Monkey Temple in Nepal

Nepal is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful country of the world. From highest peaks to lowest ground from diversity to unity, Nepal has it all. Though Nepal is not very developed  despite all the  resources it has . We can’t deny the fact that we are not prosperous in monetary terms but when it comes about our resources and warmth of people we have everything.

It is very unfortunate that Nepal is still a developing country because we have not chosen right leaders for us.  After all it is in the hand of the leaders that which direction the country moves too but due to the weakness of our leaders Nepal is still struggling to find its way. With all the hardships and struggles it is amazing how Nepali still manage to put a smile on their face. People here are definitely an asset for the country.

Despite all the economic and development issues Tourism is our hope. Not only because we need it for development but also Nepal has all that’s makes it the best place for tourism. If we could focus on developing tourism in Nepal there is now way we won’t achieve economic growth. Here are seven amazing reasons why you should  visit Nepal :

Natural beauty

Nepal is naturally natural. It has variety in geography. We have high mountains to low Terai. There is natural diversity. We have the largest varieties of floras and faunas . Nepal is the second most richest country in terms of water resources . There are fast flowing rivers, fresh springs and abundant water resources. You could visit the dense forest or just watch through the fields in Terai, You will get magical experience.  

There are plants that are found nowhere else and animals that could live nowhere else. Tone horned Rhinos, Gharial, Bengal Tiger and so on. The list could get going and going . Though there has been slight destruction of forests in the name of urbanization, efforts are now being made to conserve the natural resources.  If you are a Nature  Lover then  there is now way your list could complete without Nepal. Make sure to visit Nepal at least once in your life. And I promise if you come once you would want to come again and again.


Nepali people are the warmest people and so is our culture. We have wide diversity in terms of language, religion, food and even ethnicity. There is wide diversity and still unity. This has set example in the world how diversity can compliment each other rather than suppressing one another .Nepal is a secular country as of May 18, 2006.Hinduism, Budhhism and various other religion peacefully live in the country. We have thirty six ethnic groups with unique language and norms who together complete the Nation . The food habits also differ from region to region. You wouldn’t want to miss these amazing food items and would also like to see the example of unity i

  Mount Everest

Nepal is the top of the world. It proudly stands in shade of the highest mountain of the world  : Mt. Everest ( Sagarmatha ). Similarly among the top ten highest peak in the world eight of them lies in Nepal. If you are an adventure lover maybe you could scale off the highest Mountain in the world. Just imagine how would it feel to be at top of the world. If not top you can go to the base camp and see the highest peak from very near. 

Dangers associated with Everest

Even though Mount Everest attracts many climbers, there are serious dangers associated such as altitude sickness, weather, and wind, as well as significant hazards from avalanches and the Khumbu Icefall . That’s why you need to be very well prepared before scaling the mountain. Many highly experienced mountaineers scale Everest after they gain all the required skills after scaling other mountains in the world. As of 2020, 300 people have lost their life while scaling the mountain, their body still lies safe there in the icy mountain .

Light of Asia Gautam Buddhha

 The light of Asia : Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal. You must visit Lumbini where Gautam Buddha spent his childhood and early Adulthood. Lord Buddha is the one who spread peace in the world. Lumbini still has preserved Gautam Buddhha’s palace, his bedroom, his carriage and all his belongings. You would not want to miss this for any reason. Lumbini is a must visit place for everyone specially followers  of Gautam Buddhha.

Hub for Adventure

Nepal is the ultimate hub for adventure lovers. If you are the one who  doesn’t  stay back to take risks, then Nepal is definitely a place for you. Here are few daring adventures you could take on in Nepal :


Mountaineering first opened up Nepal to the outside world. People used to visit Nepal for scaling high peaks. Of the world’s 14 highest peaks above 8,000 m, eight of them are in  Nepal’s north, including the highest Mt. Everest. You could scale this mountains and take up this thrilling sport

Rafting and Kayaking

Not only mountains, Nepal has the most wildest and fast flowing white-water  sources. Set out in raft in any of the rivers . This is a surreal experience you could find nowhere else in the planet.  You can choose from many option and can raft through jungles and mountains.

 Bungee Jump

The bungee jump in Nepal is one of the main attractions. When we talk about bungee, The last resort, is one you shouldn’t miss.  It was designed by one of New Zealand’s leading bungee consultants, and is now run by very experienced jump masters . You get to jump  from a 166 m wide s bridge that connects two sides of a deep valley over the fierce Bhote Koshi River. 

 Sky dive from the Himalayas

Jump off a plane or a chopper from the top of the world.  The sky diving takes place in front of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world .  And you fall past some of the world’s highest peaks. People describe this experience as surreal, thrilling and satisfying all at once. This is something you must do in your lifetime.