We are listing out top person of Nepal who are working for Nepal after having foreign degree. It is very common trend to study in foreign country to settle over there. Although maximum number of people follow the same trend to settle abroad, there are only a few number of people who neglected foreign opportunities to do something in their own home country Nepal. Many of the people among these criteria has become a successful entrepreneur of Nepal.

top person of nepal

Img source: entrepreneur.com

Top persons working in Nepal after having Foreign Degree

  • Subash Ghimire, Graduate of Havard, currently editor in chief of Republica.
  • Vidan Rana, Undergraduate at Hope college, currently founder of Biruwa Ventures.
  • Arun Adhikari, Undergraduate at UTenessee, MBA at Sauder School of Business, currently MD of Carlsberg Group at Gorkha Brewery.
  • Himal Karmacharya, MEng and Bachelor at MIT, currently CEO of Leapfrog Technology.
  • Dikesh Malhotra, BBA at George Mason and MBA at East Anglia University, currently president of IMS group Nepal.
  • Karan Vaidya, Undergraduate degree at Purdue University, MBA at MIT, currently VP of Vaidya group.
  • Ujjwal Thapa, BA at Bennington college, currently Chairperson of Bibeksheel Nepal.
  • Amun Thapa, Undergraduate at University at Central Oklahoma, currently CEO of sastodeal Nepal.

Moreover, we can not forget name of Mahabir Pun. This list is updating so, if you know more, we appreciate your help on comment section.