The TU IOE is accepting applications for its Ph.D. research programs. The Tribhuvan University Institute of Engineering (IOE) has announced the Ph.D. application call. Proposals for research for the academic year 2080–1981.

Notice Date: March 1, 2023

The Ph.D. Qualified persons have the opportunity to perform advanced research in a range of engineering topics through research programs at IOE, which is regarded as one of Nepal’s top engineering schools. IOE is one of Nepal’s leading engineering institutions, and Ph.D. Qualified individuals have the opportunity to participate in advanced research programs in a range of engineering specialties.

The TU IOE is accepting applications for its PhD research programs.

More about The TU IOE is accepting applications for its Ph.D. research programs.

The deadline for applications is March 31, 2023. Candidates are advised to submit their applications well before the deadline because late submissions won’t be considered. Short-listed candidates will be informed of the next steps in the selection process, including an interview and review of their academic background and research proposal.

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The Ph.D. Research Programs are designed to give applicants a solid understanding of their chosen field and the skills necessary to do independent research. Candidates must do original research that contributes to the body of knowledge in their field of study and present their findings in a dissertation that meets the strictest standards of worldwide academic excellence.

In addition to those who can demonstrate equivalent academic or professional credentials, those with a Master’s degree in a comparable field are encouraged to apply. Candidates must demonstrate their ability to do top-notch research and have solid academic background.

You can find detailed information on the Ph.D. Research Programs and application materials are on the website at; Interested candidates should review the website and contact the Office of the Dean.

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