Nepali youth are famously part of the military of different countries like Britain, India, America. However, Nepali youth also contribute to the French Military force. In this article, we will discuss everything possible about the French Army and the criteria to get into the force.

Many people around us yearly join France Army (French Army). There are numerous benefits to joining an Army in France. It is mentioned that after serving France for 5 years being the Army, you can be a permanent resident of France. That means you will be eligible for a permanent residency card from France.


Documentation requirements are also simple for the French Foreign Legion. The list of required documents is:
Passport: passport with valid visa (any visa, i.e., tourist, student, business, working is acceptable )
Birth Certificate: birth certificate translated into the English language.
Education Certificate: If you have certification from your school, college, or university, carry it along with other documents. However, it is not compulsory.

France Army Job Eligibility

france army uniform

France Army age group is 17.5 to 39.5 years old.
There are no education-related criteria. However, you can carry your certification if you have it with you; it can work in your favor in the selection process.
You must have a clean record. That means to say that you must have a police check, and you must not be involved in any criminal activities.

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Physical test for France Army Selection

  • The army selection process contains a bunch of tests. For an individual to reach a psycho-technical test, BMI is tested. The BMI of an individual should be around 20-30.
    • Psycho Technical Test: a psycho-technical test is divided into two parts. IQ test and Personality test 
    • Physical Test: under physical test, you must pass the Beep Test (running), Swimming Test (25m swimming without the support of a lifeguard), Pull Up Test (as much as you can)
    • Medical Test: firstly, a dental checkup (not more than 4 teeth should be pulled out to pass this test) followed by a surgery checkup (if you have undergone any surgery during your lifetime, you should submit the hospital papers). Eyesight is also checked; if you have very poor vision, you will be disqualified. Lastly, if you suffer from the diseases like HIV, cancer, Tuberculosis, hepatitis, laxity, or loss of eyesight, you will automatically be disqualified.

How many Nepali are there in France Army?

The official number of Nepali serving as France Army is not declared. Around 400 Nepalese are believed to be working as France Army.

France army job

How to join France Army?

All the processes start once you get the visa for France. Once you get there, you should submit the required documents to the legion office. You can reside and dine for free during the process of selection.

You can not apply for France Army from the embassy. You can apply for France Army in the Europe Continent.

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What to carry while going for a selection?

Your bag should be as lightweight as possible. Pack just the required stuff. Your backpack should contain the required document, only 10-50 euros. In case you need money, you won’t need much money because France government will take care of all the expenses. 3 pairs of socks and a good pair of training shoes. Also, the clothing for all the tests and training.

Do not include these items in your backpack:
Credit Card
A large sum of money

Feel free to comment with any doubts; we will try to help you out.