. There had been ignorance for some years but with new cinema scope, fresh and talent casts, different directorial perspective, mindset of Nepalese viewers is also changing and fans of Nepali movies are increasing.

Nepali movie and movie business

Nepali movie halls have started doing good business. New Nepali Movies are premiered in numbers every weeks and some of them turnout being success while others become flop however, they do entertain people a lot. Movies are great ways of entertainment. They have songs, dialogues, romance, thrills, comedy, social messages and combinations of lots of other things making hours of investment worth. Nepali movie industry is also widening. Things took leap from the release of Loot. It entered international arena too showing power of Nepali movies. This has built huge expectation from Upcoming Nepali movies among fans.

new nepali movies

Nepali youth attraction towards Nepali movies

Nepali Youths are more into English and Bollywood movies but with movies like Loot, Hostel, Kabbadi, things have started changing and they have also started showing their interest towards Kollywood. Nepali movies are directed keeping social issues also in mind. The movie Jhola is a similar one that addressed Sati system and it did make remarkable business and was noticed by international critics too. Nepali movies are directed in lots of genres: Comedy, Romantic, Horror, Suspense and many more. Some movies are also directed targeting social awareness to bring about transformation in the society and nation. Political issues are addressed and social taboos are exclaimed.

Should you be eager for Upcoming Nepali movies, you can just subscribe us as we will bring to you latest updates about upcoming Nepali Movies. You can pick up one and go to watch with your friends or by yourself. There are large numbers of film halls in Nepal offering premium movie shows. You will find tickets in affordable price with various other splendid services too. These days, some New Nepali Movies are also found being screened in 3 dimensional form.