Nepal Telecom is the leading public telecommunication industry in Nepal founded in 1913. NTC provides services regarding fixed line and mobile telephony, broadband and fixed-line internet services. Its headquarter is in Bhadrakali Plaza, Kathmandu, Nepal. It has its branches in 184 locations in the country. NTC launched 4G LTE services in 1st January 2020 and thus became the first operator of 4G LTE services in Nepal. If you are looking for 4G service in your NTC sim, read the article to learn to activate NTC 4g. NTC.NET.NP 4G activation is easy but can be confusion.

The world of technology is at an unbelievable pace of progress. And telecommunication technology has experienced the influence of this rapid pace of development. There were days when we used to wait for videos to stream and emails to open. Now, within a blink of eyes, we can browse through web pages no matter how many images or contents they have. To cope up with the changing telecommunication technology, Nepal Telecom has introduced 4G LTE internet service. NTC customers can activate NTC 4G service in their sim card to glow with the latest technology.

4G, LTE are one of the many technical jargon’s that you need to face as the world is developing technologically day by day. What are 4G and LTE? 4G and LTE stand for fourth generation and long-term evolution respectively. They do not exactly mean the same. To understand in a simple manner, radio sector of the International Telecommunication Union (IUT-R) has defined 4G as the fourth generation of mobile data technology. 4G connectivity has to have certain standards. For mobile use, the connection should have a speed of at least 100 Mbps, and for stationary us, it should be at least 1 Gbps. Precisely, LTE is the path that is followed to achieve 4G speed. However, these terms are used interchangeably as it provides a substantial improvement over the 3G technology.

Who can get NTC 4G service

So, presently NTC provides you 4G/LTE services, to both the prepaid and postpaid users. Mobile data experienced in 4G is five times faster than 3G. With 4G/LTE you can get the mobile internet experience in a blazing fast speed. You can enjoy incredibly fast uploads, downloads, buffer free videos and music streaming. Who wouldn’t like the blazing fast internet experience? No one likes to wait in this world which itself is moving at a very rapid pace of technological development. And, 4G/LTE is the fastest mobile data technology available in Nepal for now. If you are one of those people, who do not like waiting at all for web pages to open or want to download anything without waiting, you need 4G/LTE, and NTC provides you with that.

activate NTC 4G Nepal

activate NTC 4G Nepal

The service has been made available for its GSM prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Nepal Telecom 4G service is introduced in Nepal for the very first time. Nepal Telecom has brought this service, and the most amazing part is, NTC users can now enjoy the internet at tremendous speed at an affordable cost. One needn’t worry about an interruption in video streaming, and video calls turn enjoyable like never before. It is easy to activate NTC 4G and to surf high-speed internet service ever.

How to activate 4G in NTC

It’s very easy to 4G internet activation on your NTC mobile. Just open keypad and dial *444# and call to activation. After that type 1 and send it, finally, you did it. Normal data tariff at Rs.1/MB will be charged beyond 1GB/day promo offer. The procedure to activate 4G LTE network on your phone is described as following.

To use 4G/LTE you need to have NTC SIM card first. There are certain other requirements also. If you already have an NTC SIM card, then you will have to check if it’s compatible with 4G/LTE network or not. If it is not supported, you can exchange your NT’s 2G/3G SIM for NT’s 4G/LTE compatible SIM by visiting any of the Nepal Telecom offices. Your handset also should support 4G/LTE network. To check if it does or not, go to the network settings in your mobile and check for available networks. The next requirement is for you to be in the area with 4G/LTE coverage. For the time being, it is available in Kathmandu and Pokhara only.

activate 4g in ntc

activate 4g in NTC

If you meet all the requirements and wish to activate 4G/LTE in your handset, then follow these steps:

  • Go to the dialer in your mobile, dial *444# and press call button.
  • A dialogue box opens where the following is written: Nepal Telecom Proudly announce the launching of 4g services. Press 1 to Activate 4g services. Write 1 in the box and press send.
  • If your SIM card is not compatible, a new box opens: Your SIM card needs to be UPGRADE to USIM. Please replace your sim card from Nepal Telecom Mobile Counters. Thank you.-Nepal Telecom If this comes, you have to upgrade your SIM.
  • If your SIM card is compatible, you will receive the message from 1415 about the successful activation of NT 4G/LTE services.
  • You will know your mobile is connected to 4G/LTE network if you see 4G or LTE in the signal bars. The service activation is free. To use 4G/LTE network services, normal tariff Re 1/Mb is charged.

You will experience a whole new level of speed with 4G/LTE, and thus, the data consumption may go up as well. So, it is advisable for you to utilize data packs to save money. It is the fastest and cheapest network as well launched for the first time in Nepal.

What is NTC 4G LTE?

4G and LTE are interchangeable terms. They are two common terms used for same technology. 4G is the wireless internet technology developed intending to replace 3G. 4G is wireless internet service which is higher in speed. And as the term LTE refers to Long Term Evolution, the wireless internet does evolve bringing better Internet browsing experience.

NTC 4G coverage places

Currently, NTC 4G network is available in Kathmandu Valley and Pokhara. However, Nepal Telecom is working to expand the network in other regions and will be made throughout the nation shortly. NTC 4G network brings internet browsing experience at the tremendous speed of 30 Mbps. In the regions not facilitated with 4G LTE network, internet users can still browse through NTC 3G and 2G networks.

How to activate NTC 4G?

Activating NTC 4G is very simple. All you need to do is dial *444#. You will be led through a process of activating 4G LTE further. However, it is important for you to know that 4G is supported only in the 4G LTE-compatible devices. You can browse through websites and check if your smartphone supports 4G. And once you find your device on the compatible devices list, you can move on to the activation process. Nepal Telecom charges the data price for 4G same to that of 3G. If you have older SIM card, you will also have to get it replaced with newer 4G enabled SIM (Universal SIM i.e. U-SIM). You can get 4G SIM card from the Nepal Telecom offices based at the following locations:

Hattigauda, Gongabu, Chhauni, Babarmahal, Chabahil, Sundhara, Jawalakhel, Sajha Bhawan, Thimi and Bhaktapur in Kathmandu Valley and Mahendrapul in Pokhara.

Activate NTC 4G in NTC Sim card

Dial *444# to activate NTC 4G in Nepal Telecom after you verify your mobile supports 4G and you have 4G SIM card.

activate ntc 4g

The service activation is free of charge. NTC is also offering promotional offer as they provide free 4GB data @ 1GB/day. So, the offer shall remain valid for four days from the date of subscription. However, the promotional offer is available only for GSM postpaid users. The subscribers will be charged the normal tariff of Rs. 1/MB.

NTC 4G data rate and price

NTC 4G data price

NTC 4G data price

You will experience a whole new level of speed with 4G/LTE, and thus, the data consumption may go up as well. So, it is advisable for you to utilise data packs to save money. Data package for GSM mobile are:

Data Package Tariff (Rs) Validity
10 MB 8 2 days
50 MB 35 10 days
200 MB 130 1 month
500 MB 300 1 month
1 GB 500 1 month
3 GB 1,290 2 months
5 GB 1,800 3 months
10 GB 2,800 6 months

NTC 4G Data Packages

To subscribe 10Mb data package: Type DATA10MB and send to 1415. Accordingly, choose the data package you would like to use. NTC data packages have reduced the price of data. So, activate NTC 4G to surf internet in your mobile phone in cheap price.

  1. 10MB @Rs 8 valid for 2 days
  2. 50MB @Rs 35 valid for 10 days
  3. 200MB @ Rs 130 valid for 1 month
  4. 500MB @ Rs 300 valid for 1 month
  5. 1GB @ Rs 500 valid for 1 month
  6. 3GB @ Rs 1290 valid for 2 months
  7. 5GB @ Rs 1800 valid for 3 months

You can also contact Nepal Telecom Office or call 1498 for more information.