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Update: NEB result 2075 is ready. It publishes today at 5 P.M. NEB result online can be checked through various ways like online, sms, landline and websites. As you know, Class 11 management result and class 12 management result has be out and there are numerous ways that one can check their results. This way applies for both class 11 NEB result and Class 12 NEB result. The ways that one preferred to other. Any ways, here are the trustworthy ways that you can possibly check your results.

NEB exam routine was published long before and examination has been successfully taken. Now, its a time for NEB result.

NEB Result SMS

  1. SMS:

Yes, through SMS. No it won’t be as detailed as the mark sheet you will get to see in the websites but this Is a conveniently way if you are in a place where it’s not convenient to check through the internet and you still want to know your result to see if you’ve passed or failed and how much you’ve got.

There are many ways you can check through SMS but the most reputed and trust worthy are:


Type NEB<space><symbolNumber> and send it to 1601

Example: Type NEB 0123456A and send it to 1601


Type NEB <space> Symbol Number and send it to 35001

Example: Type NEB 0123456A and send it to 35001.

Note: Sparrow SMS and other companies will charge you up to RS 5 for checking but NTC will only charge you for RS1.

neb result online

NEB Result Landline


Yes, if you are in a comfort of your home or have landlines nearby when you have no internet connection available just pick up your landline then dial 1601 and then simply follow the instructions given by the auto answering machine.

NEB Result Online Websites


This method is the most detailed and trustworthy method of all. Just log on to government websites or other websites that provides you the result. It is very easy and simple. The most truth worthy and affiliated to NEB websites are:

Official NEB Website:

Go to http://www.neb.gov.np/results/MainResult

Type your symbol number then click search and your result should appear on the screen.


Go to http://neb.ntc.net.np/

Type your symbol number then click submit and your result should appear on the screen.

This video describes well on how to check NEB result.

Hope now all of your confusion has cleared up and wish you very best for your result. If you wish to learn more on how to check NEB result, you can follow our another article.