Do you use Android smartphone? Are you always scrolling through the play store searching for the hot and happening applications to spend your time? Do you get furious when you want to install any application or music or books or movies from the play store, but they are not free? If answers to these questions are yes, then Google opinion rewards might come to handy especially for you. “Google opinion rewards” is a free application in play store for Android users and as the name suggests, it provides you rewards in the exchange of your opinion. The rewards are Google play credits which might be enticing to you if you are an in-app purchasing addict.

Google opinion rewards is an application released by Google in November 2013 that provides the users with Google play credits which they can use to buy different  Android applications, music, movies, books and magazines in the play store. It was released in Australia in April 2014. It is a great deal for you if you have some time to spare. So, why is it providing you credit just for your opinion? Well, the deal is not just for you, it is mutually beneficial for them as well. Google Opinion Rewards is a mobile survey tool that is used for the purpose of market research. It works like this. You provide your opinions for the survey provided to you by the application, and you get the Google play credits. Google sends this information to markets and companies that gather consumers’ reviews to improve their businesses.

google play credit

Google play credit

As you may have understood, you do not get the real money via this application; you get Google play credit cards that you might use to buy different things in Google play which is pretty much the same. To start making money, all you have to do at first is to install the application from the play store. After the installation, you have to sign into your Google account, and you also need Google Wallet account to get started. You will have to provide your preliminary information that includes your gender, age range, occupation, postcode, etc. After this, you will get your survey for which you will be paid from 25 cents to a dollar or more. The surveys consist of a few questions (about 10), are provided to you now and then and your earning varies on the amount of information you can provide them and the length of the survey. This can not be a full-time job for you but you can have an extra income that you can use in Google Play store. If you are looking for a job, you must read How to find Job in Australia. Google opinion rewards survey is just for getting Google play store credit in your Play store account. This tips will help you earning more Google play store credit.

google opinion rewards australia

google opinion rewards Australia

So, you have figured it out by now. Google opinion rewards provide you credit for the survey, and more surveys mean more credits or earnings. And, you get a new survey now and then but it differs according to the users. Surveys are not provided constantly to everyone. Surveys do not follow a routine. Some may get more surveys and some may not. What factor created this difference then? What would you have to get more surveys to earn more? The following guidelines would help you.

How to earn money in Australia with Google Opinion Rewards Australia?

  • Firstly, after you install the application, you have to run through the initial setup. The surveys are not provided immediately after you install the application. You have to enable the permission for this application in your settings. Also, when you optimise the battery, certain applications cannot run in the background. If you want to be benefitted by this application, you should disable the battery optimisation option.
  • The next thing you can do is turn on the notification for Google opinion rewards. You will get notified whenever the new survey rolls in. And it seems that you are more likely to get replenished with the surveys if you respond to it faster. The surveys expire too, so it’s good not to miss it. Even if you keep your notifications off, you better check up on the app regularly to hunt for new surveys.
  • You should keep your app updated as it keeps you updated with the survey collection system. For your ease, you can keep the auto update of applications on over wifi.
  • There is also a thing about honesty here. It is better, to be honest, and genuine with your answers on the surveys. Google is sneaky. At times, it sends you fake survey just to test your fairness and if you mess that up, you will mess up with your chances of getting more surveys.
  • Since, the surveys mostly base on the customer reviews, if you go for shopping a lot or you travel to new places. You might get the upper hand for receiving more surveys. However, it’s better to visit those businesses that would pay for the customer feedbacks. It seldom happens with local pop shops.