Nepal is a small country. Which is located in southern part of Asia between China and India. The capital is knows as Kathmandu which is the largest city in Nepal. It belief is that it can only operate small business in persistence manner. The official language is Nepali and official currency is Nepalese Rupee (NPR).Small business ideas for Nepal are listed below. This article talks about the ideas on where to invest money in Nepal and investment opportunity in Nepal.

Small business ideas in Nepal

The top eight business to start in Nepal are as follows:

  1. Car wash business

Car wash business is an small scale business. It require low start-up capital and need less technical skill to operate it. Just ensure that your car wash center is near the busy road and you wont struggles to attract the customers. A person can start a business alone and if needed can hire a helping hand.

  1. Consignment shop

As Nepal poverty level is low, most people in the country especially people of rural area resort to buy second hand goods. It is a small scale business and can be profitable. You can engage in the many of second hand clothes, bag, shoes and many more.

  1. Tourist guide

As majority people visit Nepal for tourism. As it is an historical place and for mountain. Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world and it is the number one destination for tourists. Very few people understand and speak English, French, German and Spanish in Nepal and these are the languages spoken by majority of the tourists who visit Nepal. Understand English and other international language and with a good understanding of the geography of Nepal, can do pretty well as a tourist guide and interpreter.small business ideas

  1. Framing business

Nepal is cultivation of rice, sugarcane, tea, jute, corn, wheat, and grains. An entrepreneur can start any of the businesses listed above without going through the process of registering the business or obtaining any license. The bottom line is to ensure that conduct proper feasibility studies before starting any business. It will save time and money.

  1. Barber shop

The small scale businesses that require low start up capital that an entrepreneur can successfully start in Nepal is a barber’s shop. All you would need to start this business is 2 or 3 clippers, a small shop, and a small generator. It is indeed a profitable business if it is well positioned and also if you know how to cut the hair.

  1. Groceries shop

It’s a small scale business an entrepreneur can start in Nepal is groceries business. A shop where people can get supply of their regular groceries. This type of business can thrive in any part of Nepal but just ensure that your store is well stocked per time.

  1. Restaurant and stalls

Restaurant and stalls is another thriving small scale business an entrepreneur can successfully launch in Nepal. This type of business thrives in big cities. The truth is that if you choose a good location for your restaurant you won’t struggle to attract customers. Now day people of Nepal are wanted to try new type of product like frozen youth, fried ice-cream and many more.

  1. Electronic Repair Shop

If you are a trained technician and have knowledge about electronic devices that its is one of the small scale businesses that you can start in Nepal is an electronic repair business. Unlike in developed countries where people hardly repair their electronics once it get bad, in Nepal people would rather fix their bad electronics as against replacing it with new ones.