Web Recharge NTC NCELL Dish Home ViaNet Worldlink

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These days everything can be done online. In Nepal as well, we have online services for doing any work. In the article, we are listing few web recharge services and web recharge procedures for different service provider.

Web Recharge NTC

Online recharge is the other service of NTC. Here is the link to the site: webrecharge ntc net np.web recharge ntc

As seen on the page you will have to fill in the details. Enter your pin as per instructions and you are good to go.

  • Once you scratch the card and get your pin select your subscriber type in the the
  • Enter your mobile or landline number in the subscriber input no box.
  • Click the recharge button
  • You will receive a response of successful.

You can also recharge NTC using Esewa account.

Web Recharge Ncell

You can recharge your SIM with visa, master card or union pay card. Visit the website of Ncell and follow the instruction as given: https://payment.ncell.axiata.com/

web recharge ncell

Using the online web recharge service you can recharge for you or your loved ones from outside and inside the country. Here is the link: https://payment.ncell.axiata.com/

Ncell even has ncell app with which you can recharge your Phone. Download the app and you can enjoy services like recharge, transfer and payment of bills.

You can also recharge Ncell using Esewa account.

Web Recharge Dish Home

We have made recharge process of Dish Home easier in this step wise guide.

web recharge dish home

  • Visit the website of dish home: https://www.dishhome.com.np/
  • You will find the option recharge on home page. Click the option.
  • You will have to fill in your customer ID and choose the option recharge using online payment.
  • Once you do that type the desired recharge amount.
  • Choose your payment gateway. You need to have an ESewa account or Khali account. You can pay from any of these platforms.

ISP Bills payment through Khalti

You can pay your ISP bills using the khalti App. The procedure for paying bills is similar for all of the ISPs. All you have to do is fill up your mobile or landline number, Customer ID, username and the amount that you wish to pay. For that you need to have a Khalti account. You need to sign up with khalti before starting to pay for the service. In ADSL, you have to choose whether you have unlimited connection or volume based connection.

Recharge Vianet

Vianet also has online recharge service for its customers. Payment can be done through online recharge, bank deposit or directly by visiting the office.web recharge vianet

Online payment can be done through any platforms like Esewa, iPay, Hello Paisa, NIBL Online Banking. Here is the link to paying bills online: www.vianet.com.np/online-payments.

Recharge Worldlink

Worldlink offers large variety to its customers for paying bills. Customers can pay their bill either though khalti, Esewa or ipay.web recharge worldlink

  • For any kind of online payment visit the site: https://epayment.worldlink.com.np/
  • You can now choose option convenient for you.
  • You need to login with your username and customer ID.

Similarly, you can even pay directly through your banks in Nepal. Presently, this service is available for users who have an account with Prabhu Bank and Nepal Investment Bank. Follow the steps mentioned below to pay your bills through internet banking.

  • First you need to register with your bank for Internet Banking service.
  • You will then be provided login information and guidelines on using the service by your bank.
  • Login and start using the service.

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