Ever wanted to go to Australia? But you just don’t know what kind of visa you want to apply. Visa is an authority given to the foreigner to enter the country, live for a short or long time, sometimes even for the lifetime. It is important to know purpose you have so that a right type of visa can be applied. Here are the different types of Visa Australian Government allows which you can apply.

Visa Australian Government

Australian work visa Working and skilled visa 

Working and skilled visa are the visas for those people who tend to stay for long period. If you are planning to work in Australia, this is the perfect visa for you. To be eligible to apply for this visa is one must be younger than years old who has adequate skill on the nominated occupation and also the nominated occupation is acknowledged and approved my Australian skilled occupation list. It is necessary to have sufficient qualification and also be very fluent and good in English. Lastly are the health check where full body check is done to ensure you are capable of doing your nominated occupation and character assessment just to ensure no criminal charges are there and to check your character.

visa Australian government

Australian Study Visa

Studying visa are basically for international students who are willing to study. To apply for student visa Australian government, you have to prove that you’re a student and all your qualifications must be approved and acknowledged by Australian education board, must be fluent in English, should pass character and health assessment. Student visa depends on the course that one choose to take, that can vary the longevity of the visa and also after graduation student visa can be extended up to 18months.

Australia tourist visa

Visitor visa is that kind of visa that is only for short-term uses. If you plan a holiday trip to Australia, to meet your relatives or for business purposes, visitor visa will be perfect. If you are staying only for a short amount of time, visitor visa is essential. It only requires the completion of online ETA Visa Application. The details of the passport, travel details and the purpose must be stated for each. After the payment, your Eta status will be confirmed. Or you can also contact and to Australian Embassy that is located in your hometown to apply for visitor visa.

Australia Family And Spouse Visa

This type of visa is of many types and for many reasons.

First is Spouse Visa. Your other half i.e. husband/wife, fiance and because Australia legalised LBT, your same-sex partner will be able to migrate and apply for this visa if you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident. You’ll be in need to appear for interviews and have to go through health and character assessment.

Second, Parent Visa is when if you have a child living in Australia who is a permanent resident or Australian citizen, you are eligible to apply for this visa. Even for this you still will have to go through character and health assessment.

Third, Child visa, basically if your parents is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident or you wish to migrate your child to Australia, it is best to apply for this visa. This visa also permits adopted child, dependent child or relative orphans. It’s just to make sure that the child is off under 18years and is single and also the parents must have enough finance to be able to sponsor their child.

Lastly, relative Visa is for those who are an aged dependent relative, whereas your relatives must be a permanent resident or an Australian Citizen. The relative who lives in Australia must have enough earning to be able to sponsor their relatives.

So here are the types of visa Australian government offers that one can choose from, be wise and choose smart. Make sure you follow the law and choose considering your purpose for migration and is best to contact the Australian embassy for any enquiry. You can always do Australian visa tracking online after applying.