Nepal Telecom ADSL internet service is available nearly all around Nepal. More than 40% of high-speed internet users in Nepal prefer ADSL. We came to know about some problems being faced by NTC ADSL users. We are here with a solution to the problem. Some ADSL users might have a problem with automatic disconnection. Some ADSL users are suffocating seeing ADSL as it sometimes connects and sometimes it does not show any signal.

Common ADSL Internet Problems

  • NTC ADSL Automatic Disconnection
  • NTC ADSL Limited connectivity

Why NTC ADSL disconnect automatically?

Basically, these are the main points that decrease smoothness in the ADSL connection. These points are the main problem for the ADSL connection.

  • Splitter Connection: If you have a connected phone line already before splitter, you may face disconnection on the internet time to time.
  • Modem: If you are using the low-class power adapter of Modem, it may also cause a problem in internet connection.
  • The fluctuation of Voltage: Fluctuation on voltage causes voltage surge (rise in voltage) due to which low-class adapter could not withstand the fluctuation of voltage. This may restart your Modem from time to time. This may cause a disconnection on your internet connection.

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For getting ADSL packages description, internet package costs of ADSL, please visit the official website of ADSL at NT website at The normal home user can pay 900 rupees without taxes for 192 Kbps internet. If you need faster internet connection, you can pay 1500 rupees with eSewa without taxes for 384 Kbps internet connection.

How to check the volume consumption of ADSL

Many of us have a problem for the first time to check the volume consumption of ADSL. There is no link to check volume consumption at also. I was also in confusion for the first time.
I am going to describe to you the process of checking volume consumption of ADSL.
you need to go to link:

Now you need to log in with the following details:

Username: wsc_yourWSCIDnumber
Password: wsc_yourWSCIDnumber

NTC ADSL setting for any router is provided on this page. This easy ADSL setting will let you connect to the Internet. Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd, popularly known as Nepal Telecom is a state-owned telecommunication service provider in Nepal.

It is the sole provider of fixed-line, ISDN and leased-line services in Nepal. Among the various Telecommunication and Internet services, ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line) is one of the popular and widely used Internet services by Nepal Telecom.

ADSL service was initially available for Kathmandu valley but now it is available in all 75 districts across the Country. This service is available in most of PSTN Offices.

If you have any more problems, feel free to comment.

ADSL Internet in Nepal

Nepal Telecom provides ADSL internet connection in Nepal. In this article, we talk about the benefits of Nepal Telecom ADSL service in our home or office. We also talk about the process of connecting our home or office with ADSL internet in Nepal.

Asymmetric digital subscriber line often termed as ADSL is a digital subscriber line service that allows faster data transmission through telephone lines on homes and workplaces, unlike conventional technology. The data transmission takes place through copper telephone lines so it is pretty obvious that you need to have a telephone line to get an ADSL connection.

Many wireless services are available in Nepal these days but ADSL  still has its own significance in the Nepali market. The drawback of an ADSL is that it is installed only for short distances. Sill there are many people who still choose ADSL over wireless internet service.

Nepal Telecom launched its broadband services by the use of ADSL 2+ technology to its valued customers in Baisakh 17, 2065. The service is initially available for Kathmandu valley but now it is available in all 75 districts across the Country.

The ADSL internet services will be only provided by the use of existing copper cable network infrastructure. At first, only high-speed Internet Service shall be available and gradually services such as VPN, multicasting, video conferencing, video-on-demand and broadcast application, etc. shall also be added in the future.

This service is available in most of PSTN Offices. In order to know that your ADSL connection is working you need to check if the router of the ADSL led will first blink and then glow continuously after you connect your Modem/CPE to the phone line.

If there is no response showing (no continuous glow) in the ADSL Led of your Modem/CPE, Please contact the corresponding NTC office to query if there is any problem in your ADSL line.

There may be some mistakes in setting the properties of your router. If you don’t know how to set up the settings of your router you can contact your near NTC office and take your router there and they will perfectly set up your router.

Internet, Adsl

At the last time in the early stage, there were monthly and 3-monthly packages were available for subscription.

Two-speed schemes were available: 128kbps and 256 kbps. The subscription can be done at Nepal Telecom counters where the ADSL services are available.

The monthly port charge for the subscribed ADSL service shall be included in the regular Telephone Bill. The subscription charge shall be paid at the time of registration. Recurring usages charges (monthly or 3-monthly) shall be on a prepaid basis.

But as there was only one internet service provider in the market which was NTC there was no competition so there were no good services. But now as the competition is getting tougher as there are lots of ISP in Nepal, NTC has also changed its services and has provided better facilities.

Currently for the unlimited offer in ADSL:

With the speed of 5mbps for 1 month, unlimited data use costs Rs 700 for both package and monthly rate.

With the speed of 5mbps for 6 months, unlimited data use costs Rs 3750 for the package and monthly rate costs Rs 625 which is validated for 180 days.

With the speed of 5mbps for 12 months, unlimited data use costs Rs 7000 for the package and monthly rate costs Rs 583 which is validated for 360 days.

Currently for the volume-based service in ADSL:

With the speed of 5mbps of volume 15 GB data which is validated for 30 days used to cost Rs 300 but now it costs only Rs 200.

With the speed of 5mbps of volume 25 GB data which is validated for 30 days used to cost Rs 500 but now it costs only Rs 300.

With the speed of 5mbps of volume 40 GB data which is validated for 30 days used to cost Rs 700 but now it costs only Rs 400.

If you want more information you can contact the company or visit the website.

Benefits of getting an ADSL internet in your home or office

ADSL is well known for its good connection. It provides you a continuous connection to the internet. It is an easy and very convenient way of getting an internet connection. You can use your telephone and fax at the same time you are using the internet.

You can talk on the telephone while using the internet and you don’t have to disconnect the internet to use your telephone service. Wireless connections dot have the same speed as of ADSL, they don’t give the same level of quality and reliable service.

adsl internet in nepal

Wireless connections may have benefits of mobility and convenience but still, ADSL has its own significance. ADSL stands out when it comes to network security and working speed. The thing that makes wireless more attractive is because wireless can sometimes handle a large number of customers as there are not specific and limited connection parts like in a wired network.

How to connect Nepal Telecom ADSL connection in your home or office?

Getting an ADSL internet is a quite simple process. I am listing ways on how you can get an ADSL internet in your home or workplace. The only way to get an ADSL connection in your home or office through the PSTN line from NTC. Follow the steps below to get an ADSL connection:

  • You can get and download the form online through the website of NTC.  But you will have to submit the form by reaching the Nepal telecom office. Surf the website of NTC to get and fill your form:
  • Fill the form online and submit the form detailing the desired speed of the internet you want. Fill out all the required information. Submit the form in the Nepal telecom office from where you got your telephone connection.
  • Submit the form along with a copy of your citizenship certificate. For an office, you need a company registration certificate and owner’s citizenship certificate.
  • There is a provision of providing broadband service within seven days of form submission.  You will be contacted and once you make your first payment, you will receive your User-id and password.
  • The technicians will come to your place and provide you with all the connections and related information.
  • You will have to buy the CPE. NTC doesn’t have the facility of providing the CPE. You will responsible for any kind of damage to the CPE.
  • You can take your ADSL package on a monthly basis or on a volume basis. NTC has attractive packages for internet service. For more information on ADSL packages, visit the NTC website:

How is ADSL Internet in Nepal

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, which is a type of DSL broadband communications technology that is used for connecting to the internet. It is a technology for transmitting digital information at a high bandwidth on existing phone lines to homes and businesses. As the name suggests the downstream and upstream varies in ADSL. In Nepal, speed up to 5 Mbps is currently being provided.

Nepal Telecom launched its broadband services in Baisakh 17, 2065 for the first time in Nepal by the use of ADSL 2+ technology. The service was initially available for Kathmandu valley but now it is available in All 77 districts across the Country.

For now, monthly, 3-monthly and yearly packages are available for subscription. You can visit the nearest counter of the Nepal Telecom counter for the subscription ADSL service (if available).

The monthly bill of ADSL internet will be added to the telephone bill and you can pay your ADSL bill in the same place where you pay your telephone bills. The subscription charge shall be paid at the time of registration. Currently, ADSL provides internet service with bandwidth up to 5 Mbps and available in both data package systems and unlimited plan systems.

Cost for ADSL


Data VolumePrice (Rs.)SpeedValidity
15 GB200Upto 5 MbpsOne month
25 GB300Upto 5 MbpsOne month
40 GB400Upto 5 MbpsOne month


1 month unlimited8005Mbps1 month
6 month unlimited43005Mbps6 months
12 month unlimited80005Mbps1 year

With the advancement in technology and free competitive market economy, a lot of other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) (including Subisu, Worldlink, Vianet, Classictech and many more) have been established in Nepal providing different types of internet services throughout the country giving tough competition to ADSL service of Nepal Telecom.

Nowadays, these private ISPs in Nepal are providing internet services through Fiber to the Home (FTTH) which transmits digital data through fiber optics.

It is comparatively faster than the ADSL internet, as digital data can travel very faster in fiber optics than in copper wire. Also, the cost of using both technologies are comparable to each other.  On the other hand, mobile data is also being cheaper and convenient to the users. Mobile data of 4G is being provided by Nepal Telecom, Ncell and Smart cell different cities across the country. Whereas 3G service is provided by those companies all over the country.

ADSL service in Nepal is quite unreliable in terms of speed, the speed of the internet usually depends on the distance from your telephone exchange. Other than distance, speed may vary accordingly to the age of wire, temperature, and weather of environment as data is being transferred through copper wires. While Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can provide an estimate, they can’t always be accurate.

Fiber broadband is better, faster and more reliable than standard ADSL internet and is delivered to homes and businesses through fiber optic cables.

While comparing ADSL with mobile data and Fiber optics services currently available in Nepal, both mobile data and Fiber is faster than average broadband speed for ADSL internet.

On the other hand, you can download and upload more with faster speeds on fiber and mobile data than in ADSL, Fiber Broadband is much more reliable than copper and Fiber is better for the future.

You can access the internet through your mobile devices on your go through mobile data. ADSL service is available in more places than Fiber and mobile data. ADSL seems to be quite cheaper to some extent than the Fiber but using mobile data is very much expensive as compare to ADSL in Nepal.