Domain registration can be done by making some payment or for free of cost. Most of us like to get the domain for free. In case of Nepal, we can register any web site as at free of cost from Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. Mercantile is a leading Internet Service Provider.

For registering your domain as what you basically need to provide is a proof of you being a Nepali citizen.

  • Scanned Nepali Citizenship document
  • Scanned Passport document

You may provide a scanned document of either of your Nepali citizenship or passport or driving license to your registrar.

Secondly, you need a unique domain name that is not used by any of user in the world before. What you should keep in mind while selecting your domain name is that, you should not use any vague word, you should use the content as same as your name. Registrar is a third party who assesses your content and provide you permission for registering your domain in web. In case of Nepal, Mercantile communications is the only registrar in the country.

Domain is a unique name that is assigned to an IP. As each IP address is unique to each other, each domain name is unique. Thus, the domain name serves as introduction to your site. It recognizes your website to the people. Any visitor identifies a web site through the domain. So, it is very much important that your domain name is simple and can introduce you to your visitor at a glance.

Step by Step Guide to register domain

In order to register your domain, you should go to the site of domain registrar.

  • (This website only works from Nepal.)

You should go to site:, which will take you to the web page of registrar where you can create domain as, and others. You need to fill the online form in the site.

First of all, you need to choose your domain name and provide them an appropriate domain name. You will be able to do further process if your domain is available to use.

If your domain is unavailable you should try renaming it and then try to register again.

Then, you need to create your account in the site by providing some of your personal details such as your email address, your contact number and your address.

You need to attach a cover letter requesting for the registration of domain, a scanned document of either of your Nepali citizenship, passport or driving license.

You will be asked to verify your account through the email address that you provided. A verification email is sent to your email, open the email and then click on verify button for the activation of the Mercantile account.

Another essential part is that, you need to point to name server of a web hosting site, this is the online space in which you are going to store you content.

You may use a free online hosting or you may use a paid one as per your requirement. As far as security is concerned it is better to use a paid web hosting.

It may take up to 7 days to approve your application for registering your domain. You may log in to your account on to check whether your account status is active.

Free domain registration guide

For web hosting, you may use different paid and free web hosting sites. You need to create and login to your account in respective web hosting sites. You need to provide your some of personal details including your email, phone number to the web hosting site. You also need to provide the approved domain. The web hosting sites provide web space to the domain that is provided to them. This is the web space where you need to upload your html files, folders and documents. After your documents are uploaded they can be viewed through your site by entering your website.