YouTube is one of the great sources to earn money online. Everybody can earn money from it. You just have to create your account on YouTube, post your videos and monetize it. And you will get paid based on how well your videos get a response. So, let us know how to earn money from YouTube.

Step by step ways to Earn Money from YouTube in Nepal

  1. Create a YouTube account

In order to post your videos, first, you must create your YouTube account. It is just work of fewer than 2 minutes. If you have your Gmail account, then don’t be surprised to know that your Gmail account is your YouTube account. If you don’t have your Gmail account, then you must create it in order to have your YouTube account.

How to create a Gmail account? (A brief description)

  • First, enter the address
  • Click on the Create an Account.
  • Enter the required details and click next.
  • Your Gmail account will be created.
  1. Create your YouTube channel

After you have your Gmail account which is your YouTube account, you have to create your YouTube channel. For this, on the left site, there is my channel. Click on my channel as shown in the figure. To get this, click on the navigation panel.

1 2

Now you have to fill up the details as required as shown in the figure below:


After entering all the details, click continue button. Now, your channel is created. Then, you can manage your channel by uploading your cover image, profile pictures and adding descriptions about your channel. Also, don’t forget to verify your channel. Unless you verify your channel, you won’t be able to use it.

  1. Monetization of your channel
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Just by creating your channel and uploading your videos doesn’t help you to earn money. For this, you must monetize your channel. Monetization means making your content eligible to earn money. Let us look at the steps how to monetize your channel.

  • Take your mouse cursor to the top right corner of your channel logo and click it.3
  • Click on the setting icon.
  • Click on view additional features.
  • Then, you can see monetization box and there is clearly written that it is not available in your country Nepal. Are you worried? Don’t worry, we have a trick.5
  • On the left side, on the channel, there is Advanced section. Click it.6
  • Now to get monetization for your videos, you have to change your country. Change it to India or any country you like. But we prefer India. Save the change.7
  • Now, go back to the status and features section of the channel.
  • You can see that monetization is eligible. Click on enable it.
  • Then, You have to agree to the terms and conditions of YouTube by clicking on I agree.
  • Now, your channel is monetized and your videos will be able to earn money.
  1. Create your AdSense account

After monetization, another important step is to create your AdSense account. Google AdSense is the key factor which enables the advertisement in your channel videos based on your content. And you will get paid whenever visitor views or click the ads. Remember that without AdSense, you will not be earning money since there will be no any ads available in your videos.

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Generally, there are two types of AdSense account. They are hosted AdSense account and Regular AdSense account. Hosted account means that you will be able to show ads on Google hosted account like YouTube and regular account means you can show ads on any of your websites, links. Since we are here for earning money from YouTube, you have to choose hosted account as it is easy to create it.

How to create your AdSense account?

  • In the channel section, there is features section. Click it.
  • Now, click on view monetization setting on the monetization section.
  • Click on How will I be paid?
  • Click on associate an AdSense account and then click Next.
  • Click yes button.
  • Now you have to fill your contact details. It should be authentic address. Don’t fill it wrong because it is needed to verify you.
  • Click on submit.
  • Now, your AdSense account will be reviewed by Google. Once it is confirmed, you get a confirmation email. Usually, it takes not more than a week.
  • After your AdSense account is confirmed, your channel is ready to earn money.

Notice: AdSense will send a post mail to the address provided by you. It includes a pin code which you need to enter for your verification. Unless you verify by that pin, you not get paid. So enter the correct address.

  1. Post quality videos
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Don’t assume that whatever you post will get lots of views and you will earn money. In order to get views, you have to upload quality videos so that viewers can enjoy it. You can also do something new that nobody is doing in YouTube. The main motive should be to increase your viewers and subscribers. Remember that copying other videos or content or any activities like piracy will be illegal as per YouTube rules and regulations. Such content will be removed from YouTube and even your account may be banned forever.

How do I get paid from YouTube in Nepal?

The best method to get paid is through western union. There are other two methods like bank transfer and payment through Western Union. But for the people of Nepal, payment through the western union is easy and reliable. Once you have reached the payment threshold, you will get the Western union pin code in your AdSense account and you can withdraw it from the nearby western union. You need to have your citizenship card.

How to verify Adsense account.

There are so many YouTube users and they have been earning millions of rupees just by posting their videos. The next person can be you. There are also so much Nepalese who have been giving their full hour in YouTube channel and they are able to earn a good amount of money. The amount of money you can earn will be determined by your content, quality, dedication and the creativity. Hope you got some ideas regarding how to earn money from YouTube.

Best of luck.