Travelling is a great way to refresh and re energize yourself .  Besides that as well, there are many definite advantages of travelling . Here is the list of amazing benefits from travelling :


Health benefits of Travelling

 Yes, travelling could be a bot heavy to your pocket but in long term it maybe actually helping you to save. Imagine no medical bills because of your travel. Travelling is good not just for your physical but mental health as well. It helps in cutting down stress and also makes you happy. These reduces chance oh heart problems and many other health issues. Doctors suggest travelling to patients of depression and anxiety. Travelling is good from all perspectives but make sure to go to safe places and places with healthy food. I am sure it will make you more healthy.

You know your true potential   

We never step out of our comfort zone. Travelling helps you step out of your zone, especially when you travel to some remote areas. Who knows what potential you have, you may be able to sleep in an open ground with insects everywhere, an introvert may be able to interact with people .All this will ake you a better person and will boost your confidence that you are capable of doing much more than what you thought of.

Meet and be friends with new people

One of the best things about travel is the friendships and connections you make in short time. The people you meet there become a big part of your life. You will forever cherish the memories you mad with them. You may even befriend some local .Travelling is not just a great way to escape from your daily routine but also to meet new people with different experience and perception. This will make you fresh and  happy. You meet unknown people and surprisingly become friends, it is the best feeling .

Experience cultural diversity

 Is not it amazing when you meet people with different values, culture and life conditions. Travelling allows you to experience great cultural variety. The world is full of diversity and here we are, interacting with only  few people in our circle. We have to get out and explore the world not just for its beauty but for its diversity. You will meet different ethnic groups with different values and culture.    

Learn a new language

Travelling is great way to learn a new language. I am saying you will learn an entire language in few days of your travel but at least you will know basic things. Imagine being able to say, “ What is your name ? “ in fifty languages or knowing a local language of a typical ethnic group. When you meet new people  with different language you will have chance to learn their language. You can then show off it to your friends and family after you return. Travelling is a great way to learn new things including language.

Experience completely new cuisines  

 Best thing about travelling places is that you get to eat new and different cousins. Who doesn’t love food and when it typical and full of local flavors there is no greater happiness. While travelling you get familiar with many cuisines that you never thought existed. Travelling is not just adventure for you but your taste buds as well.

Broaden your horizon

 While you travel the way you look at things changes and in overall your horizon broadens. You see greater things,  meet different people and may be start appreciating what you have after knowing their stories. Your knowledge expands and so does your vision. You become a better person in overall.

Traveling to other places, specially to a remote area can be not just fun but enlightening as well. You realize all what you have when you  see their life. We will learn to appreciate all the things that you once took for granted, your family, all the luxuries  you have and realize how fortunate you are. Travelling even gives you courage to face any situation in life.  You will return with a new perspective towards most of things in life.

Adventures you could do in Nepal

 I listed all the benefits of travelling. I hope I inspired dear readers to travel more. When we talk about travelling there is no way I am going to miss Nepal. Nepal has mazing places you could travel and amazing things you could do. To give you a demo I am listing few adventures you could take up in Nepal :


Mountaineering first opened up Nepal to the outside world. People used to visit Nepal for scaling high peaks. Of the world’s 14 highest peaks above 8,000 m, eight of them are in  Nepal’s north, including the highest Mt. Everest. You could scale this mountains and take up this thrilling sport.

Rafting and Kayaking

Not only mountains, Nepal has the most wildest and fast flowing white-water  sources. Set out in raft in any of the rivers . This is a surreal experience you could find nowhere else in the planet.  You can choose from many option and can raft through jungles and mountains.

 Bungee Jump

The bungee jump in Nepal is one of the main attractions. When we talk about bungee, The last resort, is one you shouldn’t miss.  It was designed by one of New Zealand’s leading bungee consultants, and is very safe. You must do the bungee Jump at least once in your life.