After seeing a Nepali Pranks by Nepali Pranksters, we must feel shame on them. Do they really really know what the prank is? It is doubtful!!!  if they even know what prank is? where it limits?

Prank Rules

A prank should be funny

Do you think [Nepali Prank- Bhailai Kina Kuteko Part 3: link], is funny from any angle? They made a last boy to weep.

boy crying due to prank

boy crying due to prank

Few Rules for Pranks

1) Never do two pranks in a row. Follow the order of sequence: You prank, he pranks back, you prank back, he pranks back, etc.
2) Never get into a fight over a prank, just prank them back harder.
3) Do not prank during Midterms or Finals Week.
4) Should a prank make a mess, those involved must help clean it up.
5) Do not deny about having committed a prank or put the blame on someone else.
6) A prank should not have long lasting negative effects.
7) Do not steal during a prank (unless intended to give it back)
8) Never tell on or rat out a fellow prankster.
9) Do not do anything that can cause any bleeding or major damage.
10) Do not break someone else’s things as a part of your prank.

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There are few things that a prank must have.

Rule #1: A good prank shows ingenuity, problem-solving, and spirit.
Rule #2: A good prank requires teamwork, organization, and planning.
Rule #3: A good prank causes no permanent or irreversible damage or harm.
Rule #4: A good prank requires stealth, covert action, and discretion after the fact.

Rule #1 sates that The theory is that if you can do something that gets a tremendous amount of attention, that’s creative and not damaging, then you’ve pulled off a great prank.

Nepali Pranksters Videos Comments

There was a quite serious issue on video [].  Frequently, the video makers were being attacked [time: 0:59, time 1:17, time 1:40] . This is not a way for a prank which make people aggressive. If it still continued for more hours, i do not think it would took them on a hospital bed.

Another video, something titled as “vai lai paisa dina thiyo”, one people at last took them to police station. In any angle, whatever the cause is, they do not have right to disturb the living of people.

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Comments: Pranks should be knowledgeable for the society. It must not make a people aggressive that may cause some serious problems. I liked the swine-flue prank by them, it needs to be appreciated that they were making the society aware of swine-flue. And they distributed some medical masks to people.  It was funny too rather than other meaningless clueless prank videos by them.

Our suggestion: Work hard for a funny pranks (not aggressive one) which aware the society or helps society positively in any manner.

Update: 2015 april 21

Today morning, a new video has been uploaded. This time we are not giving review of the video ourselves. We are taking some Facebook comments from Facebook page which shared the prank. This review is not made by us. This review is collected from numerous people from Facebook.

prank-1 nepali prank reviews nepali prank reviews

Our valued users, please read the comments by users yourself.  This reviews were taken from Facebook page of We would like to thank them.

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