Working and living in Canada may be dream of many Nepali. Coming from developing country, its obvious that we have dream of settling in developed country. In this article, I will be listing complete details on Canada immigration, types of visas, eligibility criteria and application process for your convenience. We will be also talking about Canada PR Requirements.

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How to enter Canada?

You could enter the country through many ways. When I talk about ways here bi am talking about all legal and lawfully accepted ways. You can reach Canada through any on these visas:

  • Temporary Resident Visa
  • Study visa
  • Work Permit
  • Permanent Residence

Permanent Residence visa has much complicated process than other types of visas. This Visa allows you to live and work in Canada for desired period. You can even make it a permanent thing. Also having a PR lets you enjoy many facilities similar to citizens of Canada. That’s why many Nepalese are willing to immigrate to Canada.

Process for Canada PR Requirements


Read all the instruction on visa process and about relevant documents in the IRCC website:

Another step is downloading the form from Canadian immigration website. You can download the form online but please don’t submit the form online. Fill the form online and print the filled form so that you can submit it on person. You will also have to fill out VSF consent form.


You are required to give biometrics everytime you apply for permanent residence visa. Biometrics is not compulsory for temporary and work permit but is a basic necessity for applying permanent residence. You will have to submit the application and your biometrics together at the visa centre. If you are doing everything through consultancy then they will help you with all the procedures.

Visa fee

Visit your Candian visa centre and make sure to bring all the documents: Passports, Photographs, completed forms and related documents.

You will be required to pay the visa fee as per Candian visa fee requirements. Your application is only complete once you pay the visa fees.

Service charge

The Canadian visa centre will charge you a service charge. You have to pay the charge.The service charge is a mandatory formality and the application process will be complete once you pay the charge.

Unique code

Once you complete all the procedures you will receive an unique code. Using the code you can find the progress of your application online. You will receive a receipt which marks the completion of your application process. The same receipt contains the unique code.

Eligiblity criteria

To enter Canada as Permanent Resident, you are judged on basis of your points. Points are allocated as per your age, work experience, educational qualification and English language fluency. To have a valid work experience, your profession must be listed in the skilled Occupation List i.e SOL. You will have to apply for job in Canadian Job Bank. Thus is one of the main factor for your immigration. Although it is not compulsory to have a job in Canada for applying. But on total of maximum 1200 points 600 points is rewarded to those who receive job offers from trusted employer in Canada. And the remaining 600 depends on above mentioned factors.

The best consultancy in Nepal for Canada counselling is ICCC Kamaladi. You can visit over there for complete guidelines.