USAID Nepal has been one of the top development partners of Nepal. Learn everything here on USAID and Nepal. Here you will learn history of USAID, history of USAID and Nepal. USAID Nepal and its works and achievements.

USAID Nepal 2020

An assistance agreement between Official of USAID Nepal and official of Nepal government has been done in September. Authorized person from Nepal Government was Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Madhu K. Marasini and from USAID was Dr. Beth Dunford Mission Director, USAID Nepal.

Assistance Agreement of $402 million will be invest to launch the next phase of development cooperation between the Nepal and United States.The Country  Development Cooperation Strategy 2016 – 2020, launched earlier in the year, outlines a shared vision and continued partnership between USAID Nepal and Nepal government to address Nepal’s development needs over the next five years.

Dr. Beth Dunford Mission Director, USAID Nepal says on Message from the Mission Director on USAID Nepal website.

USAID Nepal Calendar 2020

USAID Nepal Calendar 2020

USAID Nepal Calendar 2020 credit: USAID Nepal

The United States Agency for International Development USAID Nepal publishes works and events on schedule basis on every year. For 2015, there is published calendar of working schedule.

This downloadable version of Calendar 2015, presents every detail of activities, that helps for sustaining health, education, and agricultural gains.