National Examination Board (NEB) has published a notice regarding application acceptance for theses, dissertations, and research. National Examination Board (NEB), Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, issued a statement concerning the dissertation (thesis/research paper).

Notice Date: Jan 12, 2023


According to Sanothimi, the National Examination Board approved Bhaktapur’s annual budget and program for the fiscal year 2079–080. Postgraduate, MPhil, and Vidyawaridhi (PhD) level students would receive financial aid for creating a thesis on any subject related to the reform of the secondary-level examination. Researchers and interested students are asked to submit their applications and proposals by the end of 2079 Falgun. For in-depth information on this, check out

Applications for theses, dissertations, and research are being accepted by the National Examination Board (NEB).

Applications acceptance for theses, dissertations, and research by the National Examination Board (NEB).

Level and Amount Per Dissertation

a) Post Graduate Level = Rs 75,000

b) M.Phil Level= Rs 1,00,000

c) Ph.D Level = Rs 1,25,000

About National Examination Board (NEB)

The Higher Secondary Education Council was disbanded, and the National Examination Board went into existence with the passage of the Education (Eighth Amendment) Act of 2073. The work will be divided into two areas: curriculum development and equivalency determination will be edited by the Curriculum Development Center, while the work related to school permits, scholarships, and school operations will be managed locally and edited by the former Higher Secondary Education Council.

The National Examination Board now has jurisdiction over the Class 10 (SEE) and Class 11 and 12 (SLCE) examinations. The NEB has also been given the mandate to oversee the study of the complete school curriculum and the provincial administration of the class 10 examination.

The National Examination Board was founded to administer, manage, and improve school education examinations, and by the provisions of the Act, its primary focus is improving the examination system.

The Education Act defines the NEB as a self-governing, structured entity with uninterrupted succession. For all of its activities, the board uses its seal. The National Board oversees all the operations led by the Examination Control Office of the Council of Higher Secondary Education. Higher Secondary Education Council has been transferred to the Movable/Immovable Assets and Liabilities Board.

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