As the name itself suggests Nepali Pop Songs are very popular in Nepal. Pop is abbreviation for Popular and it is one of the most appreciated genres in Nepal too. Various talented artists have given their songs and entertained us till the day. So far history of music in Nepal is concerned, things are said to have started with Om Bikram Bista who is considered as King of Nepali Pop and then came various artists helping Nepali Pop songs rise to height.

Dipesh Kishor, Nabin K Bhattarai, Sugam Pokhrel, Mohan Bhusal, Anil Singh, Sanjeev Singh are some names that have given us melodious numbers while bands like Aastha, Gloomy Guys, Nepathya, 1974 AD have also added remarkable contribution. Pop is a genre that will remain evergreen no matter how many new forms are going to be introduced. The new generations are into Raps, Rocks, Metals but they still appreciate Nepali Pop Songs as they comprise genuine feelings, emotions, sentiments and most of all the words incorporated sound very pure. Sugam Pokhrel and Nabin K Bhattarai’s song are found hanging to tongues of lots of Nepali music lovers.

Nepali pop songs singers

nepali pop songs

nepali pop singers

With time, Nepali music industry is growing and along with that Nepali Pop Artists are also growing. There is something incredible as artists of various other genres also love composing Pop songs. With modernization and as per the demand of time, Pop songs have also inherited some modifications but haven’t lost their identity of being evergreen. The new generation also seems very much dedicated towards pop music and is giving one after other hits. Hundreds of new Nepali Pop Songs are composed every week and month. There was a time when music would have just been an interest but with growing market and commercialization, Pop artists have found themselves secure enough and future of Nepali Pop Songs also appear bright.

Large numbers of Nepali pop songs can be found in the internet. They can be listened. People of all age group like Nepali Pop Songs. They aren’t loud with music and are composed with soothing and melodious music and helps people to relax down and have good time.