Online shopping sites are those online marketplaces where a customer meets a vendor, and transactions of buying and selling goods take place through the internet. With the advancement of information and communication technology, there are several online sites established in Nepal. It is important to select the best online shopping in Nepal so that you won’t be cheated.

Young generations of the country are attracted to the online market in Nepal with increasing online shopping trends. Nepal online shopping apps are rising in demand. The use and popularity of the android device have also made a positive impact on Nepalese people. Here we are discussing the major online shopping websites in Nepal that are popular and currently running in Nepal.

Best online shopping websites of Nepal

Well, shopping used to be going to a market and buying products in Nepal. In some factors, it was fun, but in other factors, there used to be so much hassle like choosing the right place, buying the good one, bargaining for prices, and finally carrying them home. But now, the scenario has changed. Since e-commerce is rising daily, online shopping has become one of the most reliable and easy ways to shop.

You can buy any products sitting at your home with just one click. You have to enter the web address of online shopping sites on your laptop or smartphone, choose the item you want to buy, and confirm it. Then, the item will be delivered to your home. It has become so simple. You can pay either on delivery or there are many ways to pay online. So, if you are bored and troubled by the hassle of shopping, try online shopping, and we guarantee you that you will no longer go shopping outside. is the most used and oldest online shopping site in Nepal by many Nepali people. Hamrobazar is the Business to consumer and consumer-to-consumer business-style site where you can find used as well as new products to buy.


On this site, a vendor posts an ad about their product after creating a freely available account. With the details regarding the product and vendor, anyone interested in the product can personally contact the vendor for further process of purchasing the item. On the website, the price of the product, delivery mode, and accountability of any product totally relies upon the buyer and seller, and the site merely plays the role of a mediator through which a seller meets the buyer. You can purchase variously used and new products, from mobile phones and furniture to bicycles, motorbikes, and cars.

hamrobazar nepal

Hamrobazzar is one of the free online classifiers where anyone, either individuals or companies, can list their wide range of products to sell. The products can be new or used. The best thing is it is entirely free. You have to search for the products you want to buy and then contact the seller by providing your details. Go and meet the seller, check the item and buy it if you like. Finally, make a payment. You can create your account for free and subscribe to the newsletter for any offer.

Owned formerly by CDC group and now owned by Alibaba, the online shopping website is available in different countries, namely, Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. is a famous online retail market for various products ranging from fashion and beauty products electronic gadgets, mobile phones, and many more.

The onsite search engine, easy checkout process, secure payment system, timely delivery of products, and genuine products are some of the plus points for You can use eSewa, the Khalti app, or cash on delivery as your payment gateway for

You can browse from the official website or download the Daraz online shopping app in Nepal for your android and apple phones from the respective app stores. Download the Daraz app today and start shopping online.

daraz nepal

Daraz Nepal has been one of the best online shopping sites in Nepal ever since it got started. In a concise span of time, it has gained a wide range of popularity. It has a wide range of products on its sites that anyone can buy at the best price. It is also one of the best sites where sellers and buyers can interact to fix the price. After you have ordered your products, they will be delivered to your place, but you have to pay a reasonable extra delivery charge. You can pay either after delivery or use the online system. To buy your products, you must create your account, which is very easy. is one of the oldest online shopping sites in Nepal. Starting in the early 2000s, it was formerly named establishes itself as an online market and gift shop. Since its date of establishment, providing a wide range of collections of clothing, shoes and accessories, foods and beverages, electronics, jewelry, watches, bags, sports, babies and kids products, and many more.


The onsite search engine, shopping cart, easy navigation, and category-wise shopping system make it easy to shop on the site. You can pay through eSewa, Ipay, and cash on delivery. With these services and facilities, is one of the leading online shopping sites found in Nepal.

Muncha is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the Nepali market. It has its own departmental stores situated in New-road. Initially, it has served as a retailer, and the whole seller, providing accessories to the business organization at an affordable price for over more than a decade. Now, it has its own online shopping platform where anyone can buy any product at a very reasonable price. Your products will be delivered to your door.

Bhatbhateni online shopping

Bhatbhateni online is a subsidiary unit of Bhatbhateni supermarket and departmental stores. It is one of the most popular online stores in the country. Those who want to save their time or who are far from the Bhatbhateni supermarket and departmental store can take a lot of advantage of the website.

Bhatbhateni’s online store provides almost all types of products and services that are provided in the physical stores of Bhatbhateni. You can purchase a wide range of products which includes products of health and wellness, books, home and decor, sports, pet and pet accessories, electronics, foods, and clothing items. You can place your order through its online site, or you can simply call the store. They provide you with different online payment methods and cash on delivery as well.

Bhatbhateni online is currently merged with to provide an online shopping experience to Nepalese. is one of the leading online stores in Nepal. It is a business-to-consumer business approach site providing genuine products and campaigns with a high level of quality and quantity. The onsite search engine, great content, transparency, honest communication, electronic catalog, easy navigation, and easy checkout process make the shopping site more dynamic and appealing.


You can call to place your order, make your order through the official website, or download the app of Sastodeal. Sastodeal provides different online payment options and cash-on-delivery to their customers. The online store offers a wide range of products, including men’s and women’s clothing, footwear, accessories and grooming products, furniture, laptops, mobile phones, decors, and many more. What makes it more convenient is that you can track your order and the fast delivery system.

As the name suggests, it is one of the cheapest online shopping sites in Nepal. You can get a list of thousands of products in different categories. Just click on the product you want to order, then you will get whatever you want at your home.


(Gogazzab is no longer operating)

Gogazzab is another popular online shopping site in Nepal that is growing day by day. It has got a 4.4 rating on Facebook. You can buy varieties of items like clothing, electronic devices, real estate, sports, gifts, etc. To purchase the products, you have to log in to your Gogazzab account, choose the product you want to buy, and confirm it. Then, your order will be delivered to your home. You can pay by cash on delivery or through online payment methods like eSewa or pay pal.


Threadpaints store

(Seems to be no longer operating. Store please contact us using the contact form if you are still in the market.)

It is one of the most popular clothing, accessories, and footwear sites. This site is famous for online shopping of Nepal-made clothing since it has the motive to support the local community. Just like other sites, you can get home delivery services in Kathmandu valley. Payment options are quite simple. Those who are inside Kathmandu valley can pay through cash on delivery. Besides, they can also pay through eSewa, PayPal, Ipay, SCT moco, and net banking from NIBL.


Clothes Nepal

If you are conscious of fashion and fond of buying new design clothes in the market, then clothes Nepal is the best place to buy a variety of new clothes. Besides men’s and women’s clothing, you can buy different accessories and footwear too. One of the best things about this site is that you will get a 100% refund if your products don’t match with design, color, and size. You can pay either cash on delivery or through credit card, pay pal, and bank deposit. Cash on delivery is only inside the Kathmandu valley. It is regarded as the best online clothing store in Nepal.



Nepbay is one of Nepal’s most downloaded mobile apps for online shopping. It is one of the tremendous online platforms for buyers and sellers to deal with their prices. You can put your products on the site if you are a seller. If you are a buyer, you can buy any products you like by making an order. You will get home delivery for your order. Its mobile app is top-rated. So, you can download it from your store and make an order through your smartphone.



Like other online sites in Nepal, Kinmel is also one of the rising online shopping platforms. This site is mainly focused on selling electronic gadgets. There are a large number of electronic products from various international brands listed at affordable prices. You can sign in to your account to sell or buy any products. A delivery system is available. The price is listed in Nepali currency and the American dollar.



Shopmandu is one of the rising online shopping platforms where buyers and sellers can interact and make the best deal. You can get various products like beauty, kids & bubs, technology, sports, clothing, accessories, etc. The prices are not so high compared to the market. Just create your account and add exciting products to your cart. Then, you will get your order at your door. You can pay through eSewa or pay pal.


These are only a few of the online shopping sites in Nepal. There are many more sites except the above listed. Few, such as,,,,, and so on, are other famous online shopping sites actively providing services in the Nepali online shopping market.