NEB National Examination Board has published the NEB exam routine 2079 for Grade XI (11) and Grade XII (12). And if you’re among the population of those students who are giving their board exam this year 2079 then this is how you check for the routine for all the stream: Management, Science and Humanities.

neb routine

The first way is that you can simply go to the official website of NEB: and look for it. If you’re lazy like me and for your convenience, here is the direct link that will directly send you to the routine without having to look for it.

कक्षा १२ र कक्षा ११ को वार्षिक परीक्षाको समय तालिका

Click the above link, it’s an NEB routine in pdf format. It will either open through adobe reader or open in your browser and works both on phone (Android, IOS) and PC. Either way, in the pdf file you will see two different tables each with three columns that have the examinations date, Subject, and Subject Code Number. One table is for grade 12 and another is for grade 11. So, on each date check for your subject and give your exam as per the neb exam routine.

neb class 11 routine 2077

NEB Exam Rules

Here are some rules that should be kept in find before anything else.

  • If you fail to attend any of the exams, your paper will be canceled and no other preparations will be done
  • If any public holiday or any sort of holiday will lie on your exam date, the exam will still be conducted until further notice from the officials.
  • Things that may be required for an exam such as calculators, graph papers, charts, etc. are asked to be brought by students as they won’t be providing any supplies.
  • For Science Students who will be giving exams for biology, they are asked to use different separate answer sheets while writing their answers for Botany and Zoology.
  • The Practical scores for grade 12 should be conducted by ending Chaitra 2079 respective to their name and registration number and the scores of the practical exam should be submitted by the deadline Baishakh 15, 2079 to their respected branch of the board.
  • The Practical scores for grade 11 should be conducted by ending Chaitra 2079 respective to their name and registration number and the scores of the practical exam should be submitted by the deadline Baishakh 15, 2079 to their respective branch of the board
  • The exam should be strictly given only in the given exam centers. Changing the center or attending the exam in different centers other than the given center is strictly prohibited and not allowed and may face consequences.
  • During the exam, students are not allowed to carry any electronic devices such as smartphone, smartwatch or any other. If caught, the device may be confiscated and other actions might be taken. Better safe than sorry.

These are the important rules that one should keep in mind. Make sure all of the important forms are filled and registers and submitted before the deadline. Missing an exam is highly not recommended unless the case of emergency or sickness.

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All the exam takers are requested to carefully check their centers and only give their exams in their given centers. Change of the centers, i.e. giving exams in different centers other than the assigned center can cause consequences and actions might be taken from the board so it is strictly not advised doing that.

neb exam centers

Reach the examination hall on time, and please do not carry any prohibited devices and objects such as mobile phones, smartwatch, etc. to the examination hall and be sated to the assigned desk. Finally, if you want to check the exam routine it is in the next article on our website. Please don’t forget to check that out.

Also, it is advised to not take in part of any mishaps such as cheating or bringing anything prohibited in the examination. Also carefully check your exam center which you can find in our other article. Lastly, don’t forget to carry your own supplies and stationery and not to forget your admit card.

Good Luck to all the students attending NEB Boards 2079.

NEB Routine 2079

National Examination Board (NEB) class 11 class 12 exam routine 2079 is out. According to the exam routine, the class 12 exam is starting from 8 Baisakh and is going to end on the 18th of Baisakh. Class 11 exam routine is starting from the 21st of Baisakh and is ending on the 31st of Baisakh 2079. It has also been fixed that the exam will start at 8 in the morning. The exam will last for 3 hours and will end on 11.

National Examination Board (NEB) class 11 class 12 exam routine 2079 is out. According to the exam routine, the class 12 exam is starting from 8 Baisakh and is going to end on the 18 of Baisakh. Class 11 exam routine is starting from the 21 of Baisakh and is ending on the 31 of Baisakh 2079.

NEB Exam Routine Class 11

NEB exam routine for grade 11 is provided below. Students can download it or note it down for future use.

This year’s class 12 board exam will be held from 2022 April 8 to 18, then the board exam of class 11 will be held from 2022 April 21 to April 31.

neb class 11 routine 2077
neb class 12 routine 2077

The final exam routine of NEB Grade 11 and 12 has been published. 11 exam will start from Baishakh 21, 2079 and the grade 12 exam will start from Baisakh 8, 2079.

NEB Routine 2076 class 11
NEB Routine 2079

NEB stands for National Examination Board. NEB class 12 exam routine is out. Download NEB class 12 routine, plus 2 routines. NEB is one of the governing board which helps to conduct an examination of different universities as well as it publishes the result of all those examinations. National board examination refers to the public examination that occurs at the end of the semester or end of any year and so on of the whole Nation not only of one college or anyone district but of whole nation’s colleges, schools examination.

NEB exam routine class 12

The routine of such examination can be viewed through the official website of Nepal Education Board i.e, by following the given steps:

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Go to the website of NEB A homepage of the Nepal Education Board is displayed. You can see a “Notices” button on the webpage. Click the Notices Button then you are directed to a webpage of Notices. Or If you scroll down the Homepage webpage you can see Notices table with various latest information displayed.

You can view the latest notice regarding the NEB exam routine and various other information like a change of exam schedule, holidays, etc. If you click “More Notice” then you are directed to a webpage of Notices where you can view all the issued notices by the Nepal Examination Board.

neb exam routine class 12

In the Notice page, you can get the information about the Exam Routine of class 11 and 12 along with the Examination Centers in various cities in Nepal. Also if there is any change in the schedule of Exam, notice for the same can be viewed from this page.

neb class 11 routine 2077

For example, if you need NEB exam Routine of Class 11, Click the Notice having details about the exam schedule of class 11 and you are directed to a new page giving you details about the exam schedule from where you can view or download the exam routine.

I hope this information would guide you to check the NEB Routine for class 11 & 12 examinations.

NEB is not any private organization established for earning profit or other but it is one of the government organizations established for making student life easy or in other word to provide comfortable service for the education department. NEB plays an important role in the students’ life as well as ease for the educational department it is also one of the parts of the educational department.

As if there is no NEB our education system may be poor as there may occur many difficulties for the student to upgrade their marks or it would be hard for them to study. So NEB plays a significant role in making the education system easy for students to pass out easily.

NEB exam routine 2079 is ready and you can download it now from here. NEB routine 2079 by higher secondary education board Nepal has been published here. You can get NEB routine for grade 11 and grade 12 over here.

With the publishing of the NEB examination routine, students must start preparing their examinations. NEB class 12 examination starts on Baisakh 20 2079 and ends on Baisakh 31.

NEB class 11 examination starts on Ashar 6 2079 and ends on Ashar 18 2079. You can download the NEB exam routine 2079 from here in pdf format as well as image format so that you can keep it on your mobile phone safely.

We request our visitors to visit our page in a timely manner as we cover out lots of NEB stuff. Our website has NEB exam routine, NEB results, NEB notes, NEB notices for NEB students. This stuff is regularly updated so that it can be useful for students. We request our users to use the comment section below to comment on the page. This will certainly boost our efficiency to provide the service. Comment with thanks if you like this.

NEB exam center

NEB (National Educational Board) has published the test NEB exam centers for Grade XI (11) and Grade XII (12) for all streams Science, Management and Humanities.
In order to check for the test centers, you can log on to the official website: and check for your centers. You can check your NEB exam routine also.

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But to make things easier for you, we will provide a direct link to the test center so you don’t have to search for it and save time. As the exam will be conducted will the various locations of the contact, do not be confused about the test centers. To make things so much easier and faster, I’ll link the direct link for exam centers according to the location and you can check accordingly.


Here are some information and detail about NEB. Many people are used to hearing HSEB and might be confused about NEB and HSEB. So actually with the certification of The Education Act (Eighth Amendment), 2016 by the President Bidya Devi Bhandari Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) has been transformed into the National Exams Board (NEB).

After the transformation, Vice-Chairman Chaitanya Sharma has been seen off by the HSEB employees.

He was appointed two years back. However, Member Secretary Narayan Prasad Koirala is a joint secretary-level official, so he is to continue his job in different capacities at the NEB. Outgoing Vice-Chairman Sharma said as a new mechanism has begun with the curriculum design and management of examination of the secondary level, additional human resources and physical infrastructures are required to the NEB for smooth functioning.

The existing 3,600 higher secondary schools monitored by the HSEB will now run under the Department of Education.

Moreover, the HSEB’s transformation to NEB has ended the School Leaving Certificate exams. A nation-wide exam would be held in grade 12. For the appointment of the chairman in the NEB, a recommendation committee has been formed with the chairmanship of the Public Service Commission.

I hope now all of your confusion has cleared up and wish you very best. Good Luck!!

NEB class 11 12

National Examination Board has published an examination routine for Grade 11 and 12. Examination timetable 2079 includes Music, other technical subjects and Sanskrit.

This timetable is for you if you are appearing Class 11 and Class 12 exam. Class 11 and Class 12 exam is also called an NEB exam or Plus two (+2 exam). The examination time has been set from 7 AM in the morning to 10 AM in the morning. So, the exam will be of three hours long.

If you are looking to increase your grades in the NEB exam, this NEB exam routine is also for you.

Grade 11 plus 2 exams: Exam is starting from 30 Baisakh for Grade 11.
Grade 12 plus 2 exams: Exam is starting from 14 Baisakh for Grade 12.

neb class 11 routine 2077
NEB exam routine 2079 Class 11 12
neb exam routine 2079
NEB exam routine 2079 Class 11 12