Nepal has seen many ups and downs in its politics. After years of instability Nepal is now federal democratic country. It has adopted federalism since 20 September 2015.The Nepal provinces are formed according to Schedule 4 of the Constitution of Nepal.

There are seven Nepal provinces. In this article, I will be listing the headquarters and brief details of those provinces.

nepal provinces of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

Province Number 1

Proposed name for this province is Koshi or purwanchal. As per cabinet decision, Biratnagar is the capital of this province. It covers the major portion of the eastern development region.

Madhesh Province

The province number two is the most smallest yet second most populated province of the country. The proposed name for this province is Madhes, Mithila, Bhojpura. These province is mostly inhabited by Madhesis, Bhojpuris and other ethnic groups. It has rich own culture and lifestyle which is a bit influenced by neighboring country India. Majority people speak Bhojpuri, Maithali and Nepali language in the province. Janakpur is the headquarter of this province.

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Bagmati Province

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Bagmati Province is one of the most developed province. It comprises of hilly and mountainous parts. The capital of the country Kathmandu also lies in this province. This is also the most populated province of country. Hetauda has been declared its capital, is one of the provinces established by the new constitution of Nepal which was adopted on 20 September 2015. Most of the part of this province is hilly and mountainous. The capital of this country Kathmandu also lies in this province and it covers around 14 % of country’s total land area.

Gandaki Province

Nepal Provinces-2079

Gandaki Pradesh or province number 4 is another province of the country. Country’s peak tourist destination, This Pradesh is quite diverse in terms of culture, language and people who live in here. Pokhara remains the capital of the cPradesh. The total area of this province is 21,505 square kms.

Lumbini Province

Province number 5 (proposed name: Lumbini) is another province of Nepal. The cabinet declared Butwal as the capital of these province. People proposed dang to make its capital but now Butwal is the capital of this province. The main attraction of these province is the birthplace of Buddhha, Lumbini. 

Karnali Pradesh

Karnali Pradesh is another province of country covering an area of 24,453 square kms. This region is also quite behind in terms of infrastructure development. The cabinet has decided Birendrnagar to be head quarter of these province.

Sudurpashchim Province

The proposed name for this province is Khaptad Pradesh, Sudur Paschim pardesh. As per the name indicates it covers the major part of far western and is a bit behind in terms of infrastructure development. Dhangadi is the capital of these province as per cabinet decision. The population is also quite less in this region.