The NEB National Examination Board publishes the NEB exam routine for Grade XII (12) in 2081. If you’re among the population of students taking their board exam this year, 2081, this is how you check for the routine for all streams: Management, Science, and Humanities.

The official website of the National Examination Board,, updates all information regarding the NEB. On this website, you can access the latest notices and information about the NEB exam routine.

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How to check NEB routine from

To check the NEB routine (Routines for class 11 and 12 final examinations), follow the steps below:

  • Open your browser and enter the official website of the national examinations board, which is
  • After pressing enter, the homepage of the NEB website loads.
  • Below the board logo, you can see options like home, about us, notices, results, contact, and FAQ. Click on “Notices.”
  • Once the page for “notices” opens, check if there is a notice regarding the routine. Notices are all provided in the Nepali language. Look for updates labeled “Samaya Talika” in the heading. This is where you’ll find published or amended results.
  • Click on the notice regarding your NEB routine. Open the link to get information about the examination (subject, time, date) to be held. Ensure to check the website regularly for updates.
NEB Notices

Click the above link; it’s an NEB routine in PDF format. It either opens through Adobe Reader or in your browser and works on both phones (Android, iOS) and PCs. In the PDF file, you’ll see two different tables, each with three columns containing the examination date, subject, and subject code number. This table is for Grade 12. So, on each date, check for your subject and take your exam according to the NEB exam routine.

NEB Exam Rules

Here are some rules that should be kept in mind before anything else.

  • If you fail to attend any of the exams, your paper gets canceled, and no other preparations are made.
  • If any public holiday or holiday falls on your exam date, the exam proceeds unless further notice is provided by the officials.
  • Students are required to bring necessary items for the exam such as calculators, graph papers, charts, etc., as no supplies will be provided.
  • Science students taking biology exams are instructed to use separate answer sheets for Botany and Zoology.
  • Exams must be strictly taken only at the designated exam centers. Changing centers or taking the exam elsewhere is strictly prohibited and may result in consequences.
  • During the exam, students are prohibited from carrying electronic devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, or any others. If caught, the device may be confiscated, and further actions may be taken. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

These are the important rules that one should keep in mind. Ensure all important forms are filled, registered, and submitted before the deadline. Missing an exam is highly discouraged unless in cases of emergency or sickness.

All exam takers are requested to carefully verify their centers and only take their exams at their designated centers. Changing centers, i.e., taking exams at different centers other than the assigned one, can result in consequences and actions may be taken by the board, so it is strictly not advised to do so.

neb exam centers

Arrive at the examination hall on time and ensure you do not bring any prohibited devices or objects such as mobile phones, smartwatches, etc. to the examination hall. Sit at your assigned desk. Additionally, if you want to check the exam routine, it is in the next article on our website. Please remember to check that out.

Furthermore, it is advised not to engage in any misconduct such as cheating or bringing prohibited items into the examination. Also, carefully verify your exam center, which you can find in another article on our website. Lastly, do not forget to bring your supplies and stationery, and remember to bring your admit card.

NEB exam center

The NEB (National Educational Board) publishes the test NEB exam centers for Grade XI (11) and Grade XII (12) for all streams of Science, Management, and Humanities.

To check for the test centers, log on to the official website:, and check for your centers. You can also check your NEB exam routine.

However, to make things easier, we provide a direct link to the test center so you don’t have to search for it and save time. As the exam will be conducted at various locations, do not be confused about the test centers. To make things easier and faster, I’ll provide the direct link for exam centers according to the location, and you can check accordingly.