provides domain registration services for free. It is easy to register .np domain. If you need a personal domain, you can get domain. If you have an organisation, you can get If you need a domain for a school in Nepal, you can get It depends upon your business structure. Domain name registration is crucial for electronic mail, website or internet service. 

Domain name registration is reserving a table in a restaurant, but you don’t want others to use your table until you’re done with it. In the same way, it’s reserving titles on the Internet for a certain period, generally one year for .com.

Once you register a domain name, the data about its proprietor is publicly available. It is vital to be aware that the domain is temporary and is needed to be renewed over time.

A domain name is usually 2-3 characters separated by a period that points to a particular computer network, such as the internet. It is set according to the standard DNS (Domain Name System). DNS is the address book of the internet, and domain names operate under it.

Top Level Domains (TLD) are at the highest level in the DNS structure. It also has different types. Among its types is ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain). ccTLD consists of 2 letters set for a particular geographical location. For example .np is for Nepal, and .au is for Australia. The next type is gTLD (generic Top Level Domain), whose examples are .com, .net, .biz, .org, .info, etc. Free domain, Internet ccTLD of Nepal was introduced in 1995. Registration service for the .np domain is provided free of charge by

Criteria for domain registration

For .np domain registration, there are two criteria which you must fulfil:

  • Local presence: You must be in Nepal when registering for the domain.
  • Name: The domain name must be directly linked to your name if it is for personal use and based on the name of the company, organisation or brand name if it is for business use.
free domain registration Nepal

Step by Step process to register free domain name in Nepal

The registration process is amended now and is easier too. To register for the .np domain, just follow the following steps:

  • Go to your browser and go to which is Nepal’s official page for .np domain registration.
  • You will then see empty fields which need to be filled as per your information.
  • You must provide information regarding the domain name, full name, e-mail address, contact number, address, and primary and secondary name server. You will have no problem providing this information. For the domain name, use your name or the company’s name.
  • Provide your full address in the respective field. Primary and secondary name server is required so that you can host your web page in WWW (World Wide Web). There are many free web hosting services that you can find. You can use their primary and secondary name servers. If you are confused, just create an account on Cloudflare and put the primary name server and secondary name server that Cloudflare assigns.
  • Then you will have to upload a file for the verification. The size must be <800 KB. So, you should have a scanned copy of your required documents beforehand. For personal domain, you can use your citizenship card, license card or passport. For organisation domain, you should have documents regarding registration of the company/organisation, citizenship and application for requesting domain in the company’s letter pad.
  • After you have uploaded all the required documentation, click on request.
  • A new dialogue box opens, written Success= Thank you for requesting domain name.
  • It takes a few days to activate the domain name. You will be sent a mail to your email address via Mercantile to let you know if your domain is approved or not.

Nepal Domain Registration Guide

Nepal’s official .np Domain Registration is provided through The services include DNS pointing, booking renewal, transfer etc. provides domain registration services in Nepal.

Guide with Screenshot for Free Domain Registration

Go to domain availability
Step 1: 

Write the domain name that you want, check to see if it is available or not.

Register domain for free
Step 2:

After checking if the domain name is available, click the Register Now button. 

official domain registration nepal

Put your details.

official domain registration nepal
Step 3:

If you have an account, then log in to your account. If not, then click on the Register button. To create an account, first enter your username, whatever is asked above. The red stars indicate that it is compulsory to fill in the information. After that, click on create account button. domain verification
Step 4

Step 4: You will now get a verification about successfully registering your account. Check the email that you registered with and click on the link to verify. nameserver
Step 5

Now you are required to enter information about your Domain. Starting with the Name server. Choose Primary and secondary name server. administrative contact detail
Step 6:

It’s time to enter your personal information. Enter your full name, country, city address, province, email and mobile number. Where ever there is no red star that means it is optional and not required to be filled if not necessary. technical contact
Step 7

It’s time to fill out the technical contact. A little small hack, check on the copy administrative contact if you are a sole proprietor. If it will copy the information from administrative contact and save you from the hassle of typing it again, 

documents required for domain registration
Step 8

Now you are required to attach the required documents and photos. Copy of citizenship and cover letter are compulsory. The file should be either in jpg or jpeg format or else it will not be accepted. 

documents for official domain registration
Step 9:

When uploading the file, choose one file, click on save the image and repeat it until you submit your file. Make sure your files match up with the document title. After that, click on request domain. Request domain means that you agree, understand and accept registering terms and conditions. Click on the request domain.

After clicking on request domain and all your information and file have been accepted. You have now requested the domain. Follow the instruction. 

You have now completed your registration.

Quick Summary to register domain in Nepal

This is a quick guide on how to register domain in Nepal.

Previously, you needed to send a written application for domain registration. Now, sas made the process flexible. You can do everything online. You can choose your domain name, and the process starts.

  • First you need to go to It is the official website where you can register domain name.
  • Select your domain. If you need a personal domain, you need to have a domain like
  • If you have an organisation, you need to have domain like

Application for domain registration

You need to write an application and provide a copy of your citizenship to the hostmaster.

If you have an organisation, you need to provide an official document of registration of your company/business.

If you have an organisation, you need to write application on the official letter pad of your company.

You need to provide nameservers while registering the domain name.

The process is too easy. If you find any difficulty with domain registration, you can jot it down in the comment section below. We will try to help you. application letter format for hostmaster application letter format for hostmaster

This is a format only. You can use our cover letter generator to automatically write an application letter for domain registration. In the above format, Your Domain Name is