Samsung mobile phones belong to the Samsung Electronics of Samsung Group. Headquarter of the Samsung company is located in South Korea. The product line of Samsung Galaxy mobile includes many series. The initial launch dates back to the year 2009. Samsung mobiles use the Android operating software produced by Google. It is one of the leading brands of smartphones in the world itself. Samsung mobile price is also cheap in compared to other mobile brands.

Nepal is also not an exempt in the popularity of Samsung mobiles. It is a reliable and known brand name among the Nepalese. Favourite among all the age groups, the dominant Samsung brand is affordable, provides varieties in the choices and is available in various styles and designs. Samsung mobile price is fluctuating and old handsets are available in very cheap rate.

The market share of Samsung mobiles is approximately 80% in Nepal’s smartphone industry which is a huge figure. Samsung features a wide range of handsets in Nepal. There are several service centres and authorised distributors of Samsung mobiles all over Nepal, and thus if one wants, they can easily get access to Samsung smartphone. Samsung mobiles are available not only in the stores and showrooms but the online Nepali market as well. One can avail of a budgeted economic handset to high-end handsets of Samsung. Our team was in the¬†market to understand the Samsung mobile price in Nepal and we have obtained the Samsung mobile price from the store as following. Here, we provide you with the prices of Samsung mobile phones. The maximum retail prices (MRP) are given below, and thus you can get some discounts depending upon the seller.

Samsung mobile price Samsung Store

The prices of Samsung mobile phones in Nepal are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: NRs. 88,900
  • Samsung Galaxy S7: NRs. 77,900
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: NRs. 94,900
  • Samsung Galaxy S6: NRs. 77,900
  • Samsung Galaxy S5: NRs. 43,500
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5: NRs. 76,900
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4: NRs. 68,900
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3: NRs. 41,500
  • Samsung Galaxy A8: NRs. 53,900
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 2016: NRs. 45,900
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 2016: NRs. 37,900
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime: NRs. 29,490
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 2016: NRs. 26,490
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 2015: NRs. 21,900
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime: NRs. 22,990
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 2016: NRs. 23,490
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 2015: NRs. 17,900
  • Samsung Galaxy J Max: NRs. 21,900
  • Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro: NRs. 18,900
  • Samsung Galaxy J3: NRs. 16,990
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 2016: NRs. 15,900
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand prime: NRs. 13,900
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 2015: NRs. 11,990
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Ace: NRs. 13,990
  • Samsung Galaxy J1 2016: NRs. 11,390
  • Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace: NRs. 9,390
  • Samsung Galaxy J1 Nxt: NRs. 7,990
  • Samsung Z2: NRs. 7,290
samsung mobile price

samsung mobile price

These are the maximum retail prices, and you might get some discount depending upon your bargain. You can choose from a list of these Samsung mobile phones. It depends whether you would want to buy a budgeted phone or not. The price range of the mobile phones fluctuates. According to a report, smartphones depreciate more. More precisely, Android phones tend to depreciate more. For instance, Samsung Galaxy S4 which was released in 2014 lost half of its original value within two months of the release. This may not apply to all the handsets of Samsung, but the depreciation does occur, and in the actual time, they are constantly occurring. This is because of the rapid inception of faster and superior models. Thus, with a new release, Android smartphones are bound to lose more value, about 30-50%. This happens in the case of Samsung mobiles too. If you give a thought to the future value while buying handsets, you should keep this in mind.

Note: Samsung mobile price in Nepal is fluctuating because of competition and new handsets available in the market. If you know the latest price of any Samsung handsets, we request you to comment the price and model of Samsung and please keep this page updated.

Update: We have already asked the authorized dealer about latest Samsung mobile price in Nepal. We will update this page as soon as we hear from them. Thank you.