These days everything can be done online. In Nepal as well, we have online services for doing any work. In the article, we are listing few web recharge services and web recharge procedures for different service providers.

Here are the ways how to Web Recharge Ncell, NTC, Netflix, and Esewa. Online recharging saves time and effort. It brings more accuracy and the process is more convenient, can be carried out anytime and anywhere on the go. Thus, the online recharging service is being more and more popular day by day. Here, online recharging of Ncell, NTC, Netflix and E Sewa is discussed.

Online transaction is increasing in Nepal every day. Most of the procedures are possible online. Here, I am listing the web recharge procedure for some of our daily used services. There are simple ways to recharge NTC, NCELL, NetFlix, Esewa, and others in Nepal.

NTC has always been one of the most famous service providers in Nepal. The NTC recharge cards are available in almost any store in Nepal. That’s why getting a recharge in NTC is very easy. There are many ways you can recharge your phone. With emerging digital payment platforms you can even recharge your phone using those platforms. Using Esewa, ipay, Khalti, and Hello paisa, you can easily recharge your NTC sim card.

Web Recharge NTC

web recharge ntc

Online recharge is the other service of NTC. Here is the link to the site: webrecharge ntc net np.

As seen on the page you will have to fill in the details. Enter your pin as per instructions and you are good to go.

  • Once you scratch the card and get your pin select your subscriber type in the the
  • Enter your mobile or landline number in the subscriber input no box.
  • Click the recharge button
  • You will receive a response to successful.

You can also recharge NTC using the Esewa account.

web recharge ntc ncell netflix esewa

Online recharge is possible for NTC users as well. For this, users have to go to the site and choose from different categories of subscriber types. After that user needs to provide a phone number to which he/she want to recharge fund and finally they have to provide the pin number of recharge card that is obtained by scratching in the recharge card.

Besides this, fund transfer in individual phone numbers is also possible in the NTC network. A balance transfer can also be done through Esewa. Esewa can also be used for top-up recharge and online purchase of recharge cards. The NTC recharge can also be done through internet banking and mobile banking services of different commercial banks of Nepal.

To web recharge for NTC go to the website It will show you a form. First choose the type of sim you use such as prepaid, postpaid, landline, GSN, etc. It will then ask you to provide your phone number. After that enter your pin number.

To obtain a pin number, you can buy a voucher in any local store and scratch to reveal the pin and simply enter it.  After that enter the captcha as verification and click on the recharge button. Don’t close until you get a confirmation screen and Walla!

NTC also provides an online recharge service. You can recharge your phone anywhere anytime. Here is the link to the site:

As seen on the page you will have to fill in the details. Enter your pin as per instructions and you are good to go.

  • Once you scratch the card and get your pin select your subscriber type in the the
  • Enter your mobile or landline number in the subscriber input no box.
  • Enter the pin number carefully.
  • Click the recharge button
  • You will receive a response of a successful recharge.

NTC recharge card number

The other way is the traditional one where you can buy your desired recharge card from the store. You just follow the instruction written on the backside of the card. Just scratch the covered part and you get your pin. Use that pin and follow the instructed procedure. This is the most popular way of recharging your phone. This is quite easy and accessible to everyone.

Using kiosk machines

There are other groups who prefer to recharge their sim using kiosk machines. The machines are available in most major places of Kathmandu these days.

The machines are one of the smartest ways of recharging your phone. Just select your language and your service provider. Once you enter your mobile number you need to insert a banknote staring from Rs 20 and can get your recharge done. This allows fast transactions and of course reliable one since you receive a receipt right after your phone gets charged.

NTC Recharge validity period

NTC GSM Prepaid Recharge Validity date has been increased. Now costumers topping balance on NTC prepaid mobile phone will get more validity as below.

S.No Recharge Amount New Validity Old Validity
1 10 5 Days 1 Day
2 20 10 Days 2 Days
3 30 15 Days 3 Days
4 40 20 Days 4 Days
5 50 30 Days 7 Days
6 100 60 Days 20 Day
7 150 90 Days 35 Day
8 200 140 Days 60 Days
9 300 200 Days 90 Days
10 500 360 Days 180 Days
11 1000 730 Days 360 Days

Web Recharge Ncell

You can recharge your SIM with a visa, master card or union pay card. Visit the website of Ncell and follow the instruction as given:

web recharge ncell

Using the online web recharge service you can recharge for you or your loved ones from outside and inside the country. Here is the link:

Ncell even has Ncell app with which you can recharge your Phone. Download the app and you can enjoy services like recharge, transfer, and payment of bills.

You can also recharge Ncell using the Esewa account.

For Ncell web recharge,  go to the website  You have two options, you can either choose using your card. for that enter your phone number and proceed on entering your card details. Or you can choose to use a recharge card. This means you have to buy the voucher ( recharge card) from any local general store and scratch the card and type your pin number and your phone number and click on recharge. It’s that simple.

Ncell is a privately owned telecommunications company. It has lots of services for the customers one of them is an online recharge system. For web recharge in Ncell, you can use Ncell mobile app or use the official website of Ncell.

Then you are required to choose the “Recharge online” option, where you will be asked to fill an electronic form, submit the destination phone number, amount to be recharged and prove that you are not a robot.

Then you will be asked to provide some of your personal information including debit card or credit card number through which the amount of recharge will be deducted. Ncell recharge is also possible through the internet and mobile banking of different commercial banks of Nepal. Besides these, Esewa can also be used to recharge in the Ncell network.

You can recharge your SIM with visa, master card or union pay card. Visit the website of Ncell and follow the instruction as given:

If you don’t have a visa card or master card you can even purchase a recharge card. Using the online recharge service you can recharge for you or your loved ones from outside and inside the country. Here is the link:

Ncell recharge card

The first most easy way of recharging Ncell will be using the recharge card. You can get the Ncell recharge card in almost all general shops. Once you scratch for the pin number follow the instruction in the backside of the card. You can use the IVR system or SMS service for recharge.

  • You can either type *102*pin number # and dial your call button.
  • Or, Dial 90012 and follow the instructions to enter the pin number.

The other way is using an E-recharge service that allows you to get a recharge of Rs 10 as well.

 How to web recharge Ncell via Ncell App

Ncell even has a Ncell app with which you can recharge your Phone. Download the app and you can enjoy services like recharge, transfer, and payment of bills. Dial *17101# to get the download link. With a simple procedure, you can get a recharge on your phone.

Recharge using kiosk

You can recharge a minimum of 20 rupees using the kiosk machines. You need a good banknote, insert the money in the machine and get equivalent recharge on your phone. For that first select your language. And select your service provider’s name which is Ncell. Enter the mobile number after that. You will receive a receipt upon a successful recharge.

Web Recharge Dish Home

We have made the recharge process of Dish Home easier in this stepwise guide.

web recharge dish home
  • Visit the website of dish home:
  • You will find the option recharge on the home page. Click the option.
  • You will have to fill in your customer ID and choose the option recharge using online payment.
  • Once you do that type the desired recharge amount.
  • Choose your payment gateway. You need to have an ESewa account or Khali account. You can pay from any of these platforms.

ISP Bills payment through Khalti

You can pay your ISP bills using the khalti App. The procedure for paying bills is similar to all of the ISPs. All you have to do is fill up your mobile or landline number, Customer ID, username and the amount that you wish to pay. For that, you need to have a Khalti account. You need to sign up with khalti before starting to pay for the service. In ADSL, you have to choose whether you have an unlimited connection or volume-based connection.

Recharge Vianet

web recharge vianet

Vianet also has an online recharge service for its customers. Payment can be done through online recharge, bank deposit or directly by visiting the office.

Online payment can be done through any platforms like Esewa, iPay, Hello Paisa, NIBL Online Banking. Here is the link to paying bills online:

Recharge Worldlink

web recharge worldlink

Worldlink offers a large variety to its customers for paying bills. Customers can pay their bill either though khalti, Esewa or ipay.

  • For any kind of online payment visit the site:
  • You can now choose the option convenient for you.
  • You need to log in with your username and customer ID.

Similarly, you can even pay directly through your banks in Nepal. Presently, this service is available for users who have an account with Prabhu Bank and Nepal Investment Bank. Follow the steps mentioned below to pay your bills through internet banking.

  • First, you need to register with your bank for Internet Banking service.
  • You will then be provided login information and guidelines on using the service by your bank.
  • Login and start using the service.

Web recharge Netflix

Netflix is a subscription-based television service provider. It provides you with a large variety of series, movies and many more. Netflix is now introduced to Nepal and has grown a huge hype about it. As is it subscription-based, web recharging your Netflix account is done automated. You have to first sign up to a Netflix account and then choose the plan you want. After entering your banking information ( note only PayPal and credit card is accepted in Nepal), each month your amount will be charged automatically.

Netflix’s recharge is totally a web-based system. Netflix is an advertisement less video streaming platform. So, their only source of income is through the payment made by subscriber for the subscription. Anyone who joins Netflix gets a free trial of one month on subscription, later the subscriber has to pay according to the package of subscription. The payment system varies according to the plan, which is a basic plan, Standard plan, and Premium plan. The payment is done through debit cards and credit cards. One must provide personal information and debit card or credit card number during the time of subscription and payment is made through it when due.

Netflix started its service in Nepal as well since 2016. But Nepalese are still in a lot of problems because of its recharge scheme. You can subscribe to Netflix using a card only but the Nepal government has put a restriction on a hat. So it was not possible for Nepali viewers to watch Netflix. Netflix charges you every month at the beginning of your monthly cycle. Card Nepal has now stated its service of providing a Netflix gift card. The steps towards paying for your subscription are listed as:

  • You can purchase Netflix subscription through card Nepal.
  • You have to make payment for the card through Esewa.
  • Once you pay for our card, you will receive a Netflix Card code.
  • Visit the website of Netflix: and enter your received code. You will receive the code in your email.
  • You can use the card for yourself or can even gift it to others.

Web recharge eSewa

eSewa is an online banking service provider, where it serves you as an online wallet. To web recharge, you first have a login to your Esewa account. After that there is an option called, load your amount. Search for Esewa top-up. You will have three options for web recharge.

One: Through internet banking. Transfer your money from your bank account to the eSewa account.

Second: Mobile banking is when you don’t have internet banking but you have mobile banking, you can use this option too.

Third: Request your friend. You can request your friend to transfer eSewa money.  Just follow the process, enter the requested information, verify and click on submit.

ESewa is the most famous digital wallet in Nepal. E Sewa is mostly popular for paying bills on different organizations, online ticket bookings, bus and air ticket reservations, hotel reservations, mobile recharge, internet bill payment and many more.

ESewa can be directly connected to a bank account through a mobile banking system and the internet banking system of banks. To load funds in Esewa, the user should log in to the E Sewa by connecting the bank account by providing personal information and scanned documents of Nepali citizenship or driving license.

ESewa is one of the trusted platforms for online payment procedures. It is used in many works and other procedures. But many people are still confused on how to load money into your E Sewa wallet. You can transfer funds in various ways.

Then, the user should choose the option of load fund in the official site of Esewa or the mobile app of E Sewa. The amount that is loaded in E Sewa is deducted from the bank account to which the E Sewa id is connected to.

How to web recharge Esewa through Bank

You can either transfer your fund through your online banking or can directly make a deposit in the bank to load funds to your Esewa account. For online banking, you must have subscribed to the online banking service in your respective bank. Following banks provide counter deposit service:

  • Siddhartha Bank Ltd.
  • Tourism development bank
  • Yeti development bank
  • Global IME Bank
  • Prabhu Bank
  • Siddhartha Development Bank

How to web recharge Esewa from Esewa Zones

The other way is through E Sewa zones. there are many E Sewa zones throughout the country. You just have to deposit money through those zones and money is transferred to your E Sewa account.

How to web recharge Esewa by P2P Transfer

Via P2P transfer you can transfer money from your friends’ account. They can directly send you money through their accounts.