Police Report is a document stating that the concerned person is not involved in any criminal activities. Police report Nepal is often known as character report or police clearance report.

Police Report is a compulsory document if you are traveling to foreign countries or looking for foreign employment.

A lot of Nepalese companies are also demanding police report for job vacancies these days.

When you have provided all documents required to get police report, you will get police report in around 2 to 3 days.

Visit Central Police Department, Rani Pokhari in between 10:00am to 2:00pm during Sunday to Thursday and in between 10:00am to 1:00pm on Friday to get police report Nepal form.

where to make police report nepal
where to make police report Nepal

Documents required to make police report in Nepal

police report in nepal

The necessary or compulsory documents required to make police report Nepal are original passport, original citizenship, passport photocopy, citizenship photo copy, paper ticket which worth Rs 10. The police report form is available at the Central police department, Rani pokhari, Kathmandu.

  • Original Passport
  • Original citizenship
  • Passport photocopy
  • Citizenship photocopy

You must mention the name of country you are traveling to. Your name as well as fathers name and grandfathers name. After filling up a short application form, you need to verify your documents with a senior officer.

He/She will verify the document looking at your original documents.
You need to submit the verified application form to get a police report Nepal. You need to pay 10 to 20 rupees on the counter. They will get you a small paper with number which you need to bring while collecting your Nepal police report.

How to make police report in Nepal?

police report nepal

The process to make the police report form are as follows:

  • First take the form from central police department, Rani pokhari.
  • You have to fill the name and detail of country which we are travelling.
  • You should fill your full name your father full name as well as your grandfather full name in the form as there will be the space to write all these things in the form.
  • You have to verify documents from senior officer.
  • After verifying from senior officer then the officer will look at your original documents as well as photocopy of those documents and verify that the documents are genuine or not.

Once the document are fully verified you will be provided with small sheet of paper in which there will be a number which means after which number is your turn or we can come according to the number given to us to collect our prepared report, as it may take time for complete report to prepared because the police officer should do study or enquiry about your behaviours, activities and so on.

police report nepal for nepalese staying abroad
police report Nepal for Nepalese staying abroad

Remember to bring that sheet of paper at the time when you come to collect the report. Because there will be many people who visit there in order to make police report.

police report nepal for nepalese staying in nepal
police report Nepal for Nepalese staying in Nepal

They may not recognize each and every person and they will separate the report or recognize it from the sheet of paper given to you and if u forget to bring that paper sheet you may not able to collect your police report which you have given to prepare.

So, it is necessary to bring that small sheet of paper in order to collect the police report.

Nepal Police Report Online

When E-Governance is the trending topic these days we can see many changes happening in different sectors. Many Government companies have started online service. In such case, Nepal Police have also started online report submitting system. Nowadays anyone can file their report online. Nepal police started this service from the previous year and have received a quite good response from Citizens. Not just case filing, you can do all your works online.

Other than police SMS service you can now apply for your police clearance report online from home. Follow the steps mentioned below to get your report:

  • Visit the website of Nepal Police: https://opcr.nepalpolice.gov.np/
  • On the homepage, you will find options, on the top click on the option public services.
  • Further click on Police clearance report, you will find all the procedures and required documents. You can download the form from the same page and can apply for your clearance report.

Police report Nepal on Police Station

This part will help you to make police report in Nepal by going to police station. This step by step process will let you know the things that you must take while making police report.

Police Report application form is available in central police department in Ranipokhari, Kathmandu. Police report form needs documents to be attached with. These are the documents necessary for application of Police report Nepal. Original passport, original citizenship, photo copy of citizenship and photo copy of passport, paper ticket worth 10 rupees (you will get it nearby Ranipokhari), two photos of passport size. You will get application form for Police report over there.

If you are staying abroad and you need a police clearance form, you need to request through your parents/relatives at Police Headquarters, Naxal.

Police report has been important document if you are traveling abroad or if you are working for the country as well. This important document signifies your character. Police report is also known as Character report or character document.

Documents required:


  • NRs 10 for Form
  • NRs 10 for Tickets
  • NRs 5 for small plastic


  • It depends on the crowd of people but you don’t have to wait more than an hour.
  • Time estimated to make police report is approximately 2 days. It may take 2 to 3 days after application date to receive police report on your hand.
  • You can apply for police report Nepal from Sunday to Thursday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and Friday 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.


  • Kathmandu Valley: Rani Pokhari, Maharjgunj, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur
  • Eastern Development: Biratnagar
  • Central: Hetauda
  • Western: Pokhara
  • Midwestern: Nepalgunj
  • Far western: Dhangadi


  1. Do the photocopy (1 copy) of your passport and citizenship.
  2. Write the word ‘’True copy’’ with your signature in the back of your photocopy paper.
  3. You can make this ready at your home earlier so that you don’t need to waste your time just in photocopy at the police station.
  4. When you reach the police station, the first thing you have to do is to buy the NRs 10 ticket (Just 1) from the shop nearby and the small plastic as shown in the figure.
  5. Then, next thing you have to do is to take the form from the counter by showing the photo copies of your Passport and Citizenship.
  6. They will provide you a form along with the registration number.
  7. Fill up the form in English with Capital letters with correct information. (Use black pen only)
police report
a sample of police report form

Attach your one photo in the form. Another photo should be kept inside the plastic you bought and stitched with the stapler as shown in the figure Put your thumb left and right in the form.

Glue and the stamp are available there. Now, get your form checked by the officer for verification. You need to show your original passport and citizenship too. After verification from the officer, just submit it in the counter and pay NRs 10. They will provide you the token where you can know when to come to receive the report. Generally, it takes three days.

Finally, go to receive your report at the date mentioned in the token.Note: Don’t forget to check your original passport and citizenship with you before leaving.

nepal police report notice

Why police report is important for Nepalese?

Police report Nepal or the police clearance report is one of the essentials. We can say, it is a compulsory document required for every person who is travelling abroad either for study or work.

Police reports include each and every detail about the person who have come to make it, as it give the information that whether the person has been arrested or not whether he/she has been involving in criminal activities

It provides information that whether he/she have been involving in any sort of police cases or not. So, the police clearance report is an essential documents required for person who are travelling to abroad. It is also essential when you are applying for any government jobs, as well as jobs in Nepal banks, companies and so on nowadays.

How to report a crime to Nepal Police secretly?

nepal police online service

Previously, filing a case against someone was a big deal because of security reasons. People feared to file a case. But now with the online system, the security and privacy of people will be maintained. This is one of the biggest steps taken for eradication of crime. People will now freely file a case against any injustice from their home. In the article, we are listing complete detail on how to enjoy the online service of Nepal Police.

From the official website of Nepal police, you can now file all your complaints, suggestions online. You can even get your police clearance report using this facility.

Whatever complaint you want to file you can directly file through the website.

  • Just click on option notices in the home page.
  • You will find the options: crime statistics, report missing a person, police clearance report, unidentified dead bodies, missing child and so on.
  • Just click on your desired options and proceed as mentioned.

You can even file any complaint or your suggestions directly through this link: https://nepalpolice.gov.np/

Just fill in your details; your full name, email address, subject and your message to Nepal police. Click send and your complaint will directly reach Nepal police.

Let’s hope this system will help in the eradication of crimes and help to make a peaceful society and country. Stay in touch with us for more updates on latest issues and trends.

Police SMS Service

Nepal Police has started various SMS based services for the public. Using SMS services, you can know about road accidents, traffic jams, file a complaint against unethical drivers and riders in road, inform police about accidents.

  • To Know about Traffic Jam: Type jam in your message box and send it to 4321
  • Reporting of Lost Vehicle: Type lost number of the vehicle and send it to 4321
  • To inform about any vehicle found: Type found number of the vehicle and send it to 4321
  • To Know about Highway Traffic Jam: Type highway in your message box and send it to 4321
  • To provide information about accident inside Kathmandu Valley: Type description of the accident in your message box and send it to 4321
  • To inform about the suspected meter of Taxi: type taxi space number of the taxi and send to 4321