Nowadays we are hearing in news that there are various illegal VIOP service provider cheating our nations and making country economy goes down. Today we have listed some genuine and legal. The legal VOIP providers in Nepal are :

1. Callbidesh from WebSurfer 

2. Namaste Call from Infocom 

3. italk Softphone from Himal Technologies 

4. World Call from WorldLink

5. Radius Call from Radius Communication

6. CT Talk from Classic Tech

7. EasyPhone NTC VoIP SIP Phone

8. BroadTel VoIP Telephony from BroadLink

Note that : Only ISP licensees are permitted to offer such VoIP/SIP/Internet Telephony services in Nepal.  Be aware of VIOP companies and choose only the legal company if you are willing to get a VIOP service.

New update:

Simply, VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, is a set of rules that allows one to make a phone call over the internet, the telephony can be internet-to-internet devices (phones, computers) or internet-traditional phones and vice versa. Usually, VoIP is Voice over Broadband (VoBB) since it requires a broadband connection. VoIP works as a software phone (softphone) installed in your device from which you can make a phone call using internet and appropriate SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) accounts provided by service provider. And VoIP has been legalized in Nepal and many providers are licensed for this.

* Still, users can not terminate VoIP calls to Nepal, this means you cannot use VoIP to make a phone call to a traditional telephone line inside Nepal.

* VoIP calls are occasionally cheaper than traditional dedicated packet/circuit based network calls. BUT NTA has not yet fixed any rates, VoIP calls start from as low as 99paisa.