Many people asked us about Google office in Nepal. In this article, we will talk about Google Nepal ( is serving since many years and it has been a default search engine for Nepal. Users typing on their web browser automatically opens up This makes Nepalese think that Google office is in Nepal but it is not yet true. Google has no office in Nepal.

google office in nepal

Google has an office in four different parts of India. All together they have more than 70 branches across 40 nations. Google has offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Gurgaon. India has a huge population and large business organisations and Google has many advertisers from India.

Why there is no Google office in Nepal?

We have concluded with the following factors which are restricting on having Google office in Nepal.

  • Nepal being a small market.
  • Difficulty in international payment gateway due to different rules and regulations of NRB.
  • Nepal has less number of Google product users.
  • Nepal is still a developing country.
  • Google products like Adsense is emerging only these days.
  • Less number of android application developers.
  • Less population and internet reach.
  • In Nepal, Google Adwords users, Google Adsense users are less in number.

Why YouTube loads faster in Nepal?

Nepal Telecom office located at Jawalakhel has a Google cache server in Nepal which lets Google products load faster. Google products like YouTube, Gmail, Google plus, Google Maps are quick through the internet of Nepal. These cache provides speed and reduces the amount of bandwidth consumption. The cache server is mainly for storing the web pages locally.

In conclusion, Google has no office in Nepal. Although while accessing to from Nepal, users may see and the contents in the pages written in Nepalese language. This does not mean that there is an office of Google in Nepal. We expect Nepal can have a Google office soon but can not predict the exact time and situation.

Watch video on Google services in Nepal

Google services in Nepal

Google has provided lots of services to Nepal. Nepali publishers are earning lots of money using Google Adsense. Google is paying to Nepali publishers and bloggers through Western Union & Bank Wire transfer.

Previously, when Wap Nepal was started in 2007, Adsense used to send cheque to our address. We used to deposit that cheque onto the bank.

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