QFX cinemas are the pioneer name when it comes to cinemas. QFX cinemas are present all over the country and are loved by people everywhere. Since it is popular and is always very busy, buying QFX tickets for your movie is quite tedious work. You have to stay in the queue for hours and still, sometimes you can get your tickets.

In our busy life cinemas can act as refreshments but since getting a movie ticket is itself a very tedious job we often prefer to stay at a home rather than going for a movie. But now all these problems can be solved. In the article, I am listing a few ways through which you can buy QFX tickets online easily.

QFX is a cinema chain in Nepal with cinema halls in major cities of Nepal. The first name that comes to my mind whenever anybody talks about movies is QFX. QFX cinemas have definitely won hearts in a few years.

qfx tickets online

But, since it is one of the famous cinema halls in Nepal, you have to stay in the long queue and many times you don’t even get a ticket to your favorite movie. But now we have other alternatives that will eliminate all these problems. The best way to buy QFX tickets is by buying them online. This way you won’t have to stay in the queue and worry about other hassles.

qfx cinemas ticket

Register with QFXcinemas.com

The best way to buy QFX tickets is by buying QFX tickets online. This way you won’t have to stay in the queue and worry about other hassles. For that, you will need the QFX Registration. Here is complete information on how to register with QFX.

  • First of all visit the site of QFX cinemas: https://www.qfxcinemas.com/
  • Click on the option register at the top of the home page.
  • Once you do that, you will see fields to fill in. Fill your name, your email address, your mobile number, set a password, select your gender, enter your date of birth and finally enter your location. Click on sign up once you fill all the details.
  • With these simple steps, you can register to QFX cinemas.
  • Once you are registered you will have to login every time you wish to purchase a ticket.
  • Log in with your email or mobile number and the password you have set.
  • When you have a valid account you can purchase your tickets online.

Buy QFX Tickets online for Movie

Most of the part that people get confused about is how to make payments for your movie online. Since online payment is still a new thing for Nepali People it is obvious that people get confused. Here is complete procedure on how to make payment.

Step 1: Once you login to QFX cinemas, you will see the posters of movies. In the poster you will see assign of tickets.

Step 2: Choose your movie and click the tickets sign. You will find details of showtime, theater and so on.

Step 3: Choose your seats and when you choose everything else to click on buy. You can choose premium or platinum seats as per your convenience. Once you choose your seats you will get the option of either reserve or buy. You can just make a reservation without paying the money or you can directly buy the tickets. Click on any of the options as per your need.

Step 4: Once you do all these choose your payment platform. It could be ESewa, Khalti or through your bank. The banks associated with QFX are Investment bank, IME pay, Global IME Bank and so on. You need too have internet banking enabled to enjoy the service. You can contact your bank for this. To pay through Khalti and ESewa you need to have respective accounts with enough cash balance. Please read our other article on how to make ESewa account: E Sewa Account Verification.

How to buy tickets via Khalti

Khalti has collaborated recently with QFX to buy tickets. You can buy QFX Labim Mall tickets, QFX Kumari tickets, QFX Civil Mall tickets, and all other cinema halls.

Here is the detailed instructions on how you can buy QFX tickets via Khalti. I have already listed that it’s important to have an account with QFX.

  • Log in to QFX cinemas with your account details in the website: https://www.qfxcinemas.com/
  • Choose your movie, desired theatre and your suitable showtime from the dashboard. When you choose your seat click on buy while making the choice.
  • While making payment select mode of payment as Khalti. You can directly pay through Khalti wallet or through internet banking.
  • If you are paying through Khalti wallet, you will have to enter your mobile number registered with Khalti, third-party transaction PIN and the Confirmation Code received in the registered number.
  • Once you do that click on Confirm Payment. You can download the ticket from My tickets’ section.

Nepalese people have always been huge fans of cinemas and watching movies in theatres but most of the cinemas were providing bad services and qualities.

There were few good cinemas but were pricey and not reasonable. That is when QFX was introduced. Coming with the renovation and revamping of Jay Nepal, which was the oldest cinema in Nepal. QFX is a chain of cinema in Nepal. Providing very good quality and services as well as reasonable prices.

It has established its branch after Jay Nepal and Kumari hall in many other locations of Nepal. They were the first to introduce online booking and buying QFX tickets. QFX also introduced 4K digital camera projection to Nepal in Labim Mall, Lalitpur. QFX cinemas use high technologies such as Barco projection for best quality video and sound projections. Not just that they have excellent clean facilities such as washrooms and food stalls and drinks.

qfx login
Step 1: Go to https://www.qfxcinemas.com/ and login to your QFX account by typing in your Email and password. 
qfx ticket booking
Step 2: Choose the movie that you want to watch. Click on the ticket logo on the side of the thumbnail.

qfx tickets online
Step3: After this, you have to choose the day and time preferred.
book qfx ticket
Step 4: There are seat planning. Blue is reserved, pink is sold out and green are the seats that one can reserve. Once you have chosen the seat that you want, your seats will be colored yellow. Now you can proceed to reserve or buy. But in this article, we will show you how to buy your QFX tickets. 
book qfx ticket online
Step 5: Now in order to buy QFX tickets online, there are many affiliated organizations and ways you can buy your ticket. If you see your bank logo and you have e-banking then you can do that. Or choose other alternatives such as Esewa, Ipay, and Khalti, etc. You can also use your visa card for payment. Choose your option.

Each different option you choose to pay will have different ways of the payment. Mostly generally saying, it will ask your account number, verifications, card number, and your personal information. After entering all the information asked, click on the buy button. And you have bought your QFX tickets.

Booking tickets through Esewa

To book tickets via E Sewa you will require E Sewa ID. You will have to register yourself to QFX cinemas with your E Sewa ID through the link: https://esewa.com.np/#/home. Once you do that you can choose your desired movie, make reservations or book your tickets online. To make payments you can directly pay from your E Sewa account or can make payment through partner banks.

Buy your movie tickets online and enjoy your movie with the online payment platforms. Stay in touch with us for more information.

QFX cinemas is a chain of Cinema Theater located in different major cities of Nepal. Equipped with digital projectors, sound system, 3D features and comfortable seats with a suitable movie environment will give you pleasure while you are in the QFX cinema halls.

Whether you are watching a movie in QFX Cineplex Pokhara or QFX Jalma Narayanghat, or QFX Bageshwori, Nepalgunj, or QFX Labim Mall, Lalitpur or QFX Civil Mall, Kathmandu the level of entertainment does is all the same. The environment of QFX, available food service, the hospitality of the staff will make your experience of QFX more beautiful. If you are going for a movie during your leisure time, QFX cinema is the quality destination for you.

Buying Ticket – QFX Cinemas Counter

In order to buy a ticket for QFX cinemas, you can simply walk into the ticket counters, or you can make advance booking or you can purchase your ticket online. The conventional way of buying a ticket is by walking into the ticket counter, pay for the ticket, and take the ticket from the window, just before entering to the theater premises and enjoy the show. The ticket counters open according to the time of shows, which may vary from each of the cinema houses.

The main problem associated with this conventional method of buying a ticket is that you may need to spend a lot of time standing in the queue waiting for the ticket. You may or may not get the ticket, it heavily depends on the demand for tickets and the number of customers at the time of purchase. Also, you may or may not get your desirable seat.

Buying Ticket – Online QFX Cinemas Website

All these disadvantages of walking in to buy a ticket are overcome by the advanced booking through the online booking system. For the purpose of online ticket booking, you should visit the official web site of QFX cinemas (the link official web site of QFX cinemas  https://www.qfxcinemas.com/) and create your account providing your email address.

Then you are required to log in from your account to purchase a ticket. You need to pay them online which is possible through digital wallets like E-Sewa and Goji. When the transaction is successful, they will send a file to your email, which includes a unique QR code.

You need to show that code while entering the QFX cinemas premises either in printed format or in soft copy format, which will be scanned through QR reader device. While booking a ticket from an online medium, you can make sure that you have purchased your ticket, you won’t need to stand in queue for any instance. On the other hand, you can book your favorite available seats.

The price of a ticket varies according to the shows, types of movies ( Kollywood, Bollywood or Hollywood), screen, place, and time of shows. You can get a special discount on every morning shows. You can also get a discount on mid-week days. The price of a ticket may vary according to the cinema halls as well. However, tickets that are once sold are not subject to exchange or return. The sold ticket is not refundable.