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Public service Commission (www PSC Gov Np) in an independent government commission that solely works for recruitment of deserving candidates for different vacancies announced by Civil Service, Nepal Police, Nepal Army and other Government Offices. Presently, headed by Mr. Upendra Prasad Mainali, PSC has been effectively helping Government organization in recruitment process since Ashar 09, 2008 B.S. To ease the work load on Government offices, www PSC Gov Np has been given the authority and responsibility for unbiased and successful recruitment of deserving candidates for vacancies announced by Government. Despite political instability and frequent changes in Government, it appreciable how PSC has always maintained it reputation by doing fair selection process. Every year PSC opens vacancies for different civil service and hundreds of thousands of candidates apply for the job. Craze for PSC is really high among Nepali. This is because of attractive benefits and perks that comes with Government jobs. The reputation of a Government job is also quite good in Nepali Society. If you are looking for lok sewa aayog vacancy, you need to go to different post mentioned.

www psc gov np results lok sewa aayog result

www PSC Gov Np Result Selection Process

The selection process of www PSC Gov Np result comprises of written test, physical test and personal interviews. The written examination for www PSC Gov Np is considered to be one of the toughest examination in Nepal. It requires extensive knowledge of current affairs, related subject matter and general knowledge. People spend years trying to ace the written examination. With the introduction of e governance in Nepal PSC has also started publishing results online. Previously results used to be published in The Gorkhapatra every Wednesday. Now candidates can find out their result from their home. You not only know your passed or fail status but it also allows you to know the complete marks along with your rank. In the article, I have described the detailed way of getting your lok sewa result notice.

  1. Firstly, visit the official website of Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Ayog) : http://www.psc.gov.np/
  2. In the home page you will find the option Recruitment. Click the option and then click on written result With this option you will find the complete list of passed candidates.
  3. If you want your complete marks and individual rank, click on the option View total marks after clicking on
  4. After that you will be required to fill the mentioned details : your master ID, roll no, advertisement no/code, Date of Birth (B.S). A specimen for filling the details is provided in the page. After filling the complete details enter view marks.
  5. With this you will receive complete marks from your home but make sure to enter correct details.
  6. Alternatively, You can directly view your PSC result from this website : http://psc.gov.np/advertise/advertise/user

The date for interview is also stated on the day of result publication of written Examinations. With the new system, it would be easy for candidates to work on weaknesses and get better score since you get to know your score. You will know where do you stand and can work for better result. The online result checking process has definitely created a lot more ease and convenience to all the aspiring candidates. We wish you all the best for your result and congratulate PSC for successfully implementing this new system. We have added some Lok Sewa Aayog Exam Preparation materials in our page.

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