What is Beema Samiti?

Beema Samiti is also known as the Insurance Board organization in the market. It is an autonomous regulatory body in Nepal that has been established with the vision of developing, systemizing, regularising and regulating the known autonomous insurance business. Autonomous Beema Samiti was established under the Insurance Act held in 1992.

what is Beema Samiti

Beema Samiti has a vision of long term systemize development of the nation’s economy through organised systematic, regularised Bima authority. The organization intends to develop healthy competition and reliability in the Nepalese Bima authority.

Beema Samiti of Nepal

The samiti is dedicated to the formulation and amendment of Beema policies. Moreover, it works to preserve the microinsurance rights of the public. The samiti office aims to make Bima protected, transparent, reliable and competitive. Beema Samiti is continuously promoting the insurance authority with news and notices.

Rastriya Beema Samiti office circulates various updates, news and information through circulars, paper media as well as site to aware the public about the trends in practice in the Bima company. The organization Samiti regularly trains its workers to make sure the public gets reliable and easy service.

Beema Samiti Board formation

Nib.gov.np with toll-free number 1660-01-56789 is a Beema Samiti Insurance Authority Board. Beema Samiti latest home address is at Kupandol, Lalitpur with a Phone number of +977-1-5528618, +977-1-5538743, +977-1-5521079 and Fax number of 977-1-5520119.

beema samiti board

Beema Samiti has a regulatory authority board of members handling their roles and responsibilities.

Under the insurance act 1992 signing ceremony, the latest formation of Beema Samiti Nepal is known as follows.

  1. Chairman is nominated by Nepal Government.
  2. Member is a representative from the Law, Justice and parliamentary affairs.
  3. Member is a representative of the Finance.
  4. Member is a person who has a strong knowledge of Beema (nominated by Nepal Government).
  5. Member is a person who is nominated by the Government from people among the insured.

Recent Board Members

The latest new Head of Beema Samiti office are as follows.

  • Chiranjibi Chapagain
  • Dhanraj Gnyawali
    Joint Secretary
    Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs
  • Ganesh Prasad Pandey
    Joint Secretary
    Ministry of Finance
  • Sugat Ratna Kansakar
    General Manager
    Nepal Airlines Corporation
  • Kapil Dev Oli

The officers responsible for the directives function of Beema Samiti are published as follows:

  • Shreeman Karki
  • Raju Raman Paudel
  • Kamal Prasad Regmi
  • Sushil Dev Subedi
  • Kundan Sapkota
  • Dhruba Timilsina
  • Raj Kumar Aryal
  • Pujan Dhungel Adhikari
  • Dinesh Kumar Lal
  • Shaba Raj Lamichhane
  • Nirmal Adhikari
  • Keshav Prasad Dahal
  • Lok Bahadur Adhikari
  • Kusum Sharma
  • Om Bahadur Adhikari
  • Laxmi Dhakal
  • Punam Gyawali (Shrestha)
  • Pradip Gautam
  • Nisha Ghimire
  • Birodh Bhatta
  • Rajendra Maharjan
  • Manju Thapa
  • Padam Prasad Sodari
  • Dhurba Gnawali
  • Shambhu Prasad Mishra
  • Sunita Kumari Karki
  • Purna Bahadur Thapa

Beema Samiti Contact Details

Beema Samiti (Insurance Samiti)
Lalitpur district
Phone: +977-1-5528618
Fax: +977-1-5520119
Toll No: 1660-01-56789
Beema Samiti online: nib.gov.np
Beema Samiti Email: info@nib.gov.np

Insurance Board of Nepal

The Insurance Regulatory Authority of Nepal is Beema Samiti Insurance Authority Board located in Lalitpur. The Parliament has made this Act on the regime of HIS MAJESTY KING BIRENDRA BIR BIKRAM SHAH DEVA in the 21st year. According to the Beema Act, 1992 the samiti helps to systematize, organise, and regulate the Beema authority in the country. It also provides license to insurance body.

In the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, they look after all the insurance-related activities. To create a professional, healthy and organised insurance market is the main concern of the Samiti as being a regulatory body. The insurance environment began to fluctuate after the restoration of Democracy in 1990. 

Insurance Act, 1968 was repulsed by the new Insurance Act, 1992 i.e Beema Ain, 2049 to meet the changing environment. The introductory part clearly defines the purpose of the Act. As the different purposes of Act are to establish an Insurance Samiti to systematize, regularize, and organise the insurance authority. Beema Samiti acts as an autonomous body of the Insurance Act of 1992 in order to achieve the introductory goal.

The different members of the Beema Samiti are Mr Chiranjbi, he is the head of the Samiti, Mr Raju Raman Paudel is the officiating Executive Director of the Samiti, and Mrs Pujan Dhungel (Adhikari) is the Deputy or officer of the Samiti.

The Life-insurance, Non-Life insurance as well as Re-Insurance company lies under the insurance Samiti as there are massive insurance policy found in Nepal.

As there are different beema companies for providing both types of insurance in Nepal. There are different schemas or yojana for both types of insurance policy according to the scheme that insurance company provides you can do the insurance of your own, vehicles, building, and many others. As every company would have a better record of claim resolutions.

They may provide different distinctive yojana which satisfies their customer’s needs. An insurer can’t be judged by the amount of premium i.e. high premium or low premium or comparison to the premium rate on the ratio of the sum assured amount offered.

The individual should look after the insurance yojana which will be helpful for them in the emergency, as which may help them in the financial process. It helps at the time of need as well as which may help your family when you are not with them at the emergency. Before you involve in a Beema policy you should have mind make up for the lifestyle changes, a rate of inflation, and economy standards.

Writing about Beema Samiti Insurance Nepal background, Beema Samiti (Insurance Board) is regulated by the Ministry of Finance (Mantri), Nepal. Beema stands for Insurance and Samiti stands for Board which combined forms Insurance Board. The main aim of the Beema Samiti Authority Board Nepal is to create a professional, healthy and developed Beema market in Nepal.

beema samiti
beema samiti constitution

Insurance Board is established under the Beema act in 2049 and is an independent institution. Official journal (Beema News and views) is published thrice a year. Journals can be download from the official website of Beema Samiti Board Nepal is nib.gov.np.

Beema Samiti Board Nepal has been the supreme authority and regulatory institute in Nepal for managing Beema Samiti.

The different major function duties and power performed by the Beema Authority board are published as follows,

  • The Beema board helps the insurers to set the procedures to invest their funds and to advise the priority sector for their investment.
  • They also help insurer, Beema agent, broker so on to get Renewed and registered as well as they can cancel the registration and the cause for cancellation.
  • As there may arise the complaint will be handled by the board and made a decision according to the complaint done by the insurer in accordance within the settlement of liability of Beema.
  • For the protection of interest of the insured, they help to formulate the necessity of basis. the different important functions of Beema Samiti are performed
beema samiti functions

Rastriya Beema Samiti vacancy

Rastriya beema samiti announces the latest vacancy for two IT officers (assistant manager) and one Health Assistant. The IT will be of the 6 grade and he/she must have recognized degree of BE computer or BSC computer Engineering or graduation in Electronics and Communication.

The candidate must be of 21 to 35 years old, while for female the maximum age limit is 40 years old. The HA is of the 5th level. He/She must have recognized qualification and document related to HA. (October 23, 2020). He/She must submit copy of his/her CV now.

There might be new vacancies in Beema Samiti. We will let you know about it.

List of Beema companies in Nepal

Here are some of the insurance companies of Nepal that are the members of Beema Samiti as per the approval and provide Beema service and news to the public under the governance of the board.

Beema companies in Nepal
  1. National Life Insurance ltd
    P.O. Box: 4332, Lazimpat, Nepal.
    Tel: 977-1-4414799, 4416556, 4414803, 4435636; Fax: 977-1-4435633
  2. Nepal Life Insurance ltd
    Heritage Plaza-1, 2nd Floor, Kamaladi, Nepal.
    01-4169082, 01-4169083, 01-4169085
  3. Life Insurance Corporation (Nepal) Limited
    House No-723, Bhagwati Marg Naxal Bhagawatibahal, Nepal.
    (100 meters east from the Temple of Naxal Bhagawatibahal ),
    Nepal Po Box No: 21905, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Ph No: 00977-01-4443616, 01-4443617, 01-4442761 Fax: 01-4437601
  4. American Life Insurance ltd
  5. Asian Life Insurance
    Kathmandu Ma.Na.Pa Ward No 33, Maitidevi, Nepal.
    Phone: 977-1-4410115
    Fax: 977-1-4442138
    Post Box No 25943
  6. Gurans Life Insurance
    Shree Raj Bhawan, Tinkune
    Toll: 1660-01-44400 Hunting Line: 01-5199310 Fax:01-5199061
  7. Surya Life Insurance
    Sano Gaucharan
  8. Prime Life Insurance
    P.O.Box No: 25979
    Hattisar, Kathmandu
    Tel: 00977-1-4441414
    Toll: 16600144455
  9. Rastriya Beema Sansthan
    Ramshahpath, Singa Durbar (beema.com.np)
    Phone: 977-1-4262520
    Fax: 977-1-4262610