The national examinations board publishes SEE result 2079. Every Nepali knows about the IRON gate examination in Nepal, SEE, the acronym for Secondary Education Examination. SEE examination is one of the most important exams in the academic career in Nepal.

SEE result 2079

The Secondary Education Examination(SEE) is the final examination taken at Grade 10 by Nepal’s National Examination Board.

The Office of Controller of Examination (OCE) under the Ministry of Education, the Department of Government of Nepal, conducts and manages the issues regarding Grade 10 SEE. It is situated in Sanothimi Bhaktapur. OCE board provides news instructions and publishes the notice for students regarding examination results. OCE is responsible for publishing the Supplementary result of the SEE exam.

SEE result 2079 release date by NEB

SEE Result with marksheet 2079 is expected to be published on the date of the last week of Ashar. According to the authority, checking of paper has recently been started and will take at most two months to complete. Board will declare the see exam result of class 10 by third week of July.

After the SEE exam results are published, it may take more than an hour to view results through different websites. The 2079 SEE result of 10th class will be published on our website after the examination board finalizes the result. Students can check their results, and download or print them.

SEE result Nepal Board
Exam NameSEE Examination Board
Why SEE?Study Grade 11
When is the SEE Result?July 2022
Is the SEE result out?NO
Official SEE Result dateNot Declared
Who publishes the SEE results?National Examination Board

NEB Class 10 Grading System in Nepal

The grading system in Nepal is relatively new. Especially students waiting for SEE results get confused about the GPA system in Nepal. The Nepali grade system is easy to understand. This table will give you a figure for GPA to percentage in Nepal.

A new grading system was introduced in 2075 BS. Before 2075 BS, Nepal followed a percentage system in SLC that used to be highly competitive as a single-digit mark created a huge difference. They used to publish results on

The current grading system in Nepal was created as most countries introduced and created importance in the grading system. So to make it easier for the students of Nepal to apply to International universities, a grading system was introduced. Also, during the percentage system, many students used to fail. But in the grading system, average marks are taken from each subject, unlike in the percentage system, fewer students fail.

Percentage ObtainedGradeGrade DescriptionGrade Point
Above 90A+Outstanding4.0
70-80B+Very Good3.2
30-40D+Below Average1.6
The above-given table shows the grading system in Nepal.

Results for SEE are published after about three months of examination. Traditionally, to know results, students would use Gorkhapatra National Daily, or there would be long queues in the school to get access to the newspapers. However, it is not the condition now. They can check NEB conducted SLC/SEE national examination results through a web portal.

The technologies have advanced, and after the NEB 10th result is out, you get it right away on your cell phone. Now, along with newspapers, you can also check your results online via websites and SMS. Various SMS providers and NTC have been popular among students to get results.

Letter grading system in Nepal

SEE is now revised as SEE (Secondary Education Examination) in Nepal. SEE is the final exam of the secondary level and is considered very important in Nepal. As per international standards, the evaluation of SEE is done based on the grading system. Many people are still confused regarding the grading system, so we have listed the complete details regarding the SEE grading system.

SEE Grade Scores A+ A B+ B C+ C D+ D E meaning is easy. We will describe each of them individually. SEE 2079 results will also be on grades. So, understanding the meaning of every grade is essential.

SEE grading system in Nepal as per MOE

Percentage obtainedGradesGPA
More than 90 %A+4.0

Other universities also are adopting this grading system. Various universities and education boards are currently implementing different grading systems.

Grading System doesn’t term anyone as the best and anyone as the worst. The grading system puts everyone in a similar category and reduces the competition between the students, preventing unnecessary pressure and tension.

SEE Grade Requirement for Higher Education

How much should you score to study at a higher level?

Students must score D plus in compulsory subjects for further studies. MOE has set up criteria for choosing subjects in higher studies, as per which students must secure a minimum of GPA 2 to study science. Similarly, to study management, humanities, and art, students should score a minimum GPA of 1.6. Those who wish to choose a technical field should obtain a 1.6 GPA.

How many grades should you score to go abroad to study?

If you score good grades in the SEE examination, you can plan for Abroad Study.

If you are looking for SEE Exam Routine, we already have updated the Routine for SEE 2079.

When is SEE Result 2079?

According to the authority, the result of the SEE examination of Nepal will be in the last week of Ashar.

How to check SEE Result 2079

SEE exam Result 2079 will be published on the website and newspaper so that the result will be in every student’s hand.

If you don’t have internet or network access in your area or household, you can check your SEE result 2079 via SMS and newspaper. But you have to wait for the next day after the result published date.

How to check see result 2079

If you have internet and network access, checking your class 10 SEE result 2079 will not be that hard. There are multiple ways to check through these mediums. All these ways are way more accessible and more comfortable to follow. You will be able to get your result within a minute based on the server load.

Ways to view SEE Result 2079:

  1.  Website
  2. SMS

Requirement before checking SEE Result 2079 gradesheet

  • Your SEE Symbol Number
  • Your date of birth
How to check SEE result
Perfect guide on How to check SEE result.

Check class 10 results from the official website

Online SEE Result websiteSEE website Address
SEE Board
National Examination

OCE being the main to control examination, you would want to check out your result of the SEE examination online via its official SEE website.

Steps to check subject-wise list of their marks

Follow the instructions to get your class 10th score through

  • Type the website in your browser and tap enter.
  • You will see the welcome page with the Government of Nepal, MoE, and OCE logo on the left side of the screen and Nepal’s flag on the right.
  • On the homepage, under the message from the controller, you will see the most recent notification.
  • Click on that option, and a new tab opens
  • You will have to enter your Symbol no. And the year you gave your examination in and clicked on Search.
  • After some time, you will have your result with grade details displayed.

You can also check your past school leaving certificate results using this process.

One can check SEE Result 2079 through different websites. All you need is your SEE symbol number. The official website for the SEE examination is

Follow the below-given steps to view your SEE Result 2079.

  • Click here to go to SEE official website – see gov np
  • Click on Examination and Result
  • Enter your SEE symbol number
  • Click on Search Result
How to check SEE Result
ways to check SEE Results

There are plenty of other websites where you obtain your result with mark sheet online.

  • National Examination Board –
  • Nepal Telecom –
  • Office of Controller of Examination –
SEE Result 2079
SEE result online mode will look like this after the result publication of 2079 with grade.

SEE Result via SMS ( NTC / NCELL / Sparrow / IVR)

SMS is the most preferred method to check the SEE result. As there is no internet access in every hook and corner of Nepal, different networking company has made it easier to access the result. Just type the SEE symbol number and send SMS to get the result now.

Through NTC SMS

  • Open messages
  • Compose a new message
  • Type SEE <Space> symbol no.
  • Please send it to 1600


  • Open messages
  • Compose a new message
  • Type SEE <Space> symbol no.
  • Please send it to 35001

Through IVR (Interactive voice response)

  • You can use either NTC Mobile call or Landline
  • Dial 1600
  • Type your SEE symbol number

Through Sparrow SMS

  • Open messages
  • Compose a new message
  • Type SEE <Space> symbol no.
  • Please send it to 35001
Check SEE result by SMS

Other agencies providing SEE result check service with their code numbers are as follows.

Name of SMS providersSMS Number
Nepal Telecom1600
Focus Nepal Pvt. Ltd35566
Akash tech31003
Easy Service Pvt. Ltd34949
Sparrow 35001

Why is SEE Result important?

Education is the most important part of life and more is SEE result. If you are waiting for the SEE result, you must know how important the SEE result is. Nowadays getting educational degrees has become one of those additional basic needs of people. An educated person is a more informed person who can make better decisions and choices in his/her life. If you are educated then you are viewed differently in your society. With your conceived education you can serve a better purpose for your society and your people. An educated individual is the core of the educated country.

Nowadays, it has become a popular proverb among the Nepalese youths that a single sheet of paper can’t determine your whole future. If you have great plans and ideas, , you can come up with a different startup, become an entrepreneur,, and succeed

You may have listened to the speech of great people ( like Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, Bill Gates, etc. ) that good result is not important, you can become successful even without good results. But after all, if you will look closely you will find that no person is successful on his own. They are successful because of engineers, software developers, managers, doctors, and lawyers who are working in their firms. If you stop passing exams with good results then the world will lose its one successful engineer, a successful manager, and a successful personality as a whole.

If you think the SEE examination is useless and does not determine your future, you are entirely wrong. SEE is also called Irongate as it determines your destiny. It determines whether you will be walking on the bright or sad path. It determines whether you can achieve your childhood dream to become a renowned doctor, engineer, entrepreneur, etc.

After completing SEE with good marks, thousands of doors in your career will be open as today’s world is all about competition. Millions of students have dreamed of studying in renowned colleges in Nepal or abroad. The fun part is if you score a high GPA in SEE, many top colleges will knock at your door to study in their colleges.

From the typical Nepal household, we all know the happiness around the family members after completing any examination. Your SEE result is not only your happiness but also your family. Every family wants success from their son/daughter. With your perfect GPA, the reputation of your family will climb ladders. They will be proud of what every son/daughter wants.

Completion of SEE also means you are sort of mature. Now, you have to decide by yourself, and all those decisions will determine your future. If you walk in your parent’s path, you can’t achieve happiness and satisfaction. You will always be clueless and might walk in the wrong direction. This result determines your position with other competitors. You will learn how to tackle each stumbling block that appears countless times. Problem-solving and decision-making skills are the essential skills you will learn and work with to achieve success.

In Nepal, the SEE result is one of the most important determinants of academic life. SEE result defines your academic performance. It determines how good a person is in attaining and utilizing the information provided to him throughout the year. After the completion of almost 13 years of schooling, you come to attend the SEE board exam. The courage to participate in the SEE board exam was one of the hardest things you have faced. The moment to get your SEE result is the moment that will determine your whole future and shape it. Some of the important reasons why the SEE result is essential for you are listed below.

Secure Future

Your good SEE result means your good future life. You will find that good results will earn a lot for you in today’s life. You need to get an exceptionally brilliant result to survive in today’s competitive world. After you have completed SEE with good grades, thousands of doors have opened for you. You can quickly get seats in your desired colleges for further study with better grades.

The renowned institutions will knock on your door to invite you to their colleges. Some will pay you for your photographs to be pasted in front of their college. With a better result, you won’t have to wait to get college seats as other low-grade students will do. According to Nepalese law, SEE is the minimum qualification you need to be a government servant(officer).

Future after SEE exam

The Beginning of New Life

With the completion of your SEE exam with good grades, it’s the end of half of your study life. With that thirteen years of long school life, now is the moment of relief. But at the same time, you realize that from now onwards, you need to start your life again differently from here.

According to the new system, there will be compulsory subjects like Social, Nepali, English, etc. after the SEE. But you will have the chance to choose between Science and Management sectors. In most cases, you will be in a dilemma of choosing Science or Management.

Take it simply. If you can improve continuously and have the capacity to struggle, then you can take Science because it is much faster than Management studies. On the other hand, if you study less and love to live open life, then you can choose Management. Since it’s starting your new life, design it in a better way so that you won’t regret it in the future.

Reputation In Society And Family Happiness

It’s a famous tagline in Nepalese society, SEE pass gare ko choro/chori. This means you are now a grown-up child if you have cleared your SEE exams. When you have secured good grades, your family starts distributing Laddu to the whole society. Your mom cooks new dishes, cooks meat, brings sweets, and many more. This means your good performance in SEE is directly linked with family happiness, the increased reputation of your family, and your family status.

SEE result is the source of joy/sorrow for your family. With your result, you create your value in the eyes of society. If you secure an A+ grade then, of course, you are viewed as a first-class personality. But with achievement comes more responsibility.

Self Evaluation And Positioning

The SEE result is important because your success in the academic sector is directly determined by this. It defines your mental capacity of how well you can organize things you have learned and apply them when needed. Results define your position among your other competitors. It tells you where you stand and how well you are in the academic sector.

After your SEE result, you also can evaluate yourself and can take corrective actions to improve yourself. On the other hand, nowadays there are many programs conducted in Nepal after the SEE result in which the students securing good grades in the SEE exam are honored and provided scholarships.

Job Opportunities And Self Dependent

SEE is the minimum qualification you will need to apply for any job post in Nepal. However, now the government is planning to extend the school level up to class 12. This means you will require a class 12 degree in order to apply for any job. But this rule is not implemented yet. There are lots of things you can do after the SEE examination.

After the completion of your SEE, you will find that you can apply for many jobs in the private sector too. For jobs after the SEE exam, you can visit many job websites in Nepal like,, and where you can find a number of vacancies announced by the companies and you can apply for the job that meets your qualification.

Also with your completion of SEE, you are meant to be self-dependent. You should not knock on the doors of your parents or relatives for small problems. You should develop problem-tackling capacities. Now you are no more a child in the eyes of your parents/society.

Empowerment And Social Development

An educated society is an educated nation as a whole. As drops are core elements for the ocean, similarly educated people are the core elements for social development. After your completion of SEE, you are assumed to be more educated.

You apply your education for the betterment of your society. When you start involved in society, you meet many new people, get to know their experiences, and as a whole start feeling more empowered. On the other hand completion of SEE by a girl is taken as a great achievement for a girl child.

Many organizations in Nepal are providing scholarship programs to girls in rural areas so that they can attend school-level education and empower themselves. Women empowerment is taken as the core for the development of any nation. It is a popular proverb,” If a mother is educated then the whole family becomes educated”.

Things to do before SEE Result and after SEE Exam

Many students have completed SEE. Your years-long school days are finally over and now you have a 3-month vacation. You must be wondering what to do n these three months. You don’t want to spend this time just staying home all day with your phone and getting bored.

If it was a month-long vacation, you could do that as well, but it is three months long, and you can’t waste it by doing anything. There are so many things you can do. There is plenty of time to learn new skills, explore places and cherish how far you have come. Here are a few things you could do in this three-month vacation.

As soon as you complete your exam, take 15 days break. Travel new places with family and friends. Go hiking, night out stay, etc. I know how stressful Grade 10 year goes.

After the break, you can take a bridge course to know what you will face in two years. Bridge course provides you with a strong foundation for Grade 11 and 12. It provides basic knowledge about the courses of Grade 11, which in my opinion, is highly fruitful.

Spending money out of your earnings is the best feeling ever. So, If you want to learn skills to earn yourself some pocket money, you can gain the following abilities to achieve that.

  • Blogging
  • Create Youtube Videos
  • Trading and Stock
  • Coding
  • Typist
  • Graphics Designing and Video editing

Once you learn the points mentioned above, you can work independently or work for someone else as a part-time job. None can beat the happiness which you get from earning yourself. Best of luck!

What to do after SEE

In this article, we are providing some useful tips for the students who appeared SEE from schools all over the country to utilize their SEE holidays effectively.

SEE examination which is regarded as the Iron Gate has just finished. The students appearing for the exams are now free probably enjoying their holidays.

But, they are equally worried about what to do in these three months until when their results are out? These three months is the golden period for these students; they will never get these enjoyable days in their life again. After your SEE Result. you will again be busy with your further studies.

  1. Plan: The first thing to do on your SEE break is to plan for your upcoming future. Plan for the career you want to choose or the course you want to go for. To help with this, you can join classes like bridge courses and entrance examination preparation sessions.
  2. Travel: Secondly, you should visit the places you wished to. You should try out new things and enjoy the present rather than regret it in the future.
  3. Read some books and watch movies: in this holiday you can read some exciting books and watch movies that may be worth it for you.
  4. Develop hobbies: In your holidays, you can better develop your hobbies that you had not been able to allocate time to. It is well known that picking a good and fun-filled hobby of your choice helps reduce your stress and anxiety.
  5. Fitness of body: You can develop some good habits that keep you fit and will ultimately promote your well-being such as going morning walks and doing regular exercises.
  6. Join creative classes: You can also go for some creative classes such as art, music, cooking, photography, or languages that enhance your skills and keep you engaged. These kinds of activities keep your mind healthy and make you physically and mentally active.
  7. Volunteering: You can volunteer for different social programs that are frequently organized in your town. Involvement in different volunteering activities will boost your confidence level, expose you to different co-curricular activities and improve your socializing skills.
  8. Learn driving: Joining a driving school and getting a driving license also helps to properly utilize your leisure time.

Start preparing for higher studies

It is not easy to move to higher studies from the school level. The course is much vast, and there are challenging courses, so maybe you could prepare for your higher studies on vacation. Many tuition classes around the valley prepare you for further studies.

And above all, since there is very tough competition in getting admission to a good college. So I suggest you join the entrance preparation class for the entrance examination. Top colleges like Saint Xaviers and Prasadi academy conduct entrance examinations for selection so make sure to prepare for this examination.

These courses are also known as bridge courses because they fill the gap between school level and higher studies. Rather than spending it doing nothing, you can join the bridge course and entrance examination for a better future.

What to do after SEE examination


And of course, you have worked so hard for the SEE result, so when it is finally over, you need to relax and enjoy your time. You can travel to the places in Nepal you have always wanted to. Make plans with your friends and family and head out to your dream place. There are so many places you could go to, namely Pokhara, Mustang, Rara, Manang, Jiri, etc. Make the most of this time rather than regret it in the future.

Apply for internship

There are so many organizations and companies, international and national that you could apply for an internship in those companies. Anyone will hire you because you are willing to work for free. Why would you want to work for free?

You have completed school, and it’s time you learn professional skills. With an internship, you can learn teamwork and how the organization works. Above all, you will meet different people, make new friends, develop your communication skills, and widen your network.

Therefore doing an internship is an excellent use of your vacation. Don’t miss this opportunity and apply for your dream organization. Sharing my experience, I did an internship in NGO during my SEE result break, and I believe it was very productive. I got the opportunity to meet amazing people. I had the chance to dine with many high-ranking government officials. Thus I suggest everyone do an internship. It will help build your skills.

Build your skills

Your skills are what make you apart from the rest of the world. So at this time, you can build your skills by joining music class, dance class, personality development class, or anything you wish to do. You could join a music class and train your vocals or learn a new instrument.

It is something you will cherish forever. There are courses available, and you can join them. You never know; you may do this for your whole life. There are opportunities in this field as well. Even if you don’t want to do this professionally, you can do this to build your skills simply.

Continue with your hobby

You could join dance classes. It will refresh you and allow you to make new friends, but you will also be more fit. Other than that, you can learn to host. If you are good at this, you will be able to make some money later. You can try modeling if you are interested in that field as well. You can learn photography, cooking, art, and so many things. So the point is don’t waste it doing anything, enroll yourself in some course and learn a new skill.

Learn driving

Driving is an essential skill in today’s world, so you could think of learning to drive. You could learn to ride and get a license. We all know how tough it is to travel on public buses in Nepal, and now you have grown up and have time to learn, why not do it? If you get good grades in SEE results, you never know your parents may gift you a brand new motorbike or even a car.

Take up some sport

Sports are an integral part of our life. There are so many sports you could learn in this leisure time. You can take swimming classes, basketball or football. In Nepal as well, there are so many options available in sports. Find something that interests you the most and excel at it. You could learn wrestling, judo, karate, Football, Basketball, tennis and much more. These skills will be with you all your life, and you may even take them to a professional level.

Self-defence classes for girls

And girls can take those Self defense classes that can be beneficial. With so many cases in the country, a girl got to have Self-defense skills. And specific skills like swimming are a must-have for everyone. So make the best of your SEE result break with these sports.

Learn a new language

Imagine being able to speak some exotic languages such as English, French, Spanish, or Arabic. There are so many language centers that help you learn these languages. Enroll in those centers and learn a new language. You can then flaunt it proudly to your friends.

You can even learn these courses online as well. But the problem with an online system is that you get bored eventually, and then you will ditch the class. So my suggestion is to join some language center where you have to pay money. This way, you will be regular and learn the language quickly. And another advantage of joining the institute is you will make new friends.

Courses to choose after SEE Result

After a long wait, the schooling system of Nepal has finally changed a bit. SEE is evaluated in terms of grades. This way, students feel less pressured than they used to before.

The grading system is to evaluate SEE results, but many people are still confused about it. The primary motto of introducing the grading system is to discourage the definite marking system, which demotivates students, but it is sadder when people convert the grades into percentages. This way, again, the comparison starts. Many people don’t still understand the value of the grading system. The best thing about the grading system is that it doesn’t categorize any students as failed students. This way, no students get demotivated and discouraged.

What to study after SEE exam

The grading system has nine grades: A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D, D+, and E. A+ grade is the best, eventually reaching E, which is the least good. The grading system categorizes results rather than giving definite marks as 87 percent or 75 percent.

Students who take any course after SEE must secure a minimum GPA assigned to each subject. There are different college requirements, so getting admission to your desired college with the selected faculty is not easy. The article lists some options students can choose from after SEE. I list a few courses students can take as part of their higher studies.

As the most awaited SEE examination 2079; SEE 2079 is over, students begin to think about the subject they will study further. Presently in Nepal, students can choose different types of courses. After you pass your SEE examination, you can study different subjects as you desire. Here in this article, we are informing you about the various choices you can choose for further study after SEE examination result 2079.

  • Intermediate law (Affiliated to TU) after see
  • Agriculture and Veterinary (3-year Diploma equivalent to +2 or I. Sc.) after see
  • Forestry (Affiliated to TU) after see
  • PCL Nursing, Health Assistants, and Lab Assistants (Affiliated to CTEVT) after see
  • Fashion designing after see
  • Fine arts after see
  • Sanskrit after see

Plus Two

Plus two by National Examinations Board is always the most preferred option for Nepalese students. For the past few years, most students have chosen +2 as their option for higher studies. But here is something you should know before you wish to join + 2, a student must get at least a 1.6 GPA and at least a D grade in social studies to enter plus 2.

NEB consists of mainly three streams; Science, Management, Commerce, and Humanities.


Many aspire to choose science for higher studies with a dream to become doctors, engineers, pure science scholars, etc. Each college has its criteria, but an A student needs to have a 2.00 GPA to study science, a C Plus in compulsory Science and Mathematics, and a D Plus in Nepali, English, and Social Studies. I have seen many students choosing science just because they got good results in SEE, and they have to regret it later. So while selecting any faculty, choose something you want to and where you want to make a future. Don’t take decisions based on your results but on your interest.

A career led by the science stream includes either a medical career (such as a doctor, B. Sc. In Nursing, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Genetic engineering, and so on) or an engineering career (like Civil, Architect, Mechanical, Electronic, or Computer Engineering).


Management is the other choice of Nepali students after +2. If you want to make your future incorporate field, business sector, and management-related field, you should take management in + 2. There are many good management colleges in Nepal. One of the best things about choosing management is that many colleges offer management programs in the morning shift, so you are free the whole day. You can do some internships and build your professional skills at that time.

It is also not easy to get admission to a good college. Of course, all the colleges have their criteria, but you must secure a 1.6 GPA, with a D Plus grade in English, Mathematics Science, Nepali, and Social Studies.

Management and Commerce stream leads to careers like Accountant, Marketing Officer, Manager, Chartered Accountant, and so on.


Humanities is another plus two courses. It is for those people who want to build their careers in the art field or social work. You need a minimum of 1.6 GPA with a D+ in English, Nepali, and Social Studies.

Likewise, students taking the humanities in the future can become a Journalist, Writers, Musicians, economists, or Social workers.


The other field is education. Students who wish to study education in +2 must have a minimum GPA of 1.6 with a D plus grade in social studies.


Students also have the option of directly joining law after their SEE. Previously law was available for bachelors only, but now in high school, you can start with the law. Only a few colleges, for now, offer law courses in +2. To study law, you need a minimum GPA of 1.6 with a D plus in English, Nepali, and Social Studies.

A Level course and IB course

If you don’t want to study the conventional +2, then A level and IB are the right choices. You have a chance to get an international degree in Nepal.

However, getting enrolled in levels and IB is quite challenging. First, very few colleges offer a good quality international degree, and secondly, the criteria are strict. Also, the international degree is relatively more expensive than a regular + 2. You need a 3.25 GPA in SEE to study for an international degree.

A levels

A level was started in Nepal in 1986 as Cambridge International AS and A-Level. The Cambridge AS and A levels are equivalent to our Plus two. A-Levels prepare the student for the international education system. It enhances the student’s knowledge broadening it and providing practical education. A level also offers a lot of options to students. Students can choose from 55 subjects. Also, students have the choice to attend the class regularly or not. Students learn their way without pressure and strict rules.

A-levels course is affiliated with Cambridge University, UK. It is an internationally renowned course known in about 160 countries of the world. The A-level course may not be widely available as +2 but has more credibility and is widely accepted worldwide as Cambridge University in the UK backs it up.

A-level also offers different faculties alike +2. The A-level course is more popular these days because the students don’t need to go through the courses that they don’t want to study, this implies that the students can be able to study interdisciplinary subjects like mathematics along with biology and even economics or take one subject from every faculty like chemistry from science, sociology from humanities and business studies from commerce.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Similar to A level, IB is another international course for SEE students. IB is more strict compared to A levels. This course started in Nepal in 1968; until then, only a few schools like Ullens and Premier international school have offered this course. IB is a two-year-long course where students study six compulsory courses.

IB is a non-profit educational foundation offering highly respected programs of international education that develop intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills. It is a widely accepted Switzerland board-based high school diploma available in Nepal.


Higher secondary schools offer a two-year higher secondary education program, a formal program for primary school teachers. The Ministry of Education also organizes primary teacher training programs. TU offers a two-year Certificate in Education. The minimum requirement is a SEE qualification. The course can be expanded for a year or three toward a Bachelor’s degree.

Hospitality Management

Hospitality management is a globally growing field. It is the study of the hospitality industry. It may also be referred to as hotel management, hotel and tourism management, or hotel administration.

Colleges like NATHM (Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Management) offer access only after the completion of the intermediate level. However, they also offer some short-term courses on waiters, room boys, chefs, travel agents, housekeeping, barman, etc. After sincerely going through these courses, the students can extend their careers in different hotels, restaurants, and many administrative units.

Technical courses under CTEVT

People have realized the importance of technical education over the past few years. Many people join technical courses right after SEE because they give practical knowledge and can assure a job very soon. You can even start your firm after these specialized courses. These technical and vocational courses are 18 months long, and students who have less than a 1.6 GPA can join these courses.

For now, only CTEVT offers these courses and has 25000 seats for different classes like overseers in civil electrical and mechanical engineering, lab assistant, entrepreneurship development, ANM, and CMA courses. Also, there is a one-year-long course that students can take up in cooking, plumbing, welding, carpentry, wiring, etc. However, to join the staff nurse course after SEE, students must have a 2.0 GPA with a C grade in English, Mathematics, and Science. You need a 2.00 GPA with a C in Mathematics and Science and a D Plus in English for an overseer.

FAQs related to Secondary Education Board SEE

How to check SEE result 2079?

There are three ways to check the result. One is from the official website, another is from a mobile SMS service and the last one is using IVR.

When will SEE result 2079 publish?

According to the authority, SEE Result 2079 will be in the last week of Ashar.

How to check SEE Result by using SMS service?

Open messages, Compose a new message. Type SEE<Space>symbol no. and send it to 1600.

How to check SEE Result by using the website?

National Examination Board –
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