You can check SEE Result 2080 of Nepal with grades. The office of SEE exam controller has fixed the week of publishing SEE Result 2080. It has been said officially by the Exam controller office that SEE Result 2080 will be published on Shrawan last week. It is good news that SEE result is being published on time. Publishing SEE results on time help students to apply for further colleges on time.

SEE Result 2080 is going to be published in the last week of Shrawan. All papers have been completed checking, and the mark calculation process is going on. Last time SEE examination was quite faster than this time but the SEE examination department has decided to publish the result on time.

SEE Board Nepal Nepal Examinations Board
Result Date Shrawan (Approx.)
Ways to check Result SMS, IVR, Online

This time, 4,19,352 students appear in the SEE examination 2080 on a regular and 1,46,735 are appearing for private SEE.

SEE Result Date 2080

According to the examination controlling department of SEE, it has been known that all answer sheets have been checked and an entry of marks is going on. Within this month 2080 Shrawan, the SEE result will be published.

SEE result 2080 has been published. See your result with marks over here. The secondary Education Examination (SEE) publishes the results of class 10 of Nepal. This is the list of all results of 1st division SEE result, 2nd division SEE result, 3rd division SEE result, and Distinction SEE result.

SEE Examination 2080

The result will be published in Shrawan month. According to the SEE exam controlling department, the number of examiners is 5 lakhs 47 thousand 1 hundred and 65.

You can check result with grades now.

How To Check SEE Result 2080 Class 10 SEE Result check with Marksheet

There are numerous ways to get SEE results. SEE result 2080 will be available online as well as from SMS service. Students must know these important steps to check SEE results. Students can go through online websites to get results.

SEE Result Check Method
IVR Dial 1600
SMS Send SMS to 1600 typing
SEE<SPACE>Symbol Number
Online Official Websites

We have already shared full tips for checking SEE result 2080. It’s easier to check SEE results if you know these techniques.

SEE results with grades is available online over here. Students can check their results with grades. You can download the SEE grade sheet from the official website as well.

SEE result of 2080 will be published on the website only not in the newspaper as before. As decided by the SEE board, publishing results on websites is much more effective than in newspapers. Students can check their results instantly within a few minutes using online websites.

For a newspaper, students need to wait for the next-day paper. Even, SEE board member says there will be great support for budget loss. A minimum of 30 lakhs will be saved.

One official website publishing SEE Result is see ntc net np.

Good luck to all SEE exam-appearing students. All the best for your future.

SEE result 2080 can be checked with lots of tips and techniques. consist of lots of tips to check see result. Many people believe us, love us and visit for searching tips to check results of see.

This time too, we have published numerous articles to cover all the necessary factors to check see. These useful tips will help students as well as result checkers very much. These tips for checking see results conserve your time on checking results.

SEE result can be checked in various ways which include SMS system, IVR system.

SEE Results are published and if you haven’t checked your result yet, check your results using these steps.

  • From SMS system, you can type SEE space Your Symbol number and you have got many SMS systems that provide you SEE results, you can send to any of the available result providers like 1600 for NTC.
  • For SEE results through the IVR system, you can dial 1600 from the landline and you can get your result by pressing your Symbol number only.

There are lots of ways to get the result. You can get SEE result via SMS service or websites. The SEE result is published online too. In the SMS service, all you will need to do is text the service provider with your symbol number and they shall reply to you with your result.

SEE result 2080 with marks can also be obtained in this way as there are a number of such services available. There is a number of websites offering to SEE result 2080 with marks online too. You will have to enter your symbol number and your birth date and you shall get your scorecard too.

The following are the effective ways of seeing SEE result over the internet for free and full of the right information.

It is really difficult to check result if sites like Wap Nepal were not on the web. Wap Nepal is publishing SEE result notice and SEE result notice since 2007 and is constantly helping every student to check their result. Nevertheless, Wap Nepal always provides ideas to check results easily within a single click.

Simple way to check SEE result

  • Check SEE Result from your Phone or Landline or GSM or CDMA
  • Dial 1600 and do accordingly.

Restriction: You can not get your score and grade. You only get your pass or fail result on it.

You can get SEE result by SMS or online as per your wish. For these all ideas on SEE result, you can carry on with our available resources on this website.

SEE result 2080

SEE result 2080 gets published in three different ways. One is to obtain results online through different websites. publishes SEE results regularly.

Likewise, another way to obtain results is through the SEE SMS service. The next method is called the IVR method in which the SEE result is checked with the help of PSTN landline phone service.

These interesting result check mediums have made SEE result much easier to check. Lastly, if you have any problem with SEE result check, you can comment on your problem in the comment section provided below. We will guide everyone with the easier steps to get results online.

You can check SEE result of 2080 by just entering your symbol number in the box below. You can enter your symbol number and date of birth on the box shown here. After placing the symbol number, you can get into your marks which is also called a ledger sheet. This ledger sheet can be printed and submitted during the application of higher education application forms.

SEE result 2080 of class 10 with mark sheet is easy to achieve with this helpful precious website. Wap Nepal is providing SEE results for long years and this time too, SEE results will be published from this page too.

If you encounter any problem while checking SEE result 2080 of the Nepal Board, you can see the related articles to get the exact SEE result page. You can use the search box above mentioned which helps you get different ways of getting results.

Checking SEE result is easy and simple. Everyone can check results if they know the symbol number and date of birth. These two factors are very important for result checks.

If you wish to check only the pass or fail result of SEE, you can only have the SEE symbol number with you. For the SEE symbol number, you can check your entrance card which you got during the SEE examination.

Check SEE result online

how to check SEE result online

The official website for publishing SEE results is – SEE Board Website

SEE result is available from official government portals and the portal of the examination control board. They are:

  • SEE board:
  • NEB Board:
  • Sparrow Pay Pvt Ltd:
  • Nima Education Foundation Pvt Ltd:
  • Kantipur Publication Ltd:
  • The Connect Plus Pvt Ltd:
  • Edu Sanjal:
  • Nepal Telecom:
  • Readers Point Pvt Ltd:

We have already included the list of websites publishing SEE results. These are the news portals of Nepal publishing SEE results.

  1. Ncell:
  2. Kantipur:

Check SEE result by SMS

Likewise, the cheapest SMS service is by Nepal telecom. It just costs 1 Re for knowing a single result.

SEE Result 2080 is available by SMS at 1 rupees only. Really, it is the cheapest way of getting the SEE result of 2080 with just only Rs 1. Many SMS providers provide the facility of getting SEE results through SMS but they are costly, they take around 5 RS per SMS (per result).

Here is an effective and economical way of getting SEE results with just 1 Rs per SMS. This feature is provided by NTC (Nepal Telecom). In this article, we only talk about the best ways to check SEE results by SMS. If you wish to check your SEE result online, you can go to our previous article.

It is simple to check SEE results by SMS. SMS service of checking SEE results will let you know your result whether you are passed or failed. If you want your marks, you can reach out to see ntc net np and check your result online.

If you are hurried to check your result, you can use the SMS service to get it. Sometimes, servers are so slow during the result period that you can not access websites due to huge traffic. This might take you more time to get your result. For this situation, you can easily use this SMS service for SEE and get your result on time.

Go to message box and

Type SEE<space>symbol number and alphabet
Send it to 1600

Cheapest than any other sms system: just cost 1 rs for SMS

NTC (Nepal Telecom) has greatly supported checking SEE result by providing an online result checking website named see ntc net np.

Good luck with the SEE result 2080 2022. If you have any hindrance in getting SEE result, please use the comment section below. We will help you by providing the solution to check your result.

SEE result 2080 can be easily obtained by SMS system. As website gets slower during SEE result 2080 period, you can use SMS service for getting see result.

Following is the instruction for getting see result easily. You will get result with in few minutes after using SEE SMS service. If you have NTC, you can go for first way i.e 1400 and if you have Ncell, you can go for using 8080 as mentioned below.

Go to message box and

Type SEE<space>symbol number
Send it to 1600

SEE Result 2080 is the result of see examination which was held in 2080 so it can be called SEE result 2080 too. We are sharing lots of stuff regarding SEE. We are regularly updating the easy methods to obtain see result. We prefer cheap way of getting see result. So, the above mentioned see result 2080 by sms method is provided by NT (Nepal Telecom) and it cost only 1 rupee.

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see result 2076

Currently, the SEE result is being prepared and will be published in the month of Ashar/Shrawan. We will let you know after we get any official notice from the SEE board. Till then, have patience in waiting SEE Result 2080. You can check our other articles about SEE result 2080 too. You will gain lots of knowledge on checking to see the result within less time.

There are lots of other methods for getting see result like checking to see result through online, checking to see result through landline phones, checking to see result through NCELL, NTC. If you need any guidelines to check to see result you can comment below so that we can help you describing easy ways to check your result.

SEE Result (Secondary Education Examination Result) is not yet published. So, you can go through our other articles mentioned below to get the latest updates regarding results. Good luck to see result 2080.

SEE result 2080 is on its way. SLC result publishing websites and sms list are over here. SEE result will be published through websites, IVR and SMS feature. See the full details about your slc result and your marksheet over here.

SEE Result by SMS all SMS providers

SMS format is <SEE> space < symbol no> and send it to the respective short code numbers, listed below from different VAS providers. Here is the process for the SEE result from different SMS providers.

  • Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd SMS 35001
  • EG Service Pvt. Ltd SMS 34949
  • Akash Tech Pvt. Ltd SMS 31003
  • Nepal Telecom: 1600

Good luck for your SEE result 2080.

SEE result by NTC SMS

Go to Message and type

see<space><symbolNumber> and send the sms to 1600

example, you need to type see 4444444M in your message box and just send it to 1600 for knowing result of symbol number 4444444M.

SEE result by Sparrow SMS

(Note: Nepal Telecom SMS Service is cheaper than this Sparrow SMS anyway we are sharing with you.)

Sparrow SMS result of SEE
Go to Message box and type

see<space><symbolNumber> and send the sms to 35001

example, you need to type SEE 4444444M in your message box and just send it to 5001 for knowing a result of symbol number 4444444M.

Check SEE result by Phone

You need to dial 1600 from a landline (PSTN) phone. Even you can dial from a GSM NTC mobile. Users can dial 1600 from landline or mobile and get the result by pressing the symbol number only.

By dialing 1600 from any Nepal Telecom number, the SEE result can listen to through IVR (Interactive voice response) system.

SEE Results on other websites

SEE Result 2080 can be easily obtained by the method above mentioned. If you need more ideas to get into SEE result 2080, you can visit the related links mentioned below.

These articles consist of different logic to check SEE result using various methods. If you have any problems with the result check, we request our visitors to go through related articles mentioned in Wap Nepal.

Update: SEE result 2080 is on July 2022. You can click on the highlighted link shown in the image.

On clicking the SEE Result 2080, you will be on a page with your SEE result 2080. If you can not find where it is located, you need to go to the first fold of the page. It is located on the menu bar as shown in highlighted text.

If you have any confusion about the result check, please use the comment section below. We will help you with your result check.

SEE Result 2080

There are numerous ways to check SEE result. SEE result is available on online websites. Moreover, the result is available through SMS services, IVR systems, and landline phones as well. We have huge resources that are available on our website These resources consist of ideas to check SEE results. These resources provide information about SEE result date 2080.

Students can go through the related articles below to get updated on the latest information about SEE. consists of huge resources for SEE results.

SEE board examination is only one education board that certifies the school level of education. SEE examination was taken for the first time in 1990 BS during the Rana regime in Nepal. SEE examination is continuing to date and it is 2080 now.

That means it has almost been 83 years since the SEE examination is going on. This year students have given SEE exam 2080 and are waiting for their results.

Hence, SEE result 2080 is on a door. In this article, we will be telling about SEE in short and we will be checking SEE result 2080 with grades.

SEE examination 2080 result is published in 2080. So, the SEE exam 2080 result is always said to be SEE result 2080 or SEE result 2022. It was held on Baisakh 2080.

Previously, SEE board Nepal used to publish SEE results with marks but this time, SEE board Nepal is publishing results with grades. SEE board Nepal is doing so to maintain international-level standards in school-level education in Nepal.

Many students get confused about checking results because some students may find it tedious on searching results over the internet. We have designed a perfect guide on checking to SEE result 2080 with grades.

The above-mentioned format is a demo of the SEE grade sheet. Many students are on confusion how their grade sheets looks like.

According to the SEE board of Nepal, the SEE result 2080 grade sheet will be similar to the image shown on the page.

SEE result with marks is easy to check online. Sorry, the SEE result will have grades now. So, SEE results with grades is not complex to check. It is a short and easy process. Usually, the result can be obtained from different techniques.

Some students wish to check results online and a few others wish to check their result through SMS service.

We are going to guide students in both ways to check to SEE result 2080.

SEE results 2080 online can be checked through various web portals. There are a lot of websites providing results online. is one of the websites providing results with grades. is another official website providing the SEE result to students.

SEE result 2080 SMS can be checked through NCELL as well as NTC. This SMS result check service will let students know about their either pass or fail result. The bad thing about the SMS system of SEE result check is that it costs money. Some SEE result SMS service providers take 5 rupees without tax and a few take only 1 rupee to check results. So, we request all students to use the SMS service of Nepal telecom to check SEE results if they are using the SMS technique.

SEE Result 2080 IVR method is another way to check SEE results. It is commonly known as the 1600 Nepal telecom SEE result check. Students can use their landline phone or any Nepal Telecom handset to dial 1600. On following the conversation, student needs to dial their symbol number and their result is announced on the phone.

SEE result 2080 grades, grade sheet, mark sheet has been much easier to obtain with this guide. Many students have requested us to provide a good result check guide. We hope this article fulfills their demand.

Our Wap Nepal team would like to wish all SEE students with a prosperous result on their hands. We would like to wish for good results for their SLC result 2080.

SEE result 2080 is published now. SEE result 2080 is ready and is available online. The SEE Examination result board is ready with SEE results and is publishing SEE results within a few minutes. You can find articles related to SEE on our website. This website guides you all on SEE result 2080 result updates. SEE result 2080 result update is available on this page. The main mission of this website is to help students see SEE results.

SEE Result 2080 updates are according to the office of the controller of examination Sanothimi, Bhaktapur. So as soon as the national examination board publishes the SEE result we will update it.

Hence this is the main hub for the SEE information. Similarly, you can find many useful articles related to SEE result 2080 updates.

Many students search for their results. Students need to have a symbol number and date of birth to check the SEE result. SEE result is available online and wapnepal is providing SEE result for 10 years. SEE result 2080 guide is available in each and every section of this page.

Most of the SEE students are much eager to find their results. We have been giving the SEE result in previous years too. In the same way, you can find the SEE result over here.

see result

SEE result 2080 can be checked by two methods. SEE result is available online and SEE result is available on SMS. Check our different guides to know how to check SEE result online and how to check SEE result by SMS.

We are publishing SEE Result 2080 of Nepal board. SEE Result 2080 is easy to check online with the SEE mark sheet. This is the place where you will get SEE Result 2080 from the Nepal board.

Keep your eyes over here to get updated on SEE result 2080. Meanwhile, You can learn lots of ways over here to get your result within a minute.

SEE Result of 2080 will publish within a few days as per the notice. This notice came from Examination Controller’s Office located at SanoThimi, Kathmandu. More than 510 thousand students appeared in the examination.

SEE result publishes generally around July mid.

The Grade system had been there since the name changed from SLC to SEE. So, from now onward, all the SEE appearing students will pass. They will only differ in their grades. Grades play a significant role to select streams like Science, Management or Humanities. Some colleges and +2 campuses will also make some rules for the grading of students for their entrance.

SEE Result 2080 publishes right here on We shared many facts about SEE results including result dates, and ways for checking SEE results.

SEE result 2080 is ready with marks. Are you waiting for SEE Result? There are lots of things to do while waiting your SEE result.

SEE result 2080 with marks is about to be out soon. Students will finally get to see their hard work on the scorecards. They will complete their school life and pursue higher education.

SEE result is very important. This also accumulates the investment of the past 13 years of the student as well as the student’s family. So, what would be the ways to get the result?

Getting SEE result 2080 with marks has become much more convenient than it used to be in the past. Gorkhapatra was the only source for some years. But now, you can check results online or by phone.

SEE result 2080 is out and is available online here with the mark sheet, and grade sheet. SEE result is an annual result that publishes the result of hard work done by students. SEE examination held in 2080 and see the result is coming in 2080. SEE has keen importance for long years. It indicates the hard labor and the talent of students. SEE result 2080 indicates the knowledge gained by students of school academic courses.

If you are looking for SEE result 2080, you can follow our website. It describes well how to get your SEE result online.

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What is S.E.E (Secondary Education Examination)?

Talking more about SEE (Secondary Education Examination), it started in 1990 BS. Before, its name was SLC (School leaving certificate). Any student studying at the school level in Nepal must pass SEE for further studies. SEE certificate is a valuable ornament for the future.

SEE is the least need for education in each field. SEE board examination takes place in all 75 districts of the country. The result publishes at once in all 75 districts.

The final examination of the secondary school system of Nepal, popular as Secondary education examinations (SEE) is very important. For higher or further studies, each and every student must pass SEE examination. SEE in general is considered as ‘IRON GATE’, as this gate must be passed by every student for their completion of secondary education. SEE is a final result that publishes the result of hard work done by students. SEE examination is regarded as the most important examination in the education system of our country, Nepal. Generally, SEE exams are held in the month of March or April.

SEE is an iron gate that signifies the completion of the School level of education. SEE Result 2080 is publishing in the first week of Ashar as mentioned by Nepal SEE Board.

SEE Exam Results 2080 BS is going to release from the official website of Office of the Controller Examination Nepal. SEE Board Nepal is going the release the Exam results soon after the declaration of results date. SEE Board Exam is called as Iron Gate Exam and which is the last exam of School Level in Nepal and secondary level exam for all the school and students.

The Nepal Government conduct SEE Board Exam 2080 BS from various Exam center across Nepal. SEE Exam is a national Level exam of Nepal and after the SEE Exam all students are applicable and capable for Higher Secondary Level Exam.

SEE Exam is a gateway for class 11 and class 12. This year, SEE Board Exam Results 2080 will release on Asadh. So stay connected to the official websites.

SEE board is doing its best for publishing the result of slc 2080. Students need to have patience and check result. SEE result 2080 is online. Students need to check our references below to get their result.

When is SEE Result 2080?

When is SEE Result

SEE examination was held in the month of Baisakh and the result will publish in July. Students can check SEE results here with marks. SEE is a gateway to college life also called the iron gate.

After completing school level, students can select and study the subject of their own field of interest.

SEE Result 2080 of Nepal board. We are publishing SEE Result of Nepal board since 8 years. SEE Result 2080 has been published. Check online with SEE mark sheet
SEE result 2080 with marks is over here.

You can see your result online from here. SEE result 2080 has large number of students passed. According to the data from exam controlling departments, more students have been successful this time in comparison to the previous result.

SEE board is doing their best for publishing result of see 2080. Students need to have patience and check result. SEE result 2080 is online. Students need to check our references below to get their result.

Keep eyes, stay with us for your SEE result with marks. We will be publishing SEE Result over here!

Like our page to keep stay updated or follow us on twitter.

SEE Result grade sheet format

SEE result grade
SEE result gradesheet format

This is a grade sheet for SEE result. From 2080, SEE board Nepal has decided to implement grading system for SEE examination. The format shown in the above image is the actual format of the grade sheet that SEE students will obtain during their results.

SEE board Nepal claims grade sheet being of international standard. We will update you about the result as soon as we get any notice from SEE board Nepal.

see result 2078 grading

Students will no longer be failed in SEE examination. Student needs to submit their SEE gradesheet ledger while applying for +2 level (NEB Nepal). Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, Grade D, Grade E are a few types of grades in SEE and their description is shown above.

Many people like the percentage system of marking whereas some people argue against it. Finally, the government concluded to have a grading system in the alphabet. The main aim of the grading system is to decrease competition between private schools and government schools.

We expect the grades of all SEE students to be A+ but it is the result, isn’t it? All the best for the A+ result.

Download SEE result with Gradesheet

  • SEE result 2080 First division
  • SEE result 2080 Distinction
  • SEE result 2080 Third division
  • SEE result 2080 Second division

Download SEE result with Gradesheet

You can download SEE Result 2080 within a simple one-step. SEE result has been published and you can download result from here. SEE examination held in 2079 Chaitra Result publishes on 2080 Jestha. So, it can be called SEE result 2080. It is also called SEE Result 2022.

SEE result 2080 grade sheet download with grades is available here as soon as result publishes. After the declaration of SEE result 2080, SEE result 2023, you can download result from this page easily. SEE result with grades will be available here on this page. If you are searching your result for a long time, you should not worry now. You are at the right place which provides numerous tips to check SEE result 2080.

This is the very first time that SEE result has been implemented with grading system. Previously there used to be a mark-sheet. This year, students will have SEE result grade-sheet instead of SEE result mark-sheet. Students who appeared for SEE examination in 2079 chaitra will have result in 2080 so it is called SEE result 2080.

Firstly, the SEE result 2080 date has not been announced yet. SEE result date 2080 is yet to be announced by the SEE board. Students who are waiting for the SEE examination result can regularly check to get the latest update on SEE result.

SEE result with grades is available at this link. The result with grades of SEE is in the table below. Students symbol numbers are provided having Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, and Grade D in SEE result 2080.

Result With Grade Sheet Find Your Symbol Number Here
SEE Result 2080 with Grade A+ Grade A+ Scoring Symbol Numbers
SEE Result 2080 with Grade A Grade A Scoring Symbol Numbers
SEE Result 2080 with Grade B+ Grade B+ Scoring Symbol Numbers
SEE Result 2080 with Grade B Grade B Scoring Symbol Numbers
SEE Result 2080 with Grade C+ Grade C+ Scoring Symbol Numbers
SEE Result 2080 with Grade C Grade C Scoring Symbol Numbers
SEE Result 2080 with Grade D+ Grade D+ Scoring Symbol Numbers
SEE Result 2080 with Grade D Grade D Scoring Symbol Numbers
SEE Result 2080 with Grade E Grade E Scoring Symbol Numbers

Finally, we would like to express our best wishes for your success in the SEE exam.

SEE result 2080 for class 10 student results 2079 is out. Students who took the exam in SEE exam 2080, the result of class 10 SEE exam 2079 is on your hands. Previously, SEE was widely known as SLC from 1990 B.S. This “SEE Result 2080 Out, Class 10 result grades” content will discuss SEE result 2080, SEE result 2080 and provides an idea to students on result check. The article outlines the ways to check SEE results and concludes by providing an easy way to check the result. SEE result 2080 is on Friday.

SEE result is the iron gate for students who took the exam of SEE. If someone takes the SEE exam 2080 will be an iron gate for him. So, if you are waiting for the SEE examination, read nicely and prepare well. SEE result 2080 will be on the grading system. The government has implemented a grading system to cut down the fail percentage. Interestingly, none of the students get fail on the SEE exam result 2080.

How to check past year SEE Result?

check past year SEE Result

You can go to the website of the Nepal Government to get each and every mark sheet from 2057 BS to 2070 BS. You need to enter your symbol number, date of birth, and the year in which you enrolled in the SLC examination.

Marksheet of around 27 Lakhs students has been added to the database and can be viewed online.

Nepal’s Government has taken this step as fake certificates are being increased rapidly in the market. We all must appreciate the action of the SEE Examination Department as the exam result will be more effective and will surely reduce fake SEE certificates. SEE is also called an iron gate.

SEE Result 2080 online and SEE Result 2023 2080 online are ready for students. Check SEE result 2080 online with marks and grades.

By 2080, students are getting SEE results in grading. School leaving Certificate SEE exam result is published by the office of Examination controller, Sanothimi.

SEE examination was held in 2080 (2023) and the result is published in 2023 (2080) and so it is also called SEE result 2080.

Mostly, we all must know the easiest ways for checking SEE 2080 result, SEE result 2022.

Within a few moments, the SEE result of 2080 is being published, so it is better if you know the best ways to get SEE results without consuming time.

At present, the Government is planning of grading system while publishing the results of SEE examinations. But it is not implemented yet. So one needs to check out their marks after the results are published.

How do Verify SEE Certificate if it is genuine or Not?

  1. You can go through the governmental website to get your SEE certificate. Students who had given SEE examination from 2057 to 2080, can check out their results here.
  2. Type your SEE symbol number; you’re Date of birth and the year in which you passed your SEE exam.
  3. Click ‘Search’. You will get your SEE examination result with your mark sheet.

SEE certificate is very much valuable for a future time. SEE is a minimum requirement for every working field. Hard labor is very much essential for which you may get high marks and get many facilities and scholarship offers for your higher studies. Be prepared for your SEE exams, read well, labor hard and the results will be automatically in your favor. If you are not satisfied worth your SEE results, you may consult the Exam control center, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur also.

Other than this, you know very well how and when to do things properly. Good luck!  We will keep updating you with new articles on SEE!

You must know the requirement for grades for your further studies. It helps you to prepare for SEE exam with a motive and mission.

SEE Grade Requirement For Admission in NEB

The SEE (Secondary Education Examination) examination is known as SEE. Grade 11 and Grade 12 have also been brought into secondary-level education. Recently, NEB (National Examination Board) came up with a grading system for the SEE examination. The grades students shall obtain in the examination in grade 10 will determine their eligibility on different subjects. This is also called the NEB Grade requirement for being eligible for higher studies. For every subject, there is a certain SEE Grade Requirement in NEB.

Initially, lots of confusion arose associated with a grading system. There were also some concerns about the control and determination of the grades. Students, teachers, and parents were confused regarding the minimum requirements for enrolling in Grade 11. NEB grade requirement is given below. There are different NEB grade requirements for different fields of study.

Addressing the confusion, the HSEB (Higher Secondary Education Board), also known as NEB (National Examination Board), came up with a summary of the NEB grade requirements.

SEE grades come in a format like the one shown in the image.

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see result grade
see result grade sheet format

NEB Grade requirement for admission

Here is the SEE Grade Requirement to be eligible to join NEB.

S. No Grade XI Subjects Minimum GPA Minimum “C+” Required Subjects Minimum “C” Required Subjects Minimum “D+” Required Subjects
1 Science Subject Group Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Mathematics/ Computer Science/ Agriculture 2 Science and Math English Social and Nepali
2 Vocational Subject Group Animal Science/ Plant Science/ Electrical Engineering/ Civil Engineering/ Computer Engineering 1.6   Science, Mathematics and English Social and Nepali
3 Mathematics/ Accountancy/ Economics/ Computer Science/ Teaching Mathematics/ Elements of Finance/ Jyotish/ Business Mathematics/ Co-operative Management/ Business Studies/ Geography/ Psychology 1.6   Mathematics English, Nepali, Social and Science
4 Physics Education/ Chemistry Education/ Biology Education/ Teaching Science 1.6   Science and Math English, Nepali and Social
5 English/ Alternative English/ Teaching/ Linguistics 1.6   English, Science and Math Nepali and Social
6 Mass Communication/ Hotel Management/ Travel and Tourism 1.6   English Nepali and Social
7 Nepali, Teaching Nepali 1.6   Nepali English and Social
8 Political Science/ History/ Culture/ Home Science/ Sociology/ Philosophy/ Library and Information Science 1.6   Nepali English and Social
9 Introduction to Education/ Instructional Pedagogy/ Health and Physical Education/ Population Studies/ Environment Education 1.6   EPH Nepali, English and Science
10 Human Value Education/ General Law/ Sanskrit Byakaran/ Sahitya/ Nyaya/ Veda/ Niti Shastra/ Boudha Education/ Law 1.6     Nepali, English and Social
11 Maithali/ Hindi/ Newari/ French/ Japanese/ Urdu/ German/ Chinese and other languages 1.6     English
12 Dance/ Music/ Sculpture/ Painting/ Applied Arts/ Sport and others 1.6     English

neb grade requirement

For any subject group the students want to study, he/she requires a minimum GPA of 1.6 and a Grade as defined in the table above. However, for Science Subject Groups, the minimum GPA requirement is 2. Grade requirement in NEB suggests that a minimum “C+” is required in Science and Math, a minimum “C” in English, and similarly, a “D+” is needed in Social and Nepali. The grade requirements explained in the table above have also been cited by the National Examination Board in their official resources.

As described in the SEE Grade Requirement in NEB, one fulfilling all grade requirements but failing to meet the minimum GPA becomes ineligible to enrol in Grade 11. With the introduction of the Grading System, the examination governing body has also introduced a system where a student shall be able to re-attempt the exam. Should a student feel like he can improve the grade, he can re-appear in the examination for the specific subject.

SEE Result is out, and its a time for students to select the colleges for further studies. Now, SEE passed students should make a vision and ambition for a career. The first thing for students is their interest. It’s a well-known fact that if interest and education meet, you can achieve success earlier.

GPA needed after SEE Result to join colleges

  • To study science, a 2.0 GPA is needed along with Grade C+ in Maths and Science and at least D+ in English, Nepali and Social Studies.
  • To study Management, a 1.6 GPA is needed along with at least D+ in English, Nepali, Maths and Social Studies.
  • To study Humanities and Education, a 1.6 GPA is needed, along with at least D+ in English, Nepali, and Social Studies.
  • To study Diploma in Health, a 2 GPA is needed along with at least C+ in Maths, English, and Science.
  • To study Diploma in Engineering, at least a C is needed in Maths and Science and D+ in English.
  • To study Agriculture, at least D+ is needed for anyone of the subjects: English, Maths, and science.

What after SEE

The first thing you need to do after SEE is to feel your heart to learn your interest. You have a few options now: selecting science or management for a good career. Some students feel science is a burden. You can get onto the management if you feel so. Talking about myself, I was interested in engineering / Information Technology, and I used to feel a burden on accounts. I am happy to choose science after my SEE. After completing Science, I had a path to choose to engineering, and I am an Electrical engineer now.

Likewise, SEE is a gate to choose your future. However, you can choose a few paths right now. You need to choose the subject which you are interested in.

There used to be a saying during our time around 10 years before. After completing SEE and we looked after colleges. Old generation people used to hang their mind saying that “Chori Bigrey Nurse, Chora Bigrey Commerce”. It’s a totally wrong saying. The scope of Nursing, the managerial subjects, is huge. Students can make their careers strong where ever they want. The important thing is an interest that a student needs to have.

after SEE

How to choose Plus 2 college

It’s a tricky matter of choosing colleges. Dedicated study-oriented students choose the best colleges in the town and prepare for the entrance examination. Few students wish to have their life like a free bird after their SEE and look after less strict colleges. You are just fifteen or sixteen years old, so you need to be dedicated to your studies. It’s not the time to lose discipline as well as education.

Choosing a college is a challenging matter. Many students look after their company to join college together. It’s not a problem with it. But a good selection of colleges is needed after SEE.

Here are a few tips on choosing colleges after SEE.

  • Choose colleges having good plus two results.
  • Choose colleges that have a good reputation for discipline
  • See the name of teachers teaching there and gather knowledge of teachers. you can ask seniors about this matter.
  • See College tuition fees. Colleges having high college fees can not always be said as pretty good. Colleges having mild fees are also the best. See your financial status, too, before selecting colleges.


SEE Result 2080 is being eagerly awaited by students. SEE examination stands for Secondary Education Examination and it denotes the end of school days for the students. They will set foot on the next stage of higher education after SEE.

SEE examination is conducted by the Examination Controller Center in Nepal and students of class 10 appear for SEE Examination.

Students, as well as their parents, eagerly wait for SEE. It is both considered sensitive as well as important. It is also considered as Iron Gate for the students.

Learn why SEE result is important.

SEE examination is conducted throughout the nation being controlled by the same board. Examinations are conducted with students giving exams via different centers. Lots of invigilators and superintendents are mobilized throughout the nation to assure the smooth conduction of examination.

Security forces are deployed too. SEE helps in measuring the overall progress of the students and also shows what the student achieved throughout their school life.

SEE also helps in determining the future path for students as the score they are going to obtain in the SEE Result shall matter a lot for their higher education. SLC Examination SEE Result 2080 is also preparing thousands of students for their future. They shall pursue higher education upon graduating and follow their dream careers.

Students generally face SEE after 13 years of their formal education. They deal with a number of subjects throughout their school life. As they progress towards higher classes, they also have some electives. And when they reach class 10, they further work hard to attain better results for SEE.

They prepare for a number of subjects like English, Nepali, Science, Social Studies, EPH, Accounts, Computer Science, Optional Mathematics, Compulsory Mathematics, Economics, and more. With six subjects being compulsory ones, they get to choose two optional subjects.

Previously, the SEE examination was designed comprising the curriculum of class 9 too, but some years back it was excluded, and students needed to prepare only from the class 10 curriculum. SEE result 2080 is very much important for students as it helps to determine students’ success in school.

The result helps to know the level of success of students so that they can pursue higher education accordingly. The division and percentages determine the success level of the student and they are honored accordingly.

Not only the students’ but the family’s expectation is also associated with the SEE result. Further, getting SEE results helps students to select their college and get admission too. Moreover, they need the result to appear for the entrance examinations too.

The result also helps them to get a scholarship based on their performance in the SEE examination. Getting results is very important for the students.

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SEE (Secondary Entrance Examination) result is going to be out soon. The exam controller office is planning to publish the SEE result for this year. There are several methods to view the result here in Nepal. Many students have no idea how to view their result when it is published.

SEE result providers range from telecom companies, Value-added service providers, Government official portals, Examination control board websites, Online news portals, and education portals.

Here in this post, we have included all of the processes to view SEE results. We present here the official channels for the SEE result; it is equally likely to be published from unofficial channels. Still, we recommend people always get the result from official ones.

We have already shared with you lots of ways to get SEE results. SEE result is available through SMS service, online service as well as through GSM/CDMA phone. The SEE board has already announced not publishing SEE results in a newspaper as usual in the old days.

During SEE, it is quite harder to get results online as websites start to be down due to a huge page impression. So, we are sharing with you the different ways to get SEE results in 2080. This helps to get SEE results even though websites get down.

You can check to SEE result in various ways. We have mentioned each way to get SEE results through this page. It includes all the methods for checking the S.E.E result.

We hope that SEE Result 2080 will be published soon so that all students can decide on their future soon. If you are searching for results of SEE, you can visit numerous SEE-related materials on our website.

SLC result 2080 is ready. You can download your result with marks, percentages, and grades. You can get more information on SEE result 2080/2023 on the related pages below. These links cover many details on SEE result which includes ideas and tips to get SEE result. Students are waiting for SEE result marks and planning for their future.

Currently, Students are busy deciding their field of study. After completion of SEE, students get lots of opportunities on choosing courses and choosing faculties. Even students are choosing colleges for further studies in this free time.

You can check SEE results from this website. We regularly update this page, providing information on SEE result 2080. Please check this page regularly to stay connected.

FAQ’s regarding SEE Result 2080

When is SEE Result 2080?

Within this month 2080 Shrawan, the SEE result will be published.

How to check SEE result 2080 with grade sheet?

There are numerous ways to get SEE results. For IVR, Dial 1600. For SMS, Send SMS to 1600 typing SEESymbol Number. For Online, visit official Websites

How to check SEE result by using NTC SMS service?

Type see and send the SMS to 1600

How to check SEE result by Sparrow SMS service?

Type see and send the SMS to 35001.

How to check SEE result by phone?

You need to dial 1600 from a landline (PSTN) phone. Even you can dial from a GSM NTC mobile. Users can dial 1600 from landline or mobile and get the result by pressing the symbol number only.

Which month will SEE result 2079 publish?

SEE examination was held in the month of Baisakh and the result of 2079 will publish on July.

Is SEE result 2080 ready?

According to the examination controlling department of SEE, it has been known that all answer sheets have been checked and an entry of marks is going on.