Many of the people around us have already joined France Army (French Army). There are numerous benefits on joining as an Army in France. It is mentioned that after serving France for 5 years being an Army, you can be the permanent resident of France. That mean to say that you will be eligible for an permanent residency card of France.

France Army Job Eligibility

France Army age group is 17 to 40 years old. You must have clean record. That means to say that you must have police check and you must not be involved in any criminal activities. You must be fit.

Physical test for France Army Selection

  • You must run for 2.8 km in 12 minutes. You must do four pull-ups. You need to complete Luc Leger of 20 m.
  • You will be taken several interviews.
  • You must pass medical examination.
  • You must commit for serving for 5 years.
  • When you join French Army, you must start from basic training. It is of three weeks.

How many Nepali are there in France Army?

Around 400 Nepalese are there in France Army.

France army job

France army job

How to join France Army?

It is easy to join France Army. You need to apply in France. So, you must have visa for France. If you are selected, it is free for living and staying in France. You can not apply for France Army from embassy.

Information: If someone asks for money for enrolling you in French Army, it may be a cheat. So, be aware of everything. There is no other way to join French Army other than the normal procedure that we have mentioned earlier.

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