NTC is a government-owned leading telecommunications service provider in Nepal. NTC has been constantly providing service to customers since its establishment. Targeting different age groups NTC introduces many data packs. In this article, I have listed the most recent NTC Data pack that NTC has introduced for this year. Similarly, the cost to get the packs and subscription code is included as well.

Election Offer

Price In NRSData VolumeValidity
Rs 986 GB Data3
Rs 98GSM 300 SMS All-Net3
Rs 98GSM 300 min All-Net3

Postpaid Combo Package

Price In NRSData VolumeValidity
Rs 384800Min voice30 days
Rs 3844 GB30 days

Postpaid SAJILO Unlimited

Price In NRSData VolumeValidity
Rs. 5991 GB/day
Speed throttled to 64kbps after 1 GB/day
30 days
Rs. 599Unlimited voice within NT Network30 days
Rs. 799Unlimited NT-NT  || 50 min OffNet Call
200 Sms On Net & 50 Sms OffNet
1GB/Day-30 Days (64Kbps throttled speed)
30 days
Rs. 999Unlimited NT-NT,
400 Sms On Net & 100 Sms OffNet
30 days
Rs. 1499Unlimited NT-NT 
1000 Sms On Net & 200 Sms OffNet
4GB/Day-30 Days (64Kbps throttled speed)
30 days

Stay Connected Offer ( 4G Network Only)

Price In NRSData VolumeValidity
Rs. 1001 GB All Network+3GB5 Days
Rs. 2002GB All Network+8GB7 Days

Data Package (Winter)

Price In NRSData VolumeValidity
Rs 552 GB1 Day
Rs 25014 Min on-net Voice and 1 GB Data7 Days
Rs. 2904 GB28 Days
Rs. 752 GB3 Days
Rs. 25400 MB Data Pack (Eco)1 Day
Rs. 15150 MB1 Day
Rs. 80020 GB28 Days
Rs. 5002 GB Data Pack (Eco)7 Days


The data pack can be used for any purpose at any time you want. Basically the main purpose is for making phone calls.

Price In NRSData Volume Validity
15150 MB1 Days
25400 MB1 Days
752 GB3 Days
2904 GB28 Days
50010 GB28 Days
80020 GB28 Days

For subscription to these data packs: Type Data<data MB> and send it to 1415.

For example, For 850 MB data pack: Type Data850MB and send it to 1415


This offer is valid for GSM/CDMA subscribers. This pack can be used from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

Price in NRs.Data VolumeValiditySubscription Code
20 Unlimited1 NightNight150MB and Send it to 1415
151 GB11:00 Pm to 6:00 AmNight500MB and Send it to 1415
ntc data pack


This pack is for all our social media addicts. With these packs, you can get unlimited access to social networking sites from NTC. But it can be used for Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp only.

Price(NRs.)Data Volume(MB)ValiditySubscription Code
12503 DaysFB50MB and send to 1415
251107 DaysFB110MB and send to 1415
5023014 DaysFB230MB and send to 1415
10050028 DaysFB500MB and send to 1415
200110028 DaysFB1100MB and send to 1415


With this data pack, you can view YouTube Videos and Live TV Streaming from the WOW TIME APP and the offer is valid till 2075/01/25

Price(NRs.)Data Volume(MB)ValiditySubscription Code
454007 DaysYT400MBand send to1415
8080014 DaysYT800MBand send to1415
115120021 DaysYT1200MBand send to1415


The data package is applicable for users in 4G/LTE Network u only. For now, it is available in Kathmandu valley and Pokhara only. With this data pack, Users can enjoy the speed of the 4G/LTE network at the most affordable cost. Before subscribing to the packages make sure that your handset supports 4G/LTE Network and are under 4G service coverage area. Where 4G network is not available, you can still enjoy the data browsing using NT 3G and 2G networks.

[table id=9 /]

  Enjoy the fast internet speed – 4G/ LTE is here

For Activating 4G/LTE Service: Dial *444#

Price(NRs.)Data VolumeValidity`Subscription Code
15100 MB + 100 MB1 Days4G30MB and Send to1415
30300 MB + 300 MB1 Days4G200MBand Send to1415
1002 GB + 2GB7 Days4G500MBand Send to1415
2902.5 GB + 2.5GB28 Days4G1200MBand Send to1415

Day Pack Voice

Price(NRs.)Data VolumeValidity
Rs. 1230 Min24 Hours
Rs. 12120 Minutes Voice 1 Day
Rs. 15Unlimited NT-NT24 Hours
Rs. 15120 Min All Net Day24 Hours
Rs. 25Unlimited All Net Day24 Hours
Rs. 930 Min Day1 Day

Day Pack Data

Price(NRs.)Data VolumeValidity
Rs. 10150 MB1 Day
Rs. 15300 MB1 Day

This is the regular data packages and NTC often offers different attractive data packages remarking different festivals or occasions as valentine offer, holi offer. All these offers are valid until Baisakh 25, 2076. Get your data packs and enjoy the service at the lowest cost. For further information, you can visit the official website of Nepal Telecom: All GSM mobile data packs. We will update upcoming NTC data offers and data packages as soon as we are informed. We will constantly update you about ntc data package unlimited, ntc data pack 2020, ntc data pack night, ntc new data pack offer, ntc data pack 4g, ntc data pack dashain offer, ntc data pack code, ntc postpaid data package.

If you are looking for NTC bulk sms, we have already mentioned different Bulk SMS providers for Nepal telecom.

Nepal Telecom postpaid prepaid Internet data package

Nepal Telecom has announced a new internet data package for Nepal Telecom postpaid as well as prepaid. Earlier, for taking the data package in your number,  you need to go to the nearest center of Nepal Telecom. From September 6 you should not go anywhere for data package in Postpaid as well as prepaid. A single SMS can enable you to the service.

According to the new charges, the cost for 200 MB is 1 hundred 30 rupees only. Similarly, for the 500 MB, it cost three hundred rupees only and 500 rupee fee is fixed for 1 GB data. Customers can use this package within a month.


Similarly, the 3 GB package price is fixed for 1 thousand 2 hundred 90. The period is two months up for 3 GB package. The biggest package of NTC i.e 5 GB costs Rs 1800 and it has validity for a period of three months. VAT tariff of 13 percent and 10 percent in addition to overtake telecommunications.

1. 200 MB 130 1 Month DATA<space>200MB
2. 500 MB 300 1 Month DATA<space>500MB
3. 1 GB 500 1 Month DATA<space>1GB
4. 3 GB 1,290 2 Months DATA<space>3GB
5. 5 GB 1,800 3 Months DATA<space>5GB

This charge has been effective from August 1 to be prepaid.

To activate Nepal Telecom internet package on Prepaid and postpaid

Go to the message box.
Type DATA<space>MB

To know the remaining volume of data on your phone. You can send SMS writing CB and sending it to 1400.

Namaste Prepaid Mobile Data Pack

Nepal Telecom has launched the Namaste Prepaid mobile data pack system for GSM Prepaid mobile customers. With different rates, Nepal Telecom had brought three Namaste Prepaid mobile data pack system which is available among customers from September 1st.

Bronze package system

In this package, 2 hundred and 5 hundred MB data package is available. Nepal Telecom charge NRs 130 and NRs 300 for 200 MB data and 500 MB data respectively. This Namaste prepaid mobile data pack should be finished within a month otherwise the Nepal Telecom automatically cut-off the data.

Silver Package system:

In this package system, 1 GB and 3 GB data pack are available within Nepal Telecom Prepaid customers. NTC prepaid users are charge NRs 500 for 1 GB and NRs 1,290 for 3 GB data. 1 GB data must finish within 1 month whereas 3 GB packages should complete within 2 months.

Gold Package System:

This package system is for high internet surfing NTC Prepaid customers. In this package system, users can enjoy the 5 GB and 10 GB data pack. Nepal Telecom will be charged you NRs 1800 for 5 GB and NRs 2800 for 10 GB. While using this pack i.e Namaste Prepaid Mobile data pack customers should finish within 3 months for 5 GB data pack and 6 months for 10 GB data pack. If not finished within time your data will automatically dead.

How to subscribe NTC Data pack in Prepaid?

nepal telecom data pack

On the above-mentioned price list, Nepal Telecom has not included the tax rate.

How can customers enjoy the Namaste Prepaid Mobile data pack system?

NTC Prepaid Users can take the above-mentioned pack by sending SMS to 1415 with typing the data you like to take. For example, Type< DATA200MB> and sends SMS in 1415 if you like to take 200 MB data.

If you want to know about the other package system of Namaste Prepaid Mobile data pack you simply type <VL> and send SMS in 1415 and enjoy !!!