The United States is one of the top destinations for higher studies. Every year more than a thousand Nepalese students leave the country to study higher education in the USA either by self-funding, sponsor or through scholarship. One of the best ways to research about studying in the USA in Nepal is to visit USEF Nepal, United States Education Foundation in Nepal. It provides counseling services to students; it has a large library with research materials, gives informative seminars and also assists with test preparation. Almost all the services provided by them are free but some of the services may be charged based upon conditions.


Every year, Government of United States provides a scholarship to the Nepalese students under different programs. This has helped Nepalese students to pursue their dream to study in USA and conduct research in the United States. Here are the top three scholarships provided to Nepalese students by Government of USA.

  1. Fulbright program

fulThis program is established with a motive to have educational exchange program and to establish the mutual understanding between the people of America and the other countries. It provides a scholarship to graduates students, scholars, professionals, teachers and Administrators. This program allows more than 8000 competitive candidates under merit-based annually to study in USA. This program was first introduced in 1946. After completion of the study, the fulbrighters have to return to their own country and engage in the follow-on projects or any other development works. They have to share their experiences and stories which will help to have a positive impact on the society. For more details, please visit the official site of Fulbright, i.e

  1. Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship

humphreyThis scholarship was established in the name of Hubert H. Humphrey who was US vice president from 1965 to 1969. This program provides one year of scholarship for the study in USA. Candidates are selected based upon their leadership skills and their commitment to serve the public through the public or private sector. Those selected candidates get an excellent opportunity to develop leadership potential and to engage with the counterparts from America or other nations. This program was started in 1978 and till now, more than 5600 candidates have been successfully completed this program and honored as Humphrey fellows. Every year around 200 candidates are selected for this program and they will get enroll in the 14 different Universities of USA. For more details, please visit the link


  1. East-west center award

east westUnder this fellowship scheme, selected candidates get funding for 24 months for their Master or Doctoral degree study. Generally, the candidates have to participate in the educational, residential and leadership development at East-west center and their graduates course will be at the University of Hawaii. It also offers funding for shorts term seminars and workshops. The scholarship covers tuition fee, books, housing, health insurance and partial meals. After completion of the study, the fellow graduates have to return to their home country and helps to enhance the educational, cultural, community and leadership development. This award is announced in the month of February each year. For more details, follow the web address .