With the CUG sim, NTC and NCELL members can enjoy unlimited calls. CUG sims service has been started by Ncell and NTC in Nepal. You can now subscribe to the CUG sim service and enjoy the unlimited service it allows. CUG stands for Corporate users Group. This service is targeted at small and big corporate houses. The service aims to provide a subsidized telecommunication service.

CUG SIM for Ncell

Only registered groups of CUG within the corporate account can start this offer. This may add a significant cost saving for your business. There are no restrictions with new biz plans for a number of lines using an unlimited closed user group. In a group, you can add as many numbers as you want, which depends on the number of biz plans which you subscribe under your company.

CUG stands for a closed user group in Ncell. It is one of the easiest and useful Services/ Facilities provided by Ncell. By subscribing unlimited CUG SIM you can talk among your colleagues at zero cost. By subscribing to any sort of biz plan, you can talk with your CUG members for free. No additional charges need to pay to start the service. After subscription of biz plans the service is activated by default.

How to Activate CUG in Ncell

  • you need to visit Ncell Centers across Nepal and subscribe Biz plans in order to activate the service
  • The service is started by default from Ncell center representative when you subscribe
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How to get Ncell CUG Sim

Not only NTC users, but also Ncell users can get their CUG sims. You need to subscribe to the service for that. Like in NTC, you can choose to form various plans that best suits your needs and enjoy the service. With Ncell CUG sims, you can enjoy unlimited talk-time with your colleagues. Once you subscribe and purchase the plan, you no more have to pay an additional charge. The subscription fee is enough.

The process to get Ncell CUG sims

Visit any Ncell center at your convenience and submit an application. state your needs, list of your members and the plan you wish to purchase. Once you subscribe, the Ncell staff will activate the service. Unlike in NTC, there is no limitation of member numbers. You can desire a number of people to your CUG group.
For more information visit the website: https://www.ncell.axiata.com/portal/corp/Services/Corporate-Services/Unlimited-CUG

Using a CUG sim can definitely reduce the cost of your business and can help your business reach new heights. It is the ultimate definition of ease and convenience with the use of technology.


CUG stands for a corporate user group. This service is introduced with the aim to facilitate small to large corporate houses through the subsidized rate telecommunication service. Among the same CUG group, this service provides unlimited call facilities.

Not only this the service includes many others offers i.e.  Voice call minutes inside the same network and certain data volume. An only postpaid user can remain in the group as others won’t be applicable for the service. The minimum numbers of members that can be included in the CUG group are only 10.  The process for subscription is simple.

How to Activate CUG in NTC

  • Along with the company registration documents and the list of members i.e. the phone number of employees, any company can write a letter to the telecom office around in order to activate the service.
  • A company can apply for the postpaid number same time during the CUG service subscription if any of the members don’t have a postpaid number of Nepal telecom.

The plans detail is given below

Category                     CUG users                        Cost per minute

Small                            50 to 100                          50 paisa

Medium                        101 to 200                       45  paisa

Large                              201 to 500                       40 paisa

How to get NTC CUG Sim

NTC provides a CUG sim service to its users. The offer includes unlimited calls, voice calls inside the same network and the same data volume. Basically, CUG sims help members get easy communication which will eventually add benefit to the company. For now, Post Paid users of NTC can only use the CUG service. However, NTC is planning to expand the service to prepaid users as well in the near future.

The process to get NTC CUG Sim

cug sim ncell ntc

You need to subscribe to CUG sim to get this service. Ten people at maximum can use this service. For the registration, you should write a letter to Nepal Telecom stating your needs. You can contact any of your nearest NTC offices. There are some required documents as well. Please submit your Company Registration Documents and phone number of your listed members.

NTC CUG sim Plans cost

  • You can purchase different plans as per your needs. Here are different plans that you can purchase.
  • The first purchase is of NRS 400. It has 150 minutes voice call to other NTC sims and unlimited CUG sims Talktime. You can even get a data volume of 300 MB.
  • The second purchase costs NRS 700 with unlimited CUG calls and 300 minutes talk time to other NTC sim. The plan provides 800 MB data as well.
  • You can purchase another of NRs 1000 with 1500 MB data, unlimited CUG calls and 450 minutes call to other NTC networks.
  • Plan of NRS 1300 has unlimited CUG sims calls and 600 mins talk time with other NTC sims. You get 2100 MB data with this purchase.
  • The highest plan is of NRs 1600 with 2700 MB data, 750 mins call to other NTC sims and unlimited calls to CUG Sims.

If you already don’t have a postpaid number you can even apply for getting a postpaid number and later get your CUG Sim.
For more information please visit the site: https://www.ntc.net.np/services/cug-service