Our previous articles were also dedicated to job searches in Nepal. I have continued the same article. Job search in Nepal is not an easy task to do. Firstly, it is hard to find a suitable job per your experience. So, job portals in Nepal will help you a lot.

And again, when you find a job, it is hard to get hired for the job. Getting hired may be challenging, but for now, we have an easy way to find a suitable job for yourself.

Finding a job in Nepal has now become more accessible. You don’t need to turn the pages of national dailies anymore. There are lots of job websites in Nepal. They list thousands of jobs, Nepal internships, and advertisements daily. And in a few easy steps, you can apply for the job of your preference.

You can browse through jobs in different categories. You can also check the eligibility criteria. The job websites of Nepal have indeed made the job search process more manageable. It has been more like finding a job sitting on a couch in a room at your house.

There are many job portals in Nepal where you can find hundreds of jobs and apply for them from your home. There is no need to search for jobs in the newspaper. Just go online and search for your dream job.

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Many websites help you find the right job for yourself to end up with the job.
Many of them also offer counseling services and career guidance.
From many websites available, I am listing the five most preferred job portals in Nepal. You can browse these websites anytime and screen thousands of job advertisements published.



 MeroJob.com is my favorite among job portals in Nepal. From my own experience, I love the website. It is straightforward to use and has job postings from many companies. That is why it makes the top of our list.

 Merojob.com started back in 2009 and with years of experience. It has now become one of the best websites in Nepal for job search. From the time of its establishment, it has attracted many job seekers.

Nowadays, over 400000 people have registered on Merojob.com, and many people have got their dream job from the website. Not just finding a job. MeroJob.com also assists job seekers in developing a resume and preparing for interviews. In short, it provides a one-stop solution for finding your dream job.

 Merojob.com is not an agency that gives the job, but it is a platform that connects employers with potential candidates. Companies and organizations were looking for candidates to post their vacancies on the website.

When job seekers see the vacancy apply for the job, their application, CV, and supporting documents are transferred to the company. That is how the platform works. If you are looking for a good job, then make sure to give Merojob.com a try.


 JobsNepal.com is a very popular job website in Nepal for job search. From my own experience, it has an easy user interface and also a lot of job postings, which is why I am listing it in the second position on this list. Jobs Nepal is one of the oldest human resource solution companies in Nepal.

Jobs in Nepal started in 2000 A.D. Since then, it has served hundreds of customers. It has provided human resource solutions to hundreds of companies and jobs to hundreds of aspiring job seekers. So there is no way we miss this name in this list.

In its glorious journey of 19 years, JobsNepal.com has gained hundreds of satisfied clients. Just like other job portals, it has an option for you to filter your job search. You can filter the job title, company name, industry type, company size, etc.

Once you filter the search and find your ideal job, you can apply for the job via the website. When you apply with all the required documents, these documents reach the employer via the website. And that is how you get connected with the employer.


Merorojgari.com is another very trusted job portal in the Nepal industry. Like many other job portals, it fills the gap between job seekers and employers. Many companies have trusted Mero rojgaari.com for human resource solutions. The web portal contains job listings from various companies and in diverse fields.
There are openings for all professionals, i.e., engineers, managers, medical staff, etc. They not only post jobs given by employers but also put job vacancies in newspapers. So, mero Rojgaari.com has the most collection of jobs among all other job sites in Nepal.
Using the website is also relatively easy. You can search for the job you want as the company’s name, job type, job location, position title, and so on.
Once you find the job you are looking for, scroll below to find the option, to apply for this job. Click on the opportunity and apply with the required documents, such as Your CV, application letter, and job Cover letter ( if asked).
The documents will reach the employer, and you will be called for an interview if you are eligible.


 Kantipurjob.com is another viral job posting site in Nepal. It runs with the tagline “the best way to find a job,” which is true. Online job portals are the best way to find a job. Kantipur job.com has won the trust of many job seekers with its years of service.

It started in Nepal back in 2012. Since 2012 it has been connecting job seekers with employers helping both parties. On the one hand, job seekers find their dream job, and on the other hand, employers find deserving candidates.

 It started to provide human resource services to companies and is doing a great job to date. It has adopted technology to deliver the best service to those who seek it.


Kumari Job is a newly established Job portal in Nepal compared to other websites. The platform started in 2014, and since then, it has been helping people land their dream job.

Kumarijob.com provides outsourcing, staffing, and all human resource solution. Apart from this, it also runs an H.R. counseling service. This platform has postings from more than a hundred companies and hundreds of job openings.

It is one of the most challenging jobs to find the right company employee, and also very tough for job seekers to find the right job. So that is what Kumari Job.com does. It connects job seekers with employers.

So if you are looking for your ideal job, browse through these websites; they not only make job search an easy process but also help you with counseling and training.


Jobejee is one of the top employment portals in Nepal that features a website and application tailored to your needs. With Jobejee, you may quickly find jobs, apply for them, and enjoy a stress-free application process.

With Jobejee’s cutting-edge capabilities, you may find your ideal job quickly and apply with just one click. You may also track your applications and evaluate your resume’s effectiveness. Some of the features of Jobejee are finding jobs in one easy-to-search location, getting job recommendations that are relevant to you, making your job alerts, and learning more about your applicant ranking.

Stay updated for more articles like this. Please share your experience on the online job search with us, and tell us your favorite job portal.