Well, life in Kathmandu has become hectic, and there is hardly you can manage your time for family. So, a picnic will be the best option for hangout. Here is the top 10 list of picnic spots in Kathmandu.

Since the family is an integral part of our life, we need to spend a good holiday and free time with the family members to keep the bonding strong.

One of the best methods is to go for a picnic. Do you remember the last time you had a picnic with your family?

Maybe it was 5 years ago or even 10 years ago. So, manage your free time to spend quality time with your family.

picnic spots in Kathmandu

Tribhuvan Park, Thankot

Tribhuvan park is one of Kathmandu’s most secure and reliable picnic spots. It just takes half an hour from Kalanki. The best part of this picnic spot is it is conserved and secure, where you can have a good time without any disturbances. It is also regarded as the best picnic spot on Tripadvisor.

It is well managed with water, electricity, and a clean environment. You have to pay some entrance charges and some extra charges for the spot. The park has a beautiful botanical garden, a perfect place for taking a family photograph. The statue of Tribhuvan may remind you of his contribution to abolishing the Rana rule from Nepal.

Tribhuvan Park picnic spot

Nagarkot danda

If you want your picnic spot to be the place from where you can view the Himalayas and beautiful sunset, then Nagarkot Danda can be the best choice for you. It is at a distance of 35 KM from Kathmandu.

It is a favorite tourist place, and thousands of tourists visit it yearly. You will get a good picnic spot from where you can see the majestic views of Mount Everest, Annapurna and beautiful sunset. This place can give you one of the most memorable moments of your life.

Nagarkot danda picnic spot


Regarding this picnic spot, Kakani always comes on the list. Kakani is the favorite spot for most Nepalese, about 23 km from Kathmandu in the Northwest direction. Its picnic spot is one of the most well-managed picnic spots in Kathmandu.

You need to pay some charges for the spot, and you have to clean it before leaving it. This is a campaign for cleanliness awareness. From the location, you can get a view of Ganesh, Langtang, and Annapurna.

Kakani picnic spot

Bajra Barahi

Bajra Barahi is one of the historic places with the temple of Bajra Barahi. One may not know that this place is also one of the good ones for picnic spots in Kathmandu. This spot is like a conservation area inside a dense forest where you feel like exploring wildlife. With more than 166 flora available on the site, you can also view different bird species with more than 48 types. This can be the best place for your family picnic, giving the moments of a jungle safari.

Bajra Barahi picnic spot


If your interest is exploring new cultures and traditions and visiting religious temples, Kirtipur can be your favorite picnic spot. You have to drive 8 km from Kathmandu in the southwest direction. There is Pushpa Lal park for the picnic spot. Kirtipur is one of the most important towns in the history of Nepal. It has many historical stories related to the unification of Nepal. You can explore Newari cultures, traditions, arts, and sculptures with your family. You can visit the historic temple situated there.

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Changunarayan is on the World Heritage list. So, if you are interested in the heritage site, you can choose Changunarayan for the picnic spots in Kathmandu. Besides world heritage, you can get a good view of the Kathmandu and Bhaktapur valley from the top hill of this world heritage place. You can also view the international airport, where viewing the flying and landing of planes gives you an incredible feeling you have never felt before. The pagoda-style temple of Changunarayan, with the art and cultures of a Newari community, can be a new experience for you. You have to pay some charges for the picnic spot.

Changunarayan picnic spot

Balaju water garden

If you hate long drives and want a good picnic spot near the ring road or valley, then the Balaju water garden is the best option. It is one of the finest picnic spots in Kathmandu valley since it is well-managed and maintained. You must pay an entry fee and extra charges for the picnic spot at the entrance gate. There are twenty stones tap popularly known as Baaise Dhaara. A beautiful garden, a swimming pool, and a pond with various fish can make your picnic memorable and exciting.

Balaju water garden picnic spot


How could anyone forget Godawari for picnic spots in Kathmandu? It is just 10 km from Patan and one of the most preferred picnic spots inside the valley. This is probably due to the botanical garden, fish hatchery, and temple.

Hundreds of family members go to this place to enjoy their holidays. You can also view the scenic beauty of the village. So, if you are searching for a peaceful and greenery picnic spot, Godawari can be your best choice.

Godawari picnic spot


If you love waterfalls, then there is no other place besides Sundarijal. Going to Sundarijal gives you the best feeling of waterfalls if you haven’t encountered them yet. It is just an hour’s drive from Boudha. The best month to go to this spot in April/May since it’s the summer, and you can have a bath in the river of Sundarijal. Sundarijal is one of the best picnic spots in Kathmandu.

Sundarijal picnic spot

Sankha Park

It is situated inside the ring road in Dhumbarahi. If you don’t have time and want to make the shortcut dry picnic, then Sankha Park is the best option. Entry is free, but for a picnic spot, you have to pay some charges. It is only best for those who want a shortcut picnic.

Sankha park picnic spot

These are the name of the top picnic spots in Kathmandu. If you have any other locations in your mind, then you can share. Just comment below in the box.

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