The number of internet user in Nepal has been increasing a lot in the past few years. With increase in number of users, the number of Internet Service providers has also been increasing dramatically. At present ,we have more than 45 registered Internet service providers in country. With so many options, Customers can now choose the best service providers. Ever ISPs have their own strength and weaknesses. Some have god connectivity, some have better service or some have affordable rates. With so many options Customers often get confused. And above all good internet connectivity is really very important, thus customers need to find the most reliable internet Service providers. In the article I am listing some of the names of best ISPs in Nepal :

broadlink nepal

NTC ADSL                                           

Even after availability of wire less internet service, NTC ADSl still is very popular. Because of its years of reliability and good internet service, NTC ADSL is still the most used internet service in country. Recently, It received a lot of complaints from customers and as aresult NTC ADSl improved its service and connectivity. You can get the service on a monthly or volume basis as per your need. Volume based internet service can be cost effective .

How to get NTC ADSL ?           

  • To get NTC ADSL, you need to have PSTN line form Nepal Telecom. Without a telephone connection, you can’t get internet connectivity from NTC.
  •  If you have the PSTN line, You can request for internet connection. You will have to fill up the form for getting ADSL internet. Get the form from your nearest NTC office and then fill in the form. Once you fill in the details, submit the form . Make sure to specify the desired speed of internet connection in the form. There are different packages you can buy from.
  •  With the form , you need to submit copy of your citizenship if you want connection for your home. For internet connection in office or company, you need copy of company registration certificate and the owner’s citizenship copy .
  •  After completion of these processes, the technicians at NTC will contact you and you will get your subscription once you pay the subscription fee.  After submitting the form you get the service within seven days. The subscription fee will depend on the internet speed you wish for.
  •  After the payment you will get your user Id and password.

 For more information on internet connection and subscription fees make sure to visit the official website of NTC :


 World link is currently the best ISP in town. Talking from my experience, Worldlink has the best connectivity and above all their support team is very punctual. In case of nay issue with internet connection, the staffs come to your place and solve the issue. It was established in 1995 and since then it has only been progressing. Worldlink has facility of cable zoom, fiber zoom and unlimited broadband packages. You can choose from any of the packages you like.

 To know about the latest offer of world link and to order it. visit the website :


Vianet connection is another ISP in Nepal. Established in 1999, Via net also has exciting offers for its customers. It provides different packages and offers to meet the needs of customer. It recently introduced fiber optic internet service and the connectivity of this very good. With benefits like 100% End to End Fiber Optics Internet Service, Dedicated and reliable Speed, Compatibility with CCTV

Unlimited Speeds for YouTube HD Video Streaming, Google and uninterrupted Service during LOAD SHEDDING, Fiber net is definitely a good deal. For more information visit the website of vianet internet :


 Broadlink Nepal is one of the largest and most trusted internet service providers in Nepal. Few years back broadlink was the market leader but now with so many competitions in market, it is struggling to fight back. They have definitely adapted latest technology to meet the needs of modern customers. They have well qualified team of professionals and you can get your internet connection just a phone call away.

. All you need to do is contact any branch nearest to your residence. The consultants will describe you thoroughly about the recent schemes and offers. Choose a package as per your need and you are good to go. You can just call them or visit their office. The technicians will come to your place and within an hour you get internet connection.

Another way to contact the broadlink office is via their website. Follow the steps below to get your internet connection:

Visit the website of Broadlink:

On the home page you will see option of new connection in left side.

Click on the option and fill in the required details.

Fill your name, email, mobile number and the package you want to purchase.

Broadlink staffs will call you and come to your place for connection at your convenience.

Classic Tech

 Classic Tech is now one of the leading internet service provider in country. It was established in 2009 and now has grown to be most reliable ISP in Nepal. It has different packages to meet your needs and choice. The packages range from 5 Mbps to 30 Mbps and unlimited speed.

 Classic tech has recently started it’s refer a friend offer. With this offer ,a user can refer a friend for classic tech and the can get free internet for two months.   Follow the steps mentioned below to refer a friend:

  • Visit the website of classic tech :
  • Click on client login and login with your id . Click on the refer button .
  • You will be redirected to another form. Fill in the name and details of the friend you are referring classic tech . If the friend uses classic tech then you get  two months free internet .

 To know more about this offer and other offers of Classic Tech please visit their website :