The latest update is that the EPS result for 2022 is out. You can check the latest EPS result on the official EPS result website You can check your EPS result, EPS Topik result online. www eps go kr is an official website that publishes EPS results. EPS result is published from www eps go kr and www epsnepal gov np.

Nepal signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the government of South Korea on 31st July 2007 for the Employment Permit System (EPS). Since then, many Nepalese youths have been going to South Korea for employment. The population has been increasing every year, but the scourge of unemployment in Nepal has still not been curtailed.

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Due to this reason, each year, many Nepalese leave their home country for a proper job to fend for themselves and their family. Passing the EPS result is the only option to go to Korea and work there.

The government of Nepal had also signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the government of South Korea on 31st July 2007 for the Employment Permit System (EPS), which allows several Nepalese people to work in South Korea every year.

Till now, more than 40000 Nepalese people are working in South Korea. Passing the EPS Examination is the only way to go and work in Korea. As there is a high pay scale in Korea, many people are attracted to foreign employment in Korea.

To be eligible to go to South Korea for employment, you need to pass the EPS-TOPIK Examination and get selected for the EPS program.

Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) is a Korean language test designed to measure the ability to express and comprehend non-native speakers of the Korean language. It is offered six times annually (in Jan, Mar, Apr, Jul, Oct, Nov) to foreigners in Korea and twice annually (Apr and Oct) to people studying Korean in other countries.

The TOPIK is for non-natives whose first language is not Korean, overseas Koreans who are learning Korean, those wishing to study at a Korean university, and those who want to be employed at Korean companies in and outside Korea. TOPIK is administered by the National Institute for International Education – NIIED.

Nepalese in EPS Korea

There are more than 40 thousand Nepalese in South Korea for employment. People are vying with one another to get a job in South Korea. It is because the salary there is good. Unskilled human resources in Nepal can hardly earn about 20,000 NRs. Per month.

But, in Korea, they can earn more than 1 lakh NRs. Per month. Since they get the job according to the work they do there, South Korea is one of the top destinations among Nepalese for foreign employment. South Koreans consider work supreme and are hard-working themselves. There is no discrimination between foreign employees and local employees. This is why Nepalese want to go to South Korea for work.


EPS Topik is liked by a youth who needs to get a great job overseas. EPS is permitted methodology by the Human Useful resource Division of Korea in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Employment Nepal.

The Republic of Korea every year hires hundreds of workers to work and live in the country from developing countries such as Myanmar, the Philippines including Nepal through Employment Permit Service (EPS). The main motive behind EPS is to manage an insufficient workforce in Korea. The main purpose is to maintain a workforce balance after the country faces a severe shortage of labour workforce. Before talking more about EPS TOPIK, let’s talk more about EPS.

It is a three-year visa with an expansion possibility of 2 years. Every year thousands of Nepali apply for the EPS. This shows a severe lack of employment opportunities in Nepal. However, EPS Korea has become a major source of remittance generation in Nepal and has helped many youths to earn their living.

Why is EPS program good?

Nepali youths have been going to South Korea for a job since 2008, and presently, there are more than 40 thousand Nepali there for work purposes. Thousands of Nepalese are vying with each other as they all have an eye on the job in Korea.

The job in Korea is exciting for Nepalese as the salary is better than what they earn in Nepal. Moreover, workers get with many facilities than what they get in Nepal. Also, South Koreans consider work supreme. There is no discrimination between the local denizens and foreign workers.

The government is labour-friendly as well. Workers from 16 countries are in Korea. However, Nepalese being sincere and their working capacity are higher comparatively are in increasing demand.

EPS TOPIK exam requirement

EPS TOPIK is the acronym for Employment Permit System-Test of Proficiency in Korea. EPS TOPIK is a test designed to measure the ability to express and comprehend non-native speakers of the Korean language. The official website that provides information about the EPS TOPIK examination, results and other related information in Nepal is To be eligible to give EPS TOPIK exam, there are certain criteria which the person:

  • Should be aged 18-39
  • Should not have criminal record punishable by imprisonment
  • Should not be subjected to travel ban within one’s country
  • Should possess eligibility requirements decided by both the country

Criteria for EPS working visa

The following are the criteria for workers to apply for the EPS:

  • A person between 18 to 39 years of age
  • The person must get at least 80% marks in the Korean Language Test(EPS TOPIK)
  • A person should not have been  deported from the Republic of Korea in the past
  • A person with no criminal records in the past
  • He/she must meet all the required criteria cited by both countries in terms of health condition, age limit
  • He /she shouldn’t have been banned from travelling from his/her home country.

Minimum qualification for EPS

To prepare for an exam or register for the form of EPS exam, the candidate must complete the higher education level, and he /she must have passed or learned the Korean language first from the affiliated institutions. Without these things, the candidate is not eligible to fill up the EPS exam form. After passing the EPS exam, the person can work legally in Korea.

This can be listed as the following.

  • Have to be a Nepali Citizen
  • Age restriction: 18 to 39
  • Should not have a legal file OR punished by any judiciary
  • Should not have a file of working illegally in the Republic of Korea.
  • Shouldn’t have a ban on travelling overseas (blacklisted in Interpol database)

Good luck with your EPS outcome in 2079; we want you all a vibrant future forward. You can find numerous resources about EPS in the related articles below.

We request our visitor to review the links below and check the eps result. We would like to wish the EPS exam attendees a strong good wish for their careers.

The successful candidates have to appear in Skill Test after completing the Language Test. The detail information regarding the skill test will be published along with the result of EPS TOPIK.

EPS TOPIK Korea Jobs

Nepali youths go to Korea to work through the Employment Permit System (EPS). The Republic of Korea announces the list of skilled professionals, and they are usually under these five categories:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Service
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock and Fishing

EPS Nepal contact details

EPS Korea Section is located at Gwarkho, Lalitpur, Nepal. EPS Korea section phone number is 01-5186349 / 01-5186082. You can also contact the EPS Korea Section Nepal at

EPS 2022 Application procedure

The applying candidate has to select a sector among these five sectors. One candidate can apply for a job in only one sector. The EPS 2022 demanded 10,200 workers. The EPS result was announced on 18th November 2022. Any worker willing to enter Korea through EPS must take a language test, EPS TOPIK, which stands for Test of Proficiency in the Korean language.

EPS TOPIK is a mandatory test and is the first step of your visa process. A person with a minimum mark of 80% is only eligible for further process. However, passing the test only doesn’t confirm your selection in the EPS. Many institutions run preparation classes on EPS TOPIK. The selection for 2022 workers is made in 2022, and the exam date is announced in the first quarter of every year. Any Nepali within the age limit of 18-39 is eligible to take the EPS TOPIK Test.

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EPS 2022 wages and pay rate in Korea

South Korea has recently increased the minimum wage rate by 5.1 % per cent, which would result in an increase in applicants for EPS 2022. It is good news for Nepali workers in Korea. Still, it’s now high time for the Government and private sector to realize the devastating long-term effects of labour migration and take steps to generate employment within the country.

How to Pass EPS-TOPIK Exam

However, the procedure to go to South Korea is not that easy. The competition is tough. Since many have become cognizant of the facilities, amenities, and salary in Korea, the number of candidates has been increasing in number as well. The procedure encompasses the EPS-TOPIK examination, Job application, Labour contract conclusion, Preliminary training and Entry to Korea for employment. EPS-TOPIK is the acronym for the Employment Permit System Test of Proficiency in Korea.

EPS-TOPIK is a test designed to measure the ability to express and comprehend non-native speakers of the Korean language. This test is of arch significance as it is the first and foremost thing that should be done to go to South Korea.

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The information regarding the EPS examination is published in Newspapers like Gorkhapatra and on its official websites. It would be best if you were regularly updated with the EPS TOPIK exam date so you do not miss the EPS exam.

Only after the candidates pass the EPS examination on EPS result, they can proceed forward with the other procedures. The result of EPS examination is published on the official website of EPS Nepal, www epsnepal gov np.

How to check EPS Result

When the EPS result is out, you will be notified through Gorkhapatra Online Daily and Annapurna Post. result check process official website

After you log in to epsnepal gov np, you will see a page similar to the above. You can click on the notice board for the latest EPS notices.

This notice section covers all notices for EPS Topik. From this notice section, you can download the result as well. You can check the EPS result from the official website of EPS at

To check the result of EPS-TOPIK examination, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your browser and type the website The official website opens for EPS Korea Section.
  • Above the sliding gallery in the center of the page, you can see the floating headlines which refer to the latest news regarding EPS-Korea. You can click on that.
  • Or, there are different options in the blue box, like home, about us, citizen charter, notice board, downloads, gallery, etc. There, you need to select the notice board.
  • It opens up the latest news with title, dates published and download option. If the EPS result for EPS TOPIK examination has been published, then the notice with the title referring to the result will be present there.

You have to hover over the title, which turns blue from red, and click it, which makes you download it. Or, you can directly download the notice by clicking on the download option in the respective row.

The notice is opened in pdf format. There, you can check your results.

How to check EPS Result from

  • Open your browser and type the website which will direct you to the Homepage of EPS Korea Section with various Information and notices about the EPS process.
  • To check the result, you need to go to the Notice board page. You can access the Notice Board page by clicking Notice Board tab on the upper blue ribbon of the webpage containing various options like home, about us, citizen charter, notice board, downloads, gallery, etc.
  • Or scroll down the page to where you can see the Notice Board pane. Just below, you can see the View All tab. Click on the tab, and you are directed to the Notice board page.
  • The page opens the latest news with the title, dates published and download option. If the EPS result for the EPS TOPIK examination has been published, then the notice with the title referring to the result will be present there.
  • You can click the respective title about the result, which will download the notice. Or, you can directly download the notice by clicking on the download option in the respective row.
  • Lastly, the result notice will be in front of you in pdf format.

How to check EPS Result from

Exam result link

eps result 2023

Passers list

eps topik result

How to apply for EPS Visa?

EPS has helped to decrease unemployment in Nepal, and many Youths apply for EPS every year. I have mentioned the brief procedure for getting a job under the EPS:

  • Take the Korean language test (EPS TOPIK)
  • The skill test is required for those who have passed the language test
  • If you get 80% marks, you are eligible for a job application; apply for a job in your selected sector along with the necessary documents.
  • If you get the job, the next step is the employment contract.
  • Enter Korea with E-9 or the EPS visa
  • You will receive preliminary training and then will be assigned to your workplace.

EPS TOPIK exam date

The notice for the EPS examination is published in Kantipur or Gorkhapatra, daily newspapers in Nepal or its official website. If you also want to give EPS examination, then you should be regularly updated about it.

Link: Latest announced EPS TOPIK exam dates.

According to the news, the next EPS exam will be held on 2023-02-20. You can get the application form from 2022-12-19 to 2022-12-23. This time, the South Korean government has asked for 10200 workers, which is a high number. So, if you want to go to Korea for work, you should not miss this opportunity.

EPS exam date 2023

To check the EPS exam date, the following is the procedure:


Link: Latest announced EPS TOPIK exam dates.


Go to your browser and type the website The official website opens for EPS Korea Section.

EPS exam notice

Click on the Notice section on the menu.

It opens up the latest news with the title, dates published and download option.

For example, you can see the Notice for EPS TOPIK. Next to it is the date announced. You can hover over the titles which turn blue from red and click it, which makes you download them.

Or, you can directly download the notice by clicking on the download option in the respective row. The notice is opened in pdf format. There, you can find all the information regarding it, including the exam date, area for applying, eligibility criteria, the process to apply (this year it has changed into the online process), a place for examination and time, result publishing, exam system, necessary preparations to be done for the exam and other extra information.

Latest notices from EPS official website

EPS TOPIK textbook

EPS TOPIK HRD Korea (Employment permit system) for Nepal is regulated by www epsnepal gov np. Korean government regularly opens EPS for Nepalese and selects eligible candidates to work in Korea.

www epsnepal gov np provides information on Employment Contract along with employment contract list, CCVI, Committed workers CCVI, Flight Schedule, LC CCVI cancel List. consists of materials for the preparation of EPS Korea. EPS Korea textbooks, EPS-TOPIK question book and other materials for preparing EPS Topik are available. If you appear for the EPS Topik examination, you can get various resources for the preparation of the examination.

Korea is taking a huge number of workers from different countries. You can apply for EPS from the official website of EPS ( for Nepal).

Documents needed for EPS Exam

The required documents you should bring for EPS exam are,

  • All applicants must enter the CBT hall before Orientation time.
  • All examiners must carry their Passport, Citizenship and Admit card.
  • Mobile phones, PDA, electronic dictionaries and other electronic devices are not allowed in the exam hall.
  • If the applicant is caught cheating, the test will be void, and the applicant will be banned for the next two years from appearing in the EPS TOPIK exam.
  • Even if you successfully pass the EPS TOPIK exam, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be employed in Korea. It only allows you to register your job application.

The total estimated numbers of successful candidates are 10 thousand 2 hundred, among which 4 thousand from the Manufacturing Sector and 6 thousand 2 hundred from the Agriculture Sector.

One person can fill out the application form only in one field, and after the candidate passes the examination, they can fill out the job application form in that field. For those who are interested in the Manufacturing Sector, there are three sectors (A) Assemble (B) Measures (C) Join.

Candidates have to choose one section under these three sections. For those candidates who are willing to apply for Agriculture, there is two choices (A) Agriculture (B) Livestock. Candidates have to choose one section under these two sections.

EPS Form download

www eps gov np download menu consists of the following download options. If you are looking for downloading forms for EPS korea, you can download it from the eps download section.

EPS Exam date
Eps brochures (introduction)
Eps brochures (related questions)
Online Task Force Report
MoU Task Force Report
Citizen Charter

EPS stands for the employment permit system. Information about EPS exam center, eps exam date, eps exam result. It is the main gateway to work legally in South Korea. Every year thousands of people are employed by the South Korean Government through the EPS TOPIK Exam.

These days many youths are attracted to jobs in South Korea through the EPS TOPIK exam because of the good salary and nice facilities. It has its head office in Lalitpur, Gwarko.

The candidate must attend the office 30 minutes before the represented time if they cannot attend before 30 minutes with the required documents, they are not eligible to attend the exam.

EPS TOPIK Question

EPS-TOPIK Question Book: Download

The Standard Textbook of EPS-TOPIK(Reading): Download
The Standard Textbook of EPS-TOPIK(Listening): Download
Ebook in English: User 1User 2

You can download the EPS Topik question from here.

eps topik

EPS TOPIK date is published annually. The exam dates this year have been finalized for Nepal by EPS TOPIK Korea. In this article, we will mention the exact days of the eps exam for Nepalese.