People wish to receive a visa on time so that they can prepare well for their journey. There is a very common question like how to track Australia visa for all individuals who are waiting for a visa. Australia visa tracking is easy, and we will let you know the answer to the biggest question- “how to track visa?”. Visa may be student visa or tourist visa or any visa. People need to wait for a visa for a long time. During this period, people are hurried to check their visa status.

How to track visa?

Australia visa tracking is a very easy process. You need to go to the website of Australia Visa Information at The VFS Global website seems like this.

vfs global visa tracking

After clicking the given link or typing the link on the address bar of your browser, you will get your web page as above. Now, you can click on your country which you belong.

Australia visa tracking for countries like Bahrain, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China ,India, HongKong, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam is available from VFS global website that is mentioned above.

After selecting your country, you will be into the page as shown below. We have used how to track visa for Vietnam in this guide. The link is used for Australia visa Tracking for Vietnam.

vfs vietnam how to track visa

After you see this page, you check out on the menu. The menu consists of Visa types, visa evidencing, schedule an appointment, biometric data collection, track your application, general information, contact us and faqs. Click on track your application.

Clicking on track your application tab, you land to the page where you can track visa status online. You do not need passport number on this page. The page asks for VLN number and date of birth.

how to track visa

After entering your VLN number and your exact date of birth, you will know your visa status as shown in the image below. Hope you all know the easiest way to track Australia visa.

Australia visa Tracking

We hope this perfect guide will help you on tracking your visa status. If you are having any problem on your visa tracking mentioned above, please mention in the comment section on which step you are stuck. We will try to help you in the comment section below.