Nepal Telecom has announced a huge discount offers for its services. NTC internet offers, NTC phone call offers, NTC landline offers and numerous offers has been offered by Nepal Telecom. A leading telecom network, Nepal Telecom usually provides good offer for its customers.

NTC 12 anniversary discount offers

Nepal telecom is providing bonus, offers to its customers on its 12th anniversary. Bonus 12%, 2.12% discount on data, cheap sms service, WiMax bonus, Adsl bonus has been provided by Nepal telecom. You can get more details about it over here.

  • 1. Bonus 12%

    Nepal Telecom is providing 12% Bonus on Recharge Cards/MPoS for 3 Days (from 2072-10-22 to 2072-10-24).

  • 2. 12% Discount on GSM(Prepaid/Postpaid) Flat Data Usages

    GSM (Prepaid/Postpaid) subscriber can use Data @ just 88 paisa/MB from 2072-10-22 to 2072-10-29.

nepal telecom offers

  • 3. SMS Packages

    Following SMS Packages for GSM/CDMA (Prepaid/Postpaid) Customers is aavailable from Magh 22, 2072 till the end of Falgun 2072.

    ServiceRate (Rs.)No of SMSValidity
    GSM/CDMA (Prepaid/ Postpaid)10.00207 Days
  • 4. Bonus Data on GSM/CDMA

    GSM/CDMA (Prepaid/Postpaid) Data Package Subscribers will get Same Volume of Bonus Data as package subscribed. The package validity period will be maintained as before while the validity for the Bonus Volume is maintained as below.
    This scheme is valid from 2072-10-22 to 2072-10-29 (1 Week)

    ServiceCurrent Data PackageBonus Data Package
    PackageRate (Rs.)Time PeriodBonus VolumeBonus (Time Period)
    GSM (Prepaid/Postpaid)(*)10 MB82 Days10 MB2 Days
    50 MB3510 Days50 MB
    200 MB1301 Month200 MB7 Days
    500 MB3001 Month500 MB
    1 GB5001 Month1 GB15 Days
    3 GB12902 Months3 GB
    5 GB18003 Months5 GB30 Days
    10 GB28003 Months10 GB
    CDMA (Prepaid/Postpaid)40 MB153 Days40 MB2 Days
    200 MB751 Month200 MB7 Days
    500 MB1751 Month500 MB
    1 GB3251 Month1 GB
    3 GB8502 Months3 GB15 Days
    5 GB11803 Months5 GB
    10 GB18006 Months10 GB30 Days

    * 10 GB Data Package on GSM Postpaid not applicable

  • 5. Bonus on FTTH

    Following Bonus (One Time) to all active FTTH Users will be provided.

    Package DurationLimitVolume (GB)Bonus Volume
    1 Month1 -10 Mbps403 GB
    3 Months1 -10 Mbps120
    6 Months1 -10 Mbps2406 GB
    12 Months1 -10 Mbps48012 GB
    10 -100 Mbps480
  • 6. FTTH Promotional Packages

    Offer valids til the end of Chaitra 2072
     Package DurationLimitVolume
    Rate (Rs.)CPE Cost
    1 Month1 – 10 Mbps4018005000
    3 Months1 – 10 Mbps12051602500
    6 Months1 – 10 Mbps24091201000
    12 Months1 – 10 Mbps48018240Free
    10 – 100 Mbps48023040Free

    On Subscription FTTH Service, upto 100 Meters of 2 Core Optical Fiber will be provided FREE (For One Time). Additional Optical Fiber Cable shall be charged Rs.20/meter

  • 7. WiMAX Bonus

    The Following Bonus (One Time) will be provided to all WiMAX Customers active on 2072-10-21 and there after.

    DurationVolume (GB)Rate (Rs.)Bonus Volume
    1 Month5650  3 GB
    3 Months151,500
    6 Months303,3006 GB
    12 Months605,300
    12 Months1208,000  12 GB
    12 Months20212,750
    12 Months33620,400
  • 8. One Week Validity Extension for ADSL Volume-Based Customer

    One Week Validity Extension will be provided to all ADSL Volume-Based Customers active on 2072-10-21 and there after.

  • 9. Validity Extension for ADSL Unlimited Customer

    The following validity extension will be provided to all ADSL Unlimited Customers active on 2072-10-21 and there after.

    Package DurationBonus DurationRemarks
    1 Month4 DaysThe Bonus Duration will be added only after the expiration of the package validity
    3 Months12 Days
    6 Months24 Days
    12 Months48 Days
  • 10. Discount on PSTN Bill

    12% discount will be provided on PSTN Land Line bill for the month of falgun 2072. The discount will be applicable on national calls only.

  • 11. PSTN Place Transfer

    From Magh 22, 2072 onwards, PSTN Landline Place Transfer charges is now reduced to Rs. 320.00.

  • 12. PSTN Name Transfer

    From Magh 22, 2072 onwards, PSTN Landline Name Transfer charges Rs. 500.00 (excluding ownership charge) is now reduced to Rs. 100.00.

Above mentioned are the offers provided by Nepal Telecom. These rates are excluding taxes.