The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has released a notice regarding revisions to teacher promotion (Primary and Secondary Levels). The notification was published by the Government of Nepal, the Teachers Service Commission, Sanothimi, and Bhaktapur.

Notice Date: Last updated Jan 2, 2023

However, the Promotions Recommendation Committee Dhankuta, TSC Teachers Service Commission, showed dissatisfaction with the promotion purpose.

Teachers Service Commission's (TSC) revisions to teacher promotion (Primary and Secondary Level)

All about the Teachers Service Commission’s (TSC) revisions to teacher promotion (Primary and Secondary Level)

The notice says, “According to rule 34 of the Teachers Service Commission Regulations, 2057, the following outcome has been maintained despite the promotion recommendation committee Dhankuta’s dissatisfaction with the promotion list of the teachers in the following written advertisement. This notice is being published for the benefit of all parties involved.”

Teachers Service Commission

The sixth amendment to the Education Act of 2028, passed in 2056, created a service commission by the recommendations made by the High-Level National Education Commission in 2055 to recommend the permanent appointment and promotion of community school teachers to provide the necessary teaching licenses for teachers, and to suggest to the government about the service conditions and facilities of teachers. The Teachers Service Commission was founded on January 25, 2058, by the Seventh Amendment to the Education Act of 2028.

Even though schooling in Nepal has been practiced for a very long time, the introduction of democracy in 2007 opened the door for instruction to expand and benefit all citizens. Teachers are the cornerstone of formal education and the compass for children’s development. Teachers in schools provide the fundamental education for children who will shape the country. Children of today are the backbone of the country and its future creators. Teachers at the school should provide them with high-quality early education. To deliver high-quality education, selecting qualified, motivated toward teaching, fair, talented, and skilled in their field is vital.

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