Nepal Telecom is the company committed to providing nationwide telecommunication services since its inception. Nepal Telecom has been providing ADSL Broadband Services since 2065 BS, Baisakh 17th. This service can be availed from all the 75 districts. Thus, it has a countrywide reach in Nepal. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a data communication technology that transmits data faster over the copper telephone lines. In ADSL, Bandwidth and bitrate are greater towards customer premises and for this reason; it is primarily used to download the contents from the internet. You need to properly set up your router with this NTC ADSL setting to connect the internet in your router.

TP-Link Router NTC ADSL Setting

The most commonly used router for ADSL is the TP-Link Router. It is used for home networking and small business networking. The router can be configured either in the routing mode or the bridge mode. In the routing mode, modem/CPE dials with username and password provided by NT and is used to share the internet connection among multiple computers whereas in the bridge mode, computer dials with username and password provided by Nepal Telecom and is used to connect the internet to a single computer.

ntc adsl setting

ntc adsl setting

All Router NTC ADSL Setting

Here, we are going to show you the ADSL setting of a router, TP-Link  (the setting is similar to other routers, but you have to find the fields and enter the right parameters) for Nepal Telecom. If you need high speed internet, Nepal Telecom also provides high-speed NTC 4G LTE in cheap rate. But, in this article, we mention the settings for ADSL router to connect NTC ADSL.

  • After purchasing the CPE (ADSL 2+ modem), go through the manual thoroughly. You should then make all the connections required beforehand like from ADSL modem to the router and then to the desktop. Look for a signal in the router.
  • Then go to your web browser and type in the URL. A pop-up window opens that tells you to sign in with username and password. The default username and password are an admin. Type “admin” in both the fields.
  • The TP-link homepage opens. In the menu, click on “quick start”. Then click on “Run the wizard”.
  • The screen for “Run Wizard” opens which gives you information about the steps that you will be guided in. Click on next.
  • The 1st step is to set the time zone. If Nepal is not available, select the nearest time zone e.g.: India.
  • The 2nd step is to set the internet connection. You have to select the internet connection type. There are 4 options. Choose PPPoE/PPPoA. This is the most common among the DSL users. After the selection, enter username and password provided by Nepal Telecom. Then enter the following values: VPI=8, VCI=81 and Connection type: PPoE LLC
  • Then you will be directed to the 3rd step of Wireless Network Configuration. Enter the following values in this step: Access point = Activated, SSID= “The name of your wifi network”, Broadcast SSID= Yes, Authentication type= WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, Encryption= TKIP/AES and in the pre-shared key, set your wifi password. Click on next.
  • The screen opens written “Quick Start complete”. Then the 4th step will be to click on Next to save the settings.
  • With the completion of the four steps, the set up for NTC ADSL setting also completes. And, you will be connected to the internet.