The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology issued Bulletin 2079 Magh 1. The Bulletin was published for all concerned information. The Bulletin has touched on the topic of Education, health, and natural disaster.

Notice Date: February 1, 2023

Notice regarding the transmission of the audio-visual program “Shiksha Ka Chautari.”

Curriculum, text-book-based audio-visual lessons of classes 8 and 7 produced from this centre every day from 5:45 am to 7:00 pm, and audio-visual lessons of classes 6 and 4 from 7:45 am to 9:00 pm are being broadcast on ICOM. All parents, teachers and related stakeholders are requested to create an environment where students can benefit from the audio-visual lessons published in this way. Also, all the students are asked to see the classes and benefit from them.

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The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology issued Bulletin 2079

The broadcast schedule of audio-visual lessons can be viewed on the website of this centre at The audio-visual lessons from classes 1 to 10 can also be viewed from the Centre’s Youtube Channel:
Information regarding the broadcast of the educational program “Shiksha Ka Chautari”.

Bulletin regarding the broadcasting of educational radio programs

An educational radio valuable program for teachers, students, parents, educators and educational stakeholders is broadcast from Radio Nepal every Tuesday and Saturday evening from 7:25 pm to 15 minutes. All concerned are requested to listen regularly as the educational radio program will be broadcast based on the following topics.

Notice regarding child development centre, operation of pre-primary classes and enrollment of students in class 1

The age from pregnancy to 8 years is the time of early child development, and children of this age group should be more involved in all-around development activities. National Education Policy, 2076, Compulsory and Free Education Act, 2075 and its Regulations 2077; Education Act 2028 and Regulations, 2059 National Curriculum Framework for School Education 2076; Early Childhood Development and Education Curriculum 2077 and Basic Level (Grades 1-3) Curriculum 2076 has provided clear guidance regarding child development centres, early child development pre-primary education and basic level (grades 1-3) children’s admission, development and learning activities, assessment and grading of growth and learning.

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