A chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking executive in a company so it is obvious that it is the highest paying position .They make strategies and have many responsibilities towards the company. It would not be wrong to say that it is CEO that decides the good or bad for any company. Making corporate decisions, ensuring effective mobilization of resources are the major responsibilities of a CEO. They even look after the overall operation of the firm. CEO acts as a bridge between board of directors and the general firm. They often hold the position in board of directors as well and help in making important decisions.

 In most of the companies CEO supervise and direct all the other mangers in the firm as in Chief Financial officer, Chief Human Resource officer and so on. However their responsibilities and role differs from company to company. Depending upon the type of company, number of staffs there, size of the company and the objectives of company, CEO will have to perform many functions. They assign responsibilities of various departments and look after proper functioning of the all the  department. Since they have many critical responsibilities,  it is obvious that the pay is quite good.  The pay of CEO is the highest and it is very evident specially in banking field.

 Banking field in Nepal         

Banking field in Nepal has seen many good reformations and is one of the highest paying sector in Nepal. Banking field is also one of the most exciting and glamorous field in the country. The pay and benefits in banking sector attracts many young people towards it. Corporate field is the field with lots of pressure, competition and deadlines. Everything needs to be done in time an needs to be managed properly in the field. It is one of the most exciting yet most difficult career one can choose. Corporate field is more than just smart individual dressing up and going to work as they show us in movies.  Therefore it is very obvious that the pay has to be good in this field.  In the article I am listing names of highest paying  Bank CEOs in Nepal :

Joseph Silvanus                      

 Joseph Silvanus is the  CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Nepal .He joined Standard chartered  in July 17, 2011 as CEO . He also works as Head of Retail clients. He holds a post graduate degree in management and honors degree in economics. He started his banking career with Afghanistan Standard Chartered  bank as CEO. Currently, his annual salary is Salary is  1 Crore 5 Lakhs and 81 Thousands. He gets allowance of 38 lakhs making his total annual salary one crore forty three lakhs and eighty one thousand.

Kishore Maharjan            

Kishore Maharjan is the  CEO of Civil Bank Nepal Salary. He worked as Chief executive officer and director of Sunrise Bank before joining Civil bank.  Hi annual salary today in Civil bank amounts to 1 Crore 44 Lakhs with  Allowance of 12 Lakhs  making his total salary 1 Crore 56 Lakhs . He is the only banker who owns a EPL team in Nepal. After the announcement of formation of EPL team in each city, Mr. Kishore Maharjan  bought the team of Lalitpur and named it Lalitpur Patriots. All the other teams are bought by business houses but Lalitpur patriots is the only team owned by an individual rather than a business.

Jyoti Prakash Pandey

 Jyoti Prakash Pandey is the other name that comes when we are talking about highest paying CEOs in Nepal. He is the present CEO of investment Bank  . He has been working with Nepal Investment bank since 2012 . He joined NIBL as general Manager and Chief financial officer. His banking career started with joining Indosuez bank in 1988 and became the head of international Banking in 1992.After that he joined Himalayan Bank and worked as head of marketing there for nine years. Then in 2001 he joined NIBL and has been working there since.  Currently he gets annual salary of eighty six lakhs and forty thousand with allowance Seventy  lakhs thirty four thousand making him one of the highest paid CEO in Nepal. 

Anil Keshari Shah

Anil Keshary Shah is the most well known Banker in Nepal. He is quite famous and has quite huge fan following. He is a banker, motivational speaker  and youth icon . He is currently working as CEO of Mega Bank Nepal. He is paid annual salary of one crore seventy lakhs and twenty six thousand .He is also one of the youngest CEO in Nepal. He has achieved a lot in a very short period. He started his banking career as a trainee in Standard Chartered Bank. He did his BBA form Nepal and MBA from India .Later on he became the first Nepali CEO in Nabil Bank Ltd, a joint venture in Nepal.  He has spent most of his career in Nabil bank.   Currently as well he is working with Nabil Bank. Anil Keshary Shah is the perfect example that dedication and hard work can take you anywhere you wish to go.

 Sashin Joshi

 Right now the highest paying CEO in Nepal is Sashin Joshi . He is currently working as CEO of NIC Asia Bank . His annual salary is 1 Crore 90 Lakhs and 73 Thousands  including allowance. He recently joined NIC Asia bank after working with Nabil bank. His resignation got accepted in Falgun 5, 2076 and the he joined NIC Asia where he had worked earlier as well. Earlier he resigned from NIC Asia in Ashadh 23, 2076 and joined Nabil Bank. In his working career he even worked for Standard Chartered Bank. 

These are the list of people who receive the highest salary in Nepal. For a country like Nepal it is really huge that even working professional are paid so well. Seeing people like them inspires many young people to work towards their dream . Passion and hard work can give anything you desire of in your life. Keep working hard until you reach the stage you dream of .