eSewa is a startup by young entrepreneur Bishwash Dhakal. It was founded in 2009 and since its inception it has been able gain trust of thousands of customer. Definitely, it still takes a lot for people to trust the new mode of payment but many educated people have now made Esewa Nepal as the part of their life. Many institution use Esewa for making their payments. Basically, it is a digital wallet from where customers can pay, send and receive money from their mobile phone and internet, instantly without any hassle.

Esewa Nepal has recently been licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank as Payment Service Provider and today many banks and offices use this service for paying salaries and making other payments. With simple steps of registration, customers can get mobile money account instantly and can use it for making payments.

What is Esewa

Esewa is one the easiest way to pay our bills, recharge, booking tickets and for many other different purposes. It has makes our life as easier as we think. If we have an account then you can spend the fund you have in your in the way you like or in any sector you want.

It may be more easier for the people who used to do more online shopping. If you have an e-sewa account then you can indulge yourself with easy online transactions. And if you have any queries then you can contact to Esewa toll free number 1660-01-02121 from where you can get detail about e-sewa or what you say you would be more clear about esewa.

Esewa is an internet payment solution for Nepali businesses. Esewa has various features for making livelihood more easy. Paying electricity bills online, paying adsl bill online, paying mobile bills online, buying airlines ticket online has been a activity in single click. For all these features in single click, you need to have Esewa account and you need to recharge esewa account. In this article, we will teach you on how to recharge esewa account.

Esewa is a online solution for Nepal. Esewa is Absolutely free. Buying online, selling online, recharge cards makes life easier with esewa.

eSewa is the online payment gateway of Nepal through which you can make an online payment, pay utility bills, receive money or set up a merchant account. You can even transfer funds to different banks. eSewa registration is free to everyone.

Any Nepalese above 16 years can register eSewa account through internet and mobile. You will not be charged for the account but if you want to use other services like online payment, fund transfer then you have to pay some charges.

There are other payment gateways in Nepal too. We have already mentioned the differences between Ipay and Esewa. Esewa stands ahead. That is the reason, Esewa is used all over the country.

Esewa is the only online payment gateway of Nepal. It helps to make an online payment. It is the first secured online payment service in Nepal. The payment in Esewa is done with secured channel without exposing bank account, credits card numbers and so on to pay bills.

It is one of the easiest way to pay bill, as it doesn’t charge any amount for using services. But in some cases it may charge like in cases for delivering goods and services. Esewa stall are available in different places, we can use it easily without any restriction.

In order to use esewa you must have an account with any bank and those account must have internet banking or mobile wallet features activated. We can transfer some funds to e-sewa account from these services.

Once the fund is collected then you can use the available funds to do different activities like paying bills, recharge card procurement, buying air tickets, subscribe newspaper, pay internet bills and many others within e-sewa, we don’t need to take more stress in order to pay our bills.

The registration is absolutely free for all. Every citizen above 16 years of age can register with the new account via mobile or internet.

Esewa Nepal services

The services that ESewa provides are listed as:

  • Top up and recharge
  • Electricity and water bill payment
  • Internet bill payment
  • Bus ticket
  • Hotel booking
  • Travel and tours
  • School and college fees
  • Dish home
  • Credit card payment
  • Online shopping
  • Movies ticket booking like QFX, Bigcinema.
  • Insurance and finance

Nowadays, many commercial complexes in Nepal accepts eSewa payment.

Features of Esewa in Nepal

  • Buying cinema ticket online
  • Buying bus ticket online
  • Buying plane ticket online
  • Buying products online in Nepal
  • Recharge adsl online
  • Pay internet bill online
  • Recharge mobile balance online (Prepaid, Postpaid: Ntc/Ncell)
  • eSewa to eSewa Transfer
  • eSewa in Mobile
  • Pay Utility Bills
  • Buy Air Tickets
  • Buy Recharge Cards
  • Pay School, College Bills
  • Pay Internet Bills
  • Subscribe Newspapers, Magazine
  • Pay Credit Card Bills
  • Pay your utility bills like electricity, telephone, drinking water, the internet online.
  • Transfer your funds to the banks online at an instant.
  • Book your travel ticketing online.
  • Book movie tickets.
  • Buy CAN Infotech tickets.
  • Pay your school fee online and much more.

Esewa has a great boon to e-business in Nepal. During a period seven eight years back, when we used to do blogging, it was tedious job to get online payment as well. Esewa has now linked up with skrill which has made easy to receive online payment as well.

The left part of the screenshot is services. These all services are provided by Esewa.

Download Esewa on Android and iOs

Similarly, service providers can also receive payments for goods and services in their wallet instantly. This is basically a wallet for your money which allows hassle-free, secure and immediate.

You can also use your eSewa account through mobile. Mobile application is available on Android, iPhone, Java enabled phone and Blackberry phones. You can download apps by visiting the link given here:

You can use ESewa by downloading the ESewa app which is available for IOS, Android devices, Java enabled phones and black berry phones. Just visit playstore and you can download the ESewa app to change your way of payment.

Esewa for android: Esewa Android
Esewa for Apple users: Esewa iOs

esewa nepal

We can access e-sewa through GSM post-paid and pre-paid numbers of NTC and Ncell. We can use e-sewa through our mobile phone too. It is available on Android phones, Iphones, java enabled phones, and blackberry phones. Mobile application for e-sewa can be downloaded at we can use esewa through SMS syntax too, for more information we can visit the link at

esewa account features login register

How to create Esewa Account

Esewa registration is free for everyone. Any Nepali citizen with citizenship certificate can register and enjoy the service for free. After registration, you will receive unique E sewa Id and can make payments.

Payments made through E sewa are secure and they take good care of your privacy and security. I have listed the complete procedure of registering with E sewa for both mobile and web users.

  • For web registration visit the Esewa web portal: This is the official website of Esewa.
  • Click on the option register and fill up the registration form with your details.
  • Complete the instructed procedure and activate your account.
  • For mobile registration: Type REG in your message box and send it to 32121.

Once you complete the registration process you will receive confirmation that verifies your registration.

There are two ways through which you can register for eSewa account. They are through web and mobile.

Some of the process to register e-sewa are, you can register e-sewa through web or your mobile devices. For web registration first visit the link and fill the registration form and complete the activation procedure as given there.

And for mobile registration please type REG and sms it to 32121 from your NTC or Ncell number. The sms sent to 32121 is free to NTC user whereas Rs.0.50 for Ncell user. It you registered to esewa through web or via sms and you didn’t receive any confirmation then try to contact or call their toll free number 1660-01-02121, and try to get confirmation, without confirmation, there is no any account.

You need to complete your all e-sewa profile, as according to rule and regulation person willing to utilize financial services must complete his/her know your customer (KYC) form in order to become verified user.

In order to become a verified user of e-sewa following materials are required: you need your citizenship card either original or scanned may be and two passport size photo. We can use e-sewa wallet through multiple logins i.e. same e-sewa wallet through both internet and mobile phones.

To add multiple logins, first log into e-sewa account and follow the process My Account >profile >Add More Details. If you want to discontinue using e-sewa and want refund wallet balance then you can easily transfer the available balance to any of your bank accounts.

Or, you can directly write an application to the settlement bank of e-sewa. The current settlement bank of esewa is Nabil Bank limited, head office located at durbarmarg, Kathmandu.

How to register Esewa from the web

To register from the web, you have to go to the eSewa web portal by . Then, you have to fill the form as shown in the figure below. After filling the form, you have to complete the activation procedure as instructed. You will receive a confirmation link. Check your email and click the link for confirmation. If you didn’t receive any confirmation link, then call the toll free number 1660-01-02121.

esewa register

Its very easy to open Esewa Nepal account. It will be much more easy for you on every task after you open Esewa account. You can go to esewa Nepal located at and begin the registration process. The user friendly registration process will not take much time for you to complete registration. You can register through mobile number or you can use your email address as per your comfort.

how to recharge esewa account

How to register Esewa from mobile

To register through mobile, go to the inbox, type REG and send to 32121. There will be no charge for NTC user. However, for those who are using NCELL will be charged Rs 0.50 per SMS. After that, you will receive a confirmation code in your inbox with which you have to verify your account. If you didn’t receive any confirmation SMS, then call the toll free number 1660-01-02121.

Even after you create your esewa account, you need to verify it by filling the KYC form. Without it, your account will be unverified. For this, you need to open your profile, fill the details, provide the required documents and request for validation. After reviewing your documents by eSewa, your account will be verified.

You can also register your Esewa account through SMS too. You can type “REG” and send it to 2121 for mobile phone registration.

How to verify Esewa account

Esewa account is easy to verify. You can upload scanned copy of citizenship and passport size photo to get verified.

  • Scanned copy of your citizenship
  • Recent passport sized photo

E Sewa has been started with vision of covering every payment sector and changing the traditional mode of payment. They vision to support the concept of cash less economy covering every industries ,every service providers and every customers. The team Esewa aims to assist the nation to achieve economic growth and prosperity. They wish to use this payment platform for revolution.

As a customers it is our responsibility to support the mission of Esewa. Without support and trust only Esewa can work towards making Nepal a Cashless economy.

You can have full access only if your Esewa account is verified. It is due to the current rules and regulation of Nepal Rastra Bank. You need to have your esewa profile complete. In order to verify your account, you can take a snapshot of your citizenship from mobile and upload it to esewa profile. After few hours of submission, your Esewa Id will be fully approved.

Documents required to verify esewa account are

  • Scanned or photocopy of citizenship
  • Scanned or photocopy of passport size photo

Limitation on unverified esewa account

The service of eSewa is limited to an unverified user. To get access to full services, you must have verified account. You will have following benefits:

  • Verified users are allowed to hold more than Rs. 9999 on their eSewa wallet.
  • Verified users can receive money through remittance like western union.
  • Verified users can withdraw an amount from eSewa to desired bank account among partner banks of eSewa.
  • You can only transact up to 9999. As soon as the transaction amount reaches 10,000, you need to verify your account.
  • No Western Union pick up service through Esewa.
  • No withdraw to bank through esewa.
  • If you are an unverified user, your account will be blocked if your account has Rs.10, 000 or more amounts. And you can’t enjoy the benefits mentioned above.

Benefits of verified Esewa account

  • unlimited transaction
  • Western Union pick up service online through esewa
  • Withdraw any amount to your bank account through esewa.

How to recharge eSewa account

Many of the eSewa users have asked us about recharging eSewa account. In simple words, you can add balance in your eSewa account from your bank. You can either send money through ebanking to your esewa account or you can deposit in your esewa account going to the bank. Moreover, eSewa point / esewa zone also recharge your esewa account.

It is easy to recharge esewa account. Many users are confused on recharging esewa account. They have asked us 100 times on how to recharge esewa account. You can add balance to your esewa account from the banks that we have mentioned above. You can also go to your nearest esewa point and ask them to recharge your esewa account.

Banks approved in Esewa

Esewa has linked up with many reputed banks of Nepal. If you are account holder of any of the bank below, you can top up your esewa account online in a single click.

  • Ace Development Bank Limited
  • Apex Development Bank Limited
  • Bank of Kathmandu Limited
  • Business Universal Development Bank Limited
  • Citizens bank
  • Everest bank Limited
  • Global IME Bank
  • Janata Bank
  • Kailash Bikas Bank
  • Kasthamandap Development Bank
  • Kumari Bank Limited
  • Lumbini Bank Limited
  • Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited
  • Nabil Bank
  • NCC Bank
  • Nepal Bangladesh Bank
  • NIC Asia
  • NMB Bank
  • Prabhu Bank
  • Sanima Bank
  • Siddhartha Development Bank
  • Sunrise Bank
  • Tourism Bank
  • Yeti Development Bank

Many of users have asked us on how to recharge esewa account. Using these above mentioned banks, you can recharge esewa account.