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The education system in Nepal is not very updated and many of the colleges doesn’t even live up to the standards. We still have a lot to work to get better education system in Nepal. Our teaching methodology and colleges system are still traditional and that makes often tough for Nepali students to compete in international platform.

Universities in Nepal

Even though the population of the country is rising every day and so is the need for universities but unfortunately we have only four universities namely Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu University, Purwanchal University and Pokhara University . Tribhuwan university is the oldest and largest university of country with most faculties and colleges under its affiliation. Other than TU, KU is one of the most trusted and reliable university in Nepal. The other two universities are still struggling to make good mark in Nepal.

 Management study in Nepal

Management is one of the most diverse field and there is no doubt that its scope is increasing every day. With time, the inclination of people towards management course has been increasing and so are the number of colleges.  Even people from other filed want to do MBA to enhance their leadership skills. But it’s very important for a student to choose right college this will not only help while pursuing the degree but also in future.

There are many colleges which don’t  even make it up to the standards . That’s why it’s very important to choose right college. In this article, I will be listing few colleges in Nepal  that offer the best undergraduate and post graduate degrees.


 Kathmandu University School of management is one of the top names that comes when we talk about university. It was established in August 1993 and since then has gained good reputation and image. KUSOM produces outstanding students and offers wide variety of graduate and post graduate courses. It is the first university to initiate Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in the country based on international designs, principles and structure. 

KUSOM is undoubtedly leading the way in management with its modern teaching approach, qualified teachers and updated infrastructure. It is one of the trend setters for other colleges and universities in Nepal. The standards of KUSOM is quite high and many students want to get enrolled in this college. 


 CAB stands for College of Applied Business. It was founded in 1998, by well qualified  and experienced educationists . Though initially started as non-profit institution it is now a education institute. CAB has always gained a separate reputation .  CAB is a TU affiliated college and has maintained all the standards.

Previously BBS was the only course run by CAB but now there are BBA and even post graduate courses. CAB is well known for the extra activities and different simulation activities it runs for its students. Believing that well-built manpower is the ultimate reason for educational excellence, CAB always works on hiring the most qualified teachers and professors. Also the students are the best asset of the college and always represent their college in the best way. 

Shanker Dev Campus

Shanker Dev Campus (SDC) is not only affiliated college but a leading constituent Campus of Tribhuvan University (TU). Shanker Dev is one of the best college in Nepal. It has very good recognition and the students of Shanker Dev are well perceived in the market.

  SDC is the first choice for the general management education in Nepal. That is why there is a tough competition among students to get admission in the college.   Initially, Shanker Dev used to run undergraduate courses namely Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) and Master of Business Studies (MBS). But now it also offers the degree of Master of Business Management (MBM), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) and Bachelor of Business Management (BBM).

Drawbacks of SDC

Despite, all the good reputation of Shanker Dev college has very poor infrastructure. That makes Shanker Dev somehow inferior than other colleges these days. And also the teaching methodology is still traditional and not updated . Being one of the oldest college, it has a good reputation but when it comes to infrastructure and teaching approach we still need many changes. 

ACE institute of Management                             

 It always thrives for high quality teaching ,outstanding students by overall development of personality. Since its establishment in 1999, Ace institute of management has always built a good reputation.

Best thing about Ace is its contemporary, open-minded, conscientious learning methodology which allows students to discover the best out of them. The ultimate motto is to create responsible managers and successful business leaders.  Recently they have launched Executive MBA program for all those who want to work while they study. This has taken Ace college to another height.

 Not only the MBA course but also the undergraduate programs, BBA and BBA-BI of Ace comes among some of the best in the country.  And also the higher secondary program of Ace institute also has good reputation.

Phoenix college of management

Phoenix College of Management (PCM) run by Republica International Education Foundation Pvt. Ltd.(RIEF) affiliated to Lincoln University Malaysia. It is one of the top university in Nepal with foreign affiliation. Group of experts, successful personalities from different walks of life run and promote the college . That’s why it is one of the best college you could find. After all, a college is all about the teachers and professors.  PCM aims to build human resources to contribute in its economic growth & prosperity of Nation.

PCM does so by cultivating, nurturing students to meet the market needs and to prepare future business leaders and also by employing the best human and physical resources.

King’s College

King’s College, Kathmandu runs graduate and post graduate course under affiliation of West Cliff University, US. The university is a well-known name in the states and Kings college is using that reputation quite well. Since it has foreign affiliation they allow you with best opportunity and chances to make yourself competent.

You can prepare yourself for the global market. Kings college situated in Baneshor can prepare you in the best way for the market. King’s College breaks the stereotype and is trying to deliver the most time suitable and updated graduate courses.Kings college offers BBA and MBA program for all the aspiring students. What can be more exciting than getting a international degree from your home country !